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  1. Tammy

    This is disgraceful! While I realize the Disney Corporation has struggled through this pandemic, like so many others, Disney is backing out of a 10-year promise. Those kids will remember that! Instead of abruptly discontinuing a program that they COMMITTED TO, how about Bob Chapek, CEO, give up a small portion of his $14.2 million yearly income (that was from the fiscal year ending 2010) Or Robert Iger, Chairman, give up a small part of his $21 million take for his year? Yes, I know, poor baby. Compared to $47.5 the previous year, and $65.6 in 2018 it’s a loss. But damn! Everyone has LOST BIG this year. People have lost jobs, cars, homes, and lives all because of a virus. Now those kids get too learn some tough lessons:
    1. Life isn’t fair.
    2. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer (often at the expense of them poor).
    3. Never trust a RAT.

  2. Al

    Its official , they really have priced every working family out of Disney.

  3. JeniferA

    Programs such as these are a must have for inner city youth. These programs are not only a fun way to channel energy but these kids learn life lessons, lessons that will stay with them when they are at the cross roads in life. In a perfect world all children would be equipped with such at home from their parents and family. “It takes a village”, surely applies here, without positive places and programs for kids to focus on, we will surely lose them to the programs the gangs and other negative influences have in place for them. We may not be able to save them all but the ones that are are one less long term burden to society. We must remain adamant and invest in these children early on and not try to “fix” the problem once they enter the Criminal Justice System, respectively.

    1. JeniferA

      Maybe a consideration to downsize before completely cutting the program. May be more effective with a “limited” amount of the tickets the children would work harder and be more focused knowing rewards are for the hardest and best participants.

      1. AMJ

        Wow…Disney must really, really need the income from those tickets. I doubt that they considered most parents wouldn’t let a 6th grader go to the park solo. So in effect the free ticket could have increased ticket sales for at least 1 parent and possibly more family members. It was so few tickets over the last 5 years, not even 1/4 of daily attendance to the park for 1 day I bet.
        Greedy, lying Disney…
        Maybe their newest T designs should use that as a new motto.

      2. Tlaw

        Jennifer- Downsizing Chepak out of a job would fix this (and many other problems).

        Disney could continue programs like these funded by Chepak’s compensation.

  4. Debby Rusovick

    This is not doing anything good for Disney’s image. Unfortunately the pandemic has ruined things for many people, however, a company as rich as Disney, should keep their commitment to the children. This is sending a message to them that adults cannot keep a promise and denies them of a possible once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the parks, as many of them are from very low income families. Shame on Disney!!!

    1. Ken

      Disney=disgraceful. Chapek and Iger must be some evil, greedy, MFers. They make so much damn money they could pay for these kids tickets with pocket change they have. FU and I hope all of the world quits going to your greedy, poorly managed parks. Quit using the pandemic as an excuse for everything. WE ARE DONE with your lies and greed. It seems people are starting to give up going to the parks and wising up. It’s all supply and demand. We quit going and you’ll have to lower prices. Americans must agree together to make a change. If we don’t go, you finally realize you have topped it off and your greedy ways will have to change with lower prices and better service. The way Walt would want it.

  5. Jamie F

    Disney is getting ridiculous. Not honoring a commitment to kids, jacking up prices to screw over families, & getting rid of park perks unless you pay for it. Greedy & the CEO needs to go. They don’t cater to families. They cater to the rich. Walt’s dream was to give families an affordable vacation. They have totally gotten away from that. Plus, actually saying that free ticket programs will be implemented in the future is a lie. They are hoping people will forget about that. Plus, when the CEO brings home 7 million in bonuses after laying people off last year, it’s about money not the families

  6. Linda M McKee

    The bean counters have really ruined Disneyland.

  7. Tonya

    WOW! Just…WOW! I am not from Cali nor had I ever even heard of this program before now but I am truly disappointed to hear of this.

    Is anyone else starting to get the feeling that Disney is dumping a giant load of Pixie Crap on us every day just to see how far they can take it and what that final straw will be? I mean, seriously, what other company in this UNIVERSE could get away with all of this without being boycotted?

  8. Tlaw

    At least Chapek screws everyone over in his Disney Quest for great mighty Donald Buck (and Mickey Money).

    Karma will get him, hopefully before he totally wrecks Disney.

  9. kevin T

    Unbelievable and just disgusting from Disney. The article states 13,000 children benefited from this program to this point in time. They cut the program about 5 years earlier than promised. Guestimate that another 13,000 would take advantage in the next 5 years at around $120 per day pass and this only costs 1.5 million. That’s like saving $1 in Disney money. Horrible PR move, along with the loss of these wonderful community service projects to save pennies. As others mentioned, the child would also bring other family members and spend $$ in the park, so it’s likely a wash anyway. Just when you thought Disney couldn’t go any lower…

  10. Tlaw

    Given his greed and evilness, I suspect Chapek, in a former life, was the b@stard hunter than shot Bambi’s mother.

