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  1. Mike

    I love Disneyland as much as everyone else, that’s why we’re here! But unless you’re going at least once a week (or really want to go on those most busy days), the highest priced one is very hard to justify.

    A lot of people here live in socal I imagine, so it’s a 30 min, hour, maybe 90 minute drive for most.

    I know I always make sure to avoid the weekends, holidays or anything that would otherwise be considered a “busy day”

    Being blocked out during the busiest times is not an issue at all for me.

    And unless you’re going once a week, the cheaper passes are almost always going to be a better deal.

    If you go once a month, the lowest key ($400) plus parking ($25 x 12 = $300) is half the price of the $1400 pass. Even going twice a month breaks even.

    Do most people really go 3+ times per month?

    On a somewhat unrelated note, the price for parking is crazy compared to what other parks. While I know that universal studios isn’t Disneyland, a $250 pass gets you unlimited admission and parking! Other parks offer meal passes that get you free food/drink.

    I know nothing will change but having no options for parking other than a $1400 pass is kind of crazy

    1. Jake

      I have to agree with you. I’m searching for any reason to justify the $1,399 pass. I’m a huge Disneyland fan, but like many southern Californians, I couldn’t justifying popping into the park once per week driving to Anaheim from Los Angeles.

      There definitely are many people for whom the Dream pass makes sense, but for me the AP program has always been being able to visit maybe a dozen times per year without paying full price for admission… so my break even is quite a bit different than those locals who might pop into the parks for a quick corn dog and some fireworks on a casual Saturday night… and for whom $12.50 parking per visit really adds up fast.

  2. BC

    After reading your first paragraph – the most expensive pass offers the most benefits – I’m shocked! I would have expected that the least expensive pass would offer the most benefits . . .

  3. Alex

    I can’t wait !!!! I’m buying the DREAM

  4. Barbara Wadkins

    Interesting article. Hire a proofreader. Only read part-way down the article and found two spelling errors. Not very professional.

    1. Nicole T

      I thought the exact same thing. I came to the comments just to see if anyone else noticed that.

  5. Indy

    Also remember that just because you(the author) is a blogger that pops into Disneyland by yourself,any people have a significant other or friends that they go with including carpooling. So each person does NOT need the included parking and if you pay for parking it can be split between the group of people carpooling. So the pass that includes50% off parking looks great for those cases.

  6. Jon Hernandez

    Your math is wrong. 3rd tier pass holders would only pay $375 in parking ($25×30 trips / half). So no it’s not a terrible perk

    1. Dave

      Her math is correct. The 3rd tier pass (Enchant) does not include any parking discounts, so the full cost of parking at $25 per visit X 30 visits = $750.

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