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  1. M

    Wow, this is BAD!!!! REALLY BAD!!! Nobody asked for this. She can have her own ride but to replace Splash Mountain is on another level of stupidity!!! Nobody goes to Disney to have politics thrown into their faces. Leave the beautiful Splash Mountain alone.

    1. Kaitlin

      I’ve been asking for it for years. Splash mountain is tired and out of date. The IP inside isnt even something most people know. Princess and the Frog is a natural fit and I can’t wait.

      1. anonymous

        It is not out of date you liar. If it were, then it wouldn’t be famous and popular. Only only trolls are out of date when they continue to make up lies and excuses out of blind hate for no reason like they did with the kissing scene from Snow White.

      2. ChadMC

        It’s a ‘mountain’ and if anyone knows anything about New Orleans is that it is completely flat. There are no elevations or mountains for hundreds of miles anywhere around in that area. A mountain is definitely not a natural fit.

    2. Barbara

      I’m with you! Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides and if they transform into this junk, I will probably not ride it. Although, I do like the view from the top and that wonderful splashdown!

  2. Paul

    Disney has proven time and again their ability to pivot and update attractions within the parks. Changing Splash Mountain to a Tiana themed ride makes perfect sense, both from societal sensitivity and market appeal standpoints. The reality is hardly anyone under age 50 has even heard of Uncle Remus, seen the “Song of the South” movie, or read the ‘Br-er Rabbit’, ‘Br-er Fox’, ‘Br-er Bear’ books which are the current theme of Splash Mountain.

    Time to move on and celebrate a wonderful story full of great songs and a vision of hope for the future!

    1. anonymous

      Only a fool like you would say it makes perfect sense because of trolls telling lies of a certain thing based off their blind hatred and trolling. Reality check, what you said said about anyone under age 50 had hardly heartd of Uncle Remus and Song of the South is a lie. There so some who heard of it brainless. No more lies. Besides, this is so far a publicity stunt they haven’t put up with and has shown no date release for it so far. We see it, but it doesn’t mean it may become a reality, just like how the Mary Poppins attraction never came true. And you know it. So be prepared for the unexpected.

      1. Jordan

        I feel the troll here is you lol. Who talks trash and then goes by anonymous other than someone who wants to troll others lol? Just because you don’t like that it’s changing doesn’t mean everyone else has to dislike it as well. A lot of people are really happy to see it get a fresh update. So why don’t you chill out lol?

      2. Jordan

        I feel like the real troll here is you. Who else would talk trash while calling themselves anonymous other than someone trolling lol? Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean everyone else has to dislike the change. Just chill out lol.


        No really bothered about it being rethemed but not into a Princess ride !
        Wish it was just rejigged as just a log flume ,with plenty of the original Disney characters to see doing something water related ,especially as they got rid of Mickeys house etc.It will be another ride my lads won’t go on now as it will be classed as a girly ride ,I don’t enjoy the Princess themed stuff myself ,the singing on them does my head in lol .

  3. lorenzo

    Princess and the Frog was a box office flop. What other recent flop has had the world turn upside down for it to be its own attraction.

    The Walt Disney Company: trying to please everyone and no one.

  4. Princess Tiana deserves her own ride and restaurant by retheming Tom Sawyer Island in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom. Since both islands of Tom Sawyer Island in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom may have outlived its purpose, retheming Splash Mountain at Disneyland make sence because its next to New Orleans Square. But retheming Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom makes no sence because there’s no New Orleans area at the Magic Kingdom, plus Splash Mountain is right next to Big Thunder Mountain.

    1. ChadMC

      Now that makes great sense! Re-theme Tom Sawyer Island. Tiana was great and should definitely get more love from Disney, particularly at Disneyland where there is an actual New Orleans Square. I’m shocked it already hasn’t been done with the current “IP-everything” approach of Disney.

  5. Angela

    Splash Mountain is the Best ride at Disney.

  6. Jay

    Disney is making a bad choice with this retheme by completely not considering that most people want it to remain the way it is.

  7. KenR

    What a dumb waste of money on something completely unneeded. Especially when they desperately need to completely redo the Figment ride and update and renovate Spaceship Earth.

  8. Kori

    Some Disney Parks fans do not give a damn about INCLUSION until it directly impacts them.
    “Yes” on Class and Socioeconomic Status.
    “No” on Gender and Ethnicity.
    Disappointed, but not shocked.

  9. Rick

    If Splash Mountain is so racially offensive and Disney so conscientious that it must be re-themed, why is it still open? Should it not have been closed before more impressionable minds were ruined?

  10. Priscilla

    I love Splash Mountain and I am not alone. If Disney really cares leave Splash Mountain as it is and put Tiana in another location.

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