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  1. Chris

    The bottom line is if the clause is in her contract that they couldn’t do what they did, then they did indeed break the contract and should be held liable for that.

    Now where it will be tricky is how tomorrow how much money it would have made if it hadn’t been available for streaming.

  2. Travis

    If is clearly stated theatrical release and Disney disregarded the contact, they should pay.

  3. Jason

    She knew Disney had been streaming movies while in the theater since covid began starting with live action Mulan. She signed a contract stating her salary would be largely from box office sales. That’s her fault. But Warner Brothers paid out millions to Gal Gadot and the like for the same thing before they even sued because everyone is sue happy even though they’re millionaires. She doesn’t deserve to win imo. There was no breach of contract. Not any I saw.

    1. Frank

      This is the problem. We have a movie studio acting like a movie studio but at a studio whose very success was built by NOT acting like a typical studio. True, there was no breach of contract, but Disney also knew that they’d been streaming movies for folks at home while the films were in the theater and they knew that leaving the contact as it was going to cost Johannsen a LOT of money.
      ScarJo tried to go back to the table with Disney to discuss a new deal given the effects of the pandemic, and they refused to meet with her. This is not a way to treat the talent that built you to be the juggernaut they are today.
      The main point is Marvel Studios and by extension Disney allowed themselves to be driven by creativity rather than money – as other studios would do. Paint ScarJo here as the bad guy all you want but what I see here is Disney doing away with al of the things that made them the unstoppable cinematic force they are right now.
      This thing could have been handled the Marvel Studios/Feige/Iger way, but now its being handled another way – and fans of Marvel Studios lose.

    2. Nick

      This is probably the worst take I’ve seen.

  4. SaiyanSoldier

    Her doing this only shows how money hungry she is. She should be more understanding considering the pandemic had changed a lot of things. I’m sure she already had millions so its not like she’s financially suffering.

    1. Frank

      Nah. Disney should have met ScarJo halfway. She had to endure a decade of Marvel Studios leadership refusing to make a Black Widow solo film. Then Feige got rid of the guy opposed to that (Perlmutter) and the BW solo film was made. Then the pandemic comes around, and this changes things for everyone.
      ScarJo, understanding how the pandemic has changed things, wanted to go back to the table with Disney, who (under Chapek’s leadership) refused to work with her.
      People need to be smarter than to believe a press release written by Bob Chapek’s people that was meant to paint the other side in a negative light.
      Most people did see through this, you didn’t but perhaps you aren’t familiar with Disney’s succession troubles.
      Your interpretation of what has transpired here is born of ignorance of the situation.

    2. Plutarch Heavensbee

      So, by your rationale, if you arent suffering, your employer should be able to cut your salary in half? Or are you just making financial decisions for her?

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