Comments for Disney World Annual Passholders Will Never See the Classic Logo Again


  1. Kelvington

    Where is the “I can go any day I want” pass? When is that coming back? This feels a lot like Disney used the pandemic to alter their business model at our expense. I am not happy.

    1. Jeff Powell

      Looks like they are keeping the reservation system. It will make it hard too get in the parks, even if you are top tier.

    2. Marc Disney

      I love the new logo!❤ I do agree with those who say that they need to return to the old system. The reservation system is really annoying.

  2. AMJ

    I really HATE the bulimic, stick figure Mickey look. I don’t care for M&M Run Away RR – cheap effects, look at the lights on videos, poor replacement for The Great Movie Ride. Yes, it was outdated, but the new look and ride is hideous.
    I know a ton of people love it…
    At least the new look is as bad as the new passholder privileges. More money for way less value.

  3. Micah Love

    Once again Disney punishes the hand that feeds them. The best return customers are the florida residents…. and yet we are punished with increased prices, less value and poof after 2020 the magic is gone.

    1. Lisa

      I don’t like the new Mickey logo. If you are trying to move forward then do something fun and modern. Don’t go backwards. I don’t like any of the old fashioned drawings.

    2. Jeff Powell

      You are absolutely right. But I think they feel out of state guest, will spend a lot more money on food and merchandise.

  4. Linda

    I do hope that is not the picture they use on the new passes. That looks like a child that can not draw well was trying to copy Mickey Mouse and did a very poor job!

    1. Cheryl

      Nope don’t like it guess I’m done with my annual pass I want my unlimited go when ever I want back

  5. James E Snyder

    So does this mean if we already have and Annual Pass are we Grandfathered in , or do we end up having to buy these rediculously over priced tickets when our annual pass expires? The craziness with this is unbelievable, plus still having to reserve a day.. Not to mention getting rid of the fast pass system and going for the paid version, who can afford to even visit any more. Just my opinion.

    1. ExPassholder

      Whenever your renewal comes up you will be forced into a new pass with a small discount. The discount for pass renewal was in the 5 to 10% range previously. What it will be for the new pass is unknown. They are doing this on purpose trying to lower attendance. People who spend big bucks are very unhappy they spend 10K on a vacation and get to ride 6 or 7 rides because the wait times are so ridiculous. I’m actually surprised they didnt restrict the new fast passes to disney resort guests only.

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