Comments for Disneyland Announces MORE Villains For Oogie Boogie Bash

agatha all along wandavision

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Juan Pablo

    Thanos may be considered one of the MCU’s best villains, but this proves Agatha to be its more popular. Why? Well, has any other Marvel villain in general had the honor of being in the same event as classic Disney Villains such as Maleficent?

    1. eye roll

      She is an easier costume to make at the last minute for the event. Thanos would be an intense costume. Would be cool tho.

    2. Alicia

      Also she has a catchy song.

  2. Alicia

    I doubt this would happen, but I would love to see Moff Gideon and some Death Troopers at Oogie Boogie Bash.
    Scratch that- Darth Maul would be a better fit.

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