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  1. Dustin Bollnow

    Unacceptable! Disney has owned Mickey since Walt’s time. Disney should be owning Mickey Mouse FOREVER!

  2. Santa Claus

    Copyright and trademark rights are two completely different things.

    1. Tommy Dodger

      Exactly. I’d like a lawyer to explain how Disney loses the rights to the Mickey Mouse character as opposed to losing the exclusive control of 95 year old cartoons that fall into the public domain.

  3. Tommy Dodger

    “Walt’s debut of his little pay, Mickey Mouse.” Never truer words were spoken.


    I don’t understand how you write something like this without explaining what the token is redeemable for.

    1. Rob

      Nothing really. I imagine she was talking about someone having created an NFT, non-fungible token, which is a form of crypto-based assets. Simply put, its some “internet art” that comes with a “certificate of authenticity”.

  5. emcee2

    [QUOTE]It seems “Disney’s legal team might succeed in keeping Walt Disney’s famous character and Mouse House mascot from becoming rights-free,” just as others have done with Dracula or Sherlock Holmes. If not, however, another company is already ready to “eat [Disney] alive.” [/QUOTE]

    Dracula and Sherlock Holmes and even Peter Pan have all lost there copyrights. Anyone can use these characters in there stories.

  6. Luke

    This is absolutely terrible. Think of what the Disney will become. Mickey is the most beloved animated character of all time. This is not what Walt would have wanted for Mickey and I think that this needs to end NOW!

  7. Farmer Mike

    Think of it not as Disney losing the rights to Mickey but as we all gaining the right to also use Mickey.

  8. N.O. NO! Mickey Mouse is always owned by Disney and is the official mascot ever since 1928! Mickey’s been my favorite character and I refuse to see him leave Disney.

  9. DWmFrancis

    The title of the article is inaccurate and misleading. The only thing which could happen is that the copyrights on Steamboat Willie could expire. The consequences of that are much less severe than the article suggests – not the downfall of Disney.

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