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  1. Colby

    If you choose, with your FREEDOM, to not get vaccinated, you should stay home. I know some who can’t get the vaccine due to other health issues snd they are intelligent about what they do and where they feel it’s ok to go. The anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers think their freedoms are absolute and that’s just simply not true. And they’re making others pay for it.

    1. SG

      Totally agree. I’ll be among the first to get my booster next month!

      1. J

        ^Re:stay home if unvaccinated
        Many who would be going to WDW cannot get vaccinated because they are children, right?

    2. Use Your Brain

      I know some who didn’t get the vaccine because they have a higher chance of dying from a car accident or a lightning strike or a bear attack than they do from COVID. Those people should also feel free to travel since the biggest risk posed to them is that they’ll lose their taste for a week and not be able to experience the plastic cheese on their Mickey pretzel.

  2. jo

    I have never stopped working through this whole pandemic nightmare. I am personally sick of it. The gov. should, without hesitation, mandate every business to show proof of vaccination. Walmart, target, grocery stores, theme parks, everywhere. Then the non vaccinated can stay home, not being paid by gov to not work. Then we see how our country can heal. It is not a personal choice anymore, it is a national health crisis. I NEED A VACATION. I am tired of footing the bill as a workerbee for the lazy.

    1. Use Your Brain

      See Israel’s latest infection data for an example of what happens when an entire population gets vaccinated. Hint: their Delta spike looks the same as everywhere else.

  3. Coco

    It would be SO helpful if unvaccinated kids (12 and under) were specifically mentioned in these kinds of articles. The risk level is different than unvaccinated adults. Parents aren’t being given enough information to make good decisions.

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