Comments for OpEd: Why Is Florida Tourism Thriving, When COVID Case Numbers Are Worse Than Before?

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  1. Doug

    In July we had a marvelous trip to Walt Disney World. We’re DVC members and had extra points since we didn’t travel in 2020, so we have a trip planning in early December. We’re seriously thinking of canceling. Our family is fully vaccinated, but breakthrough cases are on our minds, especially when the numbers are so bad in Florida. We care for elderly family members and the carelessness that is happening in Florida, lack of mitigation at the parks (at least there are masks, but no social distancing), and the non-refundability of theme park tickets have created a trifecta of caution for us.

  2. Chris

    I think the only reason people shouldn’t be going is to protest the masks being required indoors. Masks do very little and there is evidence that they cause a lot more problems than they solve.

    1. Joe R

      Spoken like a truly redneck.

      1. Sheep Joe

        The plandemic is over joe! But go ahead and keep wearing your mask that you pulled out of a package that clearly states “does not prevent the transmission of disease”

      2. Jo Mama

        Here’s some science for you, Joe. Cloth masks do very little to stop the spread of the Delta variant because of how small the virus is and the viral load that is excreted with breathing, coughing, or sneezing. This is science. N95 masks work, when used correctly. But the truth is, our mask mandates are nothing more than placebos, in light of the way that people wear them and what they choose to wear.

        THERE HAVE BEEN NO CONCLUSIVE STUDIES that show the effectiveness of cloth masks nor the current implementation of mask protocols. ZERO. The one study that people like to tout out of Israel is completely inconclusive because it had no control.

        So… you want to give up your liberty for fear. “If just one life is saved…”, right? Why don’t we apply that logic to any other possible mortality event? Should we say, “We shouldn’t drive because 38,680 people die every year due to traffic collisions”? How about, “Let’s stop prescribing any prescription drugs because 128,000 people die from taking them each year”?

        How about this? Here are the mortality rates in the U.S., month by month, for 2021.

        February 2021: 46,931
        March 2021: 22,693
        April 2021: 18,312
        May 2021: 14,366
        June 2021: 7,010
        July 2021: 1,208

        So, as we can see, in spite of the spike of Covid-19, there has been an exponential drop in the mortality rate.

        Let’s compare this to diabetes which has an annual death rate of 270,702 in the US. That means there are 22,558 deaths per month on average due to diabetes.

        But what about heart disease? From the CDC, approximately 655,000 people died from heart disease every year, or 54,583 PER MONTH.

        Where is the ban on sugary and fatty foods? Where is the outcry and call to vegetarianism and veganism? Where is the concern and the demand that folks exercise and that it should be a government mandate?

        There is none. Why? Because we recognize liberty and human autonomy. Humans have been able to assess the risk and decide their own behavior and make their own choices based on their risk assessment. Then they pay the consequences based upon their own choices.

        Do you not see the danger in giving up liberty because of fear? Do you not see the danger in virtue signaling? The political branch of our scientific establishment is being incredibly hypocritical.

        The truth is, who cares if you get Covid if the death rate is statistically below almost every single cause of death in the US? The vaccine is readily available. Those who have it have a statistically ZERO percent chance of dying from Covid. Those who do not have the vaccine have made their own minds up. They are adults.

        People like you should butt out and shut up.

        1. B.

          Well said Jo Mama.

  3. Many people made reservations and then flipped the switch (canceled) due to the Delta Variant. Disney is still at the mercy of people being swayed by information that is not necessarily verified. One organization was reporting multiple children in hospitals in Florida. Upon closer inspection, this report was found to be false. Why discredit and lie about Governor DeSantis’ leadership? Why continue fear mongering?

  4. Jazzfly

    This is hilarious, if anyone had any real fear about novid they would never even consider going to a theme park or public event.

  5. Kathy b.

    I agree 100%. Well said

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