Comments for NEW Exclusive MagicBands Coming Soon For Select Disney Ticket Holders

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  1. Again…disney has figured out there are Idiots that will pay anything for everything, so why not.

  2. Em

    They stop giving free Magic Bands but you can buy one if you want but now if you aren’t a passholder you can’t buy the new Magic Bands. If it’s for sale why isn’t everyone allowed to buy it? Unbelievable.

  3. Darline Dondl

    The Chin and Dale AP magicband was released October 2020 in parks, as well as Stitch AP same time.

    1. SG

      I guess they didn’t sell well so this must be on the clearance list. Their last hope to bring in the big bucks. Wonder if they’ll end up free with your ticket purchase?

  4. Jan

    I get the magic bands instead of Loungfly or other expensive items for a collection. I have been buying them from the beginning so yes as I love Chip and Dale I will be getting this band.

  5. AL

    Now if they would sell me the AP I could buy the band

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