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scarlett johansson as black widow (left) and disney characters with cinderella castle (right)

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  1. Chris

    Disney is not the cause of spikes in COVID, people not getting vaccinated are and they are making their choice hy not getting vaccinated and need to take personal responsibility for their actions.

    That being said, if her contract said that it needed to be a theatrical release only, then that is what it needed to do and follow what it was required to do by contract.

  2. Emonas

    They can release whatever they want but they should settle with her as clearly streaming took a chunk from theater sales.

    Also Disney is slowly becoming disgusting after losing Iger.

    It is hard to say Disney isn’t causing spikes as people aren’t there long enough to see action and reaction. What you can say is Disney isn’t doing much to help reduce the spread . Money grab us a money grab.

  3. Lance M

    It would seem that Disney could have renegotiated her contract instead of simply ignoring it when they made the decision. I think Disney is showing callous disregard for her contract and trying to blame the virus. While I haven’t read the contract, it doesn’t seem like Disney has a leg to stand on in this situation. They waited over a year to release it, seems like certainly enough time to work a deal.

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