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  1. Terry

    We will be arriving in Florida November 6th so excited to see this new update!!! Hoping for no masks by the time we go!! Alot of information has come out about the numbers not being accurate for Florida for example the CDC added days together and said the worse day for Florida since Covid started…only to find out the added days together and reported it as one day so it wasn’t true

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi Terry.
      Yes, the Feds (CDC included) will do anything they can to make the FL governor look bad. It’s all politics, just let people do what they feel comfortable doing…

  2. Shay S

    We have a trip booked for the end of January. We will cancel if masks are required in the parks (we understand the transportation part is out of their control). We visited previously and had to wear masks and for us, it was the worse vacation ever. I know everyone has different feelings on that but for us, we will wait to visit when they are gone.

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi Shay.
      I too will not return (annual visitor) until the mask mandates are gone.
      It should be up to the individual…

  3. Kim

    Hi, we are a family of 10 who just returned from Disney World . We were very careful to wear our masks as directed. My son and daughter in law who were not vaccinated due to her being pregnant developed covid, I have been vaccinated since December and also had a positive covid test. Six out ten of our party developed covid while on vacation. I think to change the mask policy now would be a mistake

    1. Ken Brenner

      Hi Kim.
      I am not a proponent of mask mandates, and think it should be up to the individual.
      But, I also pray that your grandchild (waiting to be born) and daughter-in-law (and son) are doing better, and you do not develop severe symptoms. In my experience, those already vaccinated get by pretty easily – hope so for you.
      God bless…

  4. Carol

    It’s time to realize that Covid/Corona viruses are not going away. We will always have a new variant emerging. It’s the curse that will keep on cursing us for the foreseeable future. We were all told that if we got the vaccine (2 Pfizer doses here) we could then live mask free. Cool, right? Nope. We got our two doses and also got hit by the latest round of Covid since our March Pfizer go-round. We have had reservations since late winter and are supposed to be at WDW for 8 days mid-October, have $7k+ invested SO FAR and do NOT want to visit with mask mandates. Hoping they drop indoor mask rule before our 30 day cancelation window.

  5. Katie

    We love Disney and moved to the west coast. My children have never visited Disneyland. But we won’t spend our money there if we’re required to wear a mask. Concerts and sports games are in full swing in CA and only a few are wearing masks. I can deal with masking up for Disney transportation but that’s it. We have money to spend but will wait until Disney changes it’s mask mandate. My children attend private school and there is no surge of Covid. Going on second year! We have all the proof we need.

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