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  1. Anna Cardiel

    3:40pm August 29th Sunday 2021

    That’s to bad to hear. I hope they can get them to work again. P.S. Thanks for keeping Disneyland Open, after Mr. Disney had to leave. 😀

  2. Albert

    Soarin around the word broke down too. I was on it.

    1. BF

      As was toy story midway mania and the little mermaid

  3. Jeff

    Just wondering if some of these momentary shut downs are due to guests needing additional assistance getting on/off and not actually mechanical breakdowns.

  4. BF

    Half of DCA seemed to be down Saturday morning. This list isn’t even complete.

  5. Eric M

    One would think that competent leadership would have used the damn near year of down time to knock out a bunch of refurbs and have every in perfect condition

    1. Thom

      It always irritates me when articles like this one conflate ride downtimes with maintenance issues. The truth is often the opposite; the rides safety features enabling the auto e stop function. Of course their are numerous reasons a ride can be closed momentarily, but it’s rarely because it’s not functioning properly.

  6. KevinY

    I’m convinced they temporarily close rides as some sort of way to save energy to make sure they keep getting certain tax benefits. There’s no way all those rides could actually require maintenance practically every single day. In the 1990’s I went all the time as a kid and I never remember rides closing.

    1. Phoebe L Ho

      They want to save energy for tax benefits? Why aren’t they using abundant California sunshine?

  7. Phoebe L Ho

    It’s been my experience that the ride that breaks down the most is Indiana Jones. Too many people have looked into the eyes of Mara. 😉 😉

    1. CJ

      I agree! Every single time I’ve gone to Disneyland Indiana Jones shuts down (Team Disney Anaheim is lucky to get 3 hours out of that Attraction before it’s down for 1 to 2 hours!)

      But, let’s talk about Rise of the Resistance! It’s barely two years old and breaks down more times than Indiana Jones (now that symbolizes leadership of Team Disney under Bob Chapek to me!)

  8. Lynn Carol Feinn

    The last time I went to Disneyland,Pirates of the Caribbean shut down twice in one day! I was in Haunted Mansion in the middle of the ride when it stopped for no reason! It started back up after 10 minutes.

    1. THX1138

      Do you think it’s because during Covid maybe they got rid of a lot of experienced staff that could fix everything

  9. Jon

    There was a power dip yesterday 😂 of course every ride “broke down”. Just like July 4th when that happened. If you’re gonna report on the ride “breaking down” at least credit it as to why it broke down.

  10. Steve

    The fact that Rise only shut down once, is an improvement. 🙂

  11. Rob

    Me and the wife went on the 29th, never experienced any of the closures. Had a great day.

  12. Indy

    Good lord let’s distinguish between a breakdown and a ride temporarily stopping because aunt Betty took too long to climb in or uncle Fred lost his hat and they had to hit emergency stop. It’s like saying your car broke done 20 times on your way to work because you had to stop at red lights.

    1. Thom

      Thank you!! Staion backups for slow moving guests are so common.

  13. Han

    Good thing I was in ogas with a beer

  14. Lisa Yetman

    Sounds as if they haven’t gotten rid of the COVID gremlins yet! But to be truthful, many attractions stoppages are for those needing assistance to either board or exit an attraction. There may be maintenance issues in some cases – especially since the mechanics (of the attraction) and all haven’t come quite up to speed. Maybe the crew of repair people is still down as well, so skilled workers are just as “breakdown prone” as the attractions right now!

  15. April

    Guardians of the Galaxy was down to one car yesterday.

  16. Benjamin Collins

    Where there anyone on these rides as they closed down for the few minutes?

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