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  1. LV

    This program honestly sounds horrible, And don’t get me started on the “66 welcome package’ (cheap buttons a magnet? Ugh)
    If they think I’m going to PAY them for the privilege to possibly get a reservation to go to their park they are high. The greed and audacity they have is unbelievable
    Hard Pass.

  2. Kenny Vee

    @ LV Oh, poor you, you are only being treated a LITTLE better than everyone else. instead of being treated like royalty.

    Check your entitlement and either enjoy the park, or avoid it and make it less crowded for everyone else.

    But we all know you’re going to buy a Magic Key so you can complain to cast members who had nothing to do with this.

  3. Troy

    @LV, please explain why you feel this program sounds horrible? Other than limiting members to only being able to hold either 6, 4, or 2 reservations at a time, there isn’t much difference.

    We are living in a different time where park reservations are required, park hopping is now only available starting from 1pm, and fast passes are currently not in use (paid fast passes may be the future).

    I’m just curious as to why you feel this new program is horrible as compared to the previous program. Keeping in mind that state the world is in right now. Honestly, I was surprised with the similarities from the previous program and was expecting much worse.

    This is from a non-California resident who normally visits the park more than 6 days per visit. So I’m hesitant on being a magic key holder as it wouldn’t make sense to having to buy the highest tier key and still not guarantee I am able to visit the park beyond the 6 reservations I can make in advanced. Yes, there may be the opportunity to make a park reservation after the first one is used, but that is a risk you take. I’ve heard WDW passholders can get around the max number of reservation restriction if they are staying on a WDW property. Wondering if Disneyland would do something similar.

  4. Gloria

    I have had a pass for 33 years and since I’ve retired it has been entertainment, fun places to have breakfast or lunch plus snacks. I love watching first timers come in and experiencing their awe. I honestly have never been bored or gotten tired of going. It can be a different world every visit. I’m going to be getting the Dream Key so there won’t be any blackout days.

  5. Grammie

    We’re just two retired grandparents in Southern California who love taking our grandkids to the Happiest Place on Earth! We got the Imagine Key and are making plans to go next month!

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