    I am still betting that SOB will be installing pay toliets in DW based on the extra cost of cleaning due to COVID (while, at the same time, not allow his employees to use the toliets without paying).

    2nd thought — there will be some regular facilities available, though if you want ones that are cleaned, you will need to purchase a pass, available on Genie.

  11. J

    It’s easy to label Disney’s latest money grabs as due to the pandemic. This is disgraceful. All of those children who were involved in raising so much money knowing they would be rewarded at the end abruptly disappointed. Same with the introduction of the Disney genie plus, a blatant and outright money grab conveniently blamed on the pandemic. Something tells me if the pandemic never happened, The new CEO would have found away to put these in place anyway

  12. Joseph

    Just like Florida doing away with everything … What a joke… Step it up Disney…

    1. Bev

      I’ve lost all respect for those running Disney.

  13. David I

    They have also had their Points of Light program on hiatus as well. This program allowed charities to receive up to 20 tickets per year to use as giveaways or fundraising. You had to commit and perform so many family volunteer hours to get the tickets. Who knows when/if this program will ever return. It was a great fundraiser for us and gave an incentive for families to volunteer at the school.

  14. DonB

    Wow. Just another money grab from the new Disney regime. Walt would be furious over the blatant , in your face greed of the CEO and his henchmen. This program benefited so many kids and now it’s gone. They all know how to play the “ bait and switch “ game better than any car dealer. Look at everything they’ve changed recently. DVC Members had benefits that are going away , annual pass prices are ludicrous, Magical Express and Minnie Van service is gone , Fast Passes are no longer free , the cost for “ after hours “ events are insanely high. Disney + is now adding extra cost premier pricing for new content and on and on and on. They are driving away their core fans with greed. We’ve cancelled two future vacations because of this and we’re going to spend our hard earned money elsewhere. I hope millions also decide enough is enough.

  15. Tim

    Welcome to chapel enterprises where no penny goes unstolen. There are two ways that people can fix this issue first all guests stop going. Second all staff at all Chapek (Disney) owned properties quit. They can go and get jobs elsewhere as there are so many places looking for help. If everyone states that they will return only if pricing and services are returned to pre 2000 amounts.

  16. Bren

    Oh, the greed has taken over completely with Disney. Ever since Chapek was even hired, he started changing the parks. For a few years before he became the head honcho, we had noticed the quality of merchandise going down, same old stuff everywhere, and other things changing. Such as no longer hearing “Have a magical day” after each interaction whether store, restaurant, ride. Then found he had been in charge of the parks. Now he’s really in charge, and he sucks! I won’t be going back anytime soon. Kissed them good bye in 2019 after a horrible trip. I could get the same service locally at Busch Gardens Williamsburg for a lot less money. They lost our business of over 17 years of trips to the mouse house. Looks like I won’t be considering going back until they reverse course, and get back to the real meaning of Disney. I can get money grabs at any park in the country, but it was, note WAS the magic that kept us coming back. Magic leaves, so did my family. Truthfully, didn’t miss it at all in 2020. Instead took a nice and relaxing vacation to Florida without the hassle of the jumping through hoops to even get a restaurant reservation months in advance. Absolutely loved no longer dealing with the hassle and scheduling my dinners months in advance, trying to get fast passes in hopes the weather would be great for the park we had to pick so far in advance. Loved finally having a real vacation again without the stress. Bye Chapek, bye Disney. It was fun until you let the greed ruin it.

  17. Anonymous

    CEO Chapek is at it again. Raise prices, cancel guest programs, sleazy with the studios, and now he’s cancelling charity too.

    Next he’ll probably cut cast member pay.

  18. Cj Brown

    This is the Bob Chapek regime, an his era is tarnishing the Disney Brand! 🙄

    Chapek won’t contractually pay actors their agreed upon percentage!

    Chapek won’t honour existing agreements with the the Orange County School District (City of Anaheim)!

    Chapek won’t honour existing agreements with Union Cast Members (Disneyland & DCA are so understaffed that Park Guests are limited what they can experience – understaffed because Cast Members quit over terrible working conditions, or never came back because they were furloughed without pay after years of loyalty to Team Disney!)

    Chapek won’t pay Disney Staff to run brick and mortar Disney Shops (shuts down every Disney Shop, lays off every Disney Staff, then sees to it that operations are online only for merchandise), and Chapek doesn’t care if Disney Fans have to shop elsewhere (or can only purchase merchandise at the Theme Parks!)

    Chapek’s way is ‘you will pay more to get into a Theme Park, but experience less within it’ and “you will rely on an App, because I won’t pay a Cast Member to do it for you!”

    Disappointed? Then let Team Disney Burbank know how you feel! Be like what Roy Disney used do as a Team Disney Board Member whenever he felt the Walt Disney Company was being mismanaged!

  19. Kai Kami

    Damn like can’t even throw a bone to a young middle schooler who did some work to make their community a better place. It’s not like you gotta give tickets to the whole family.

  20. Phoebe L Ho

    Drum. Him. Out.

  21. Alicia

    Walt Disney would be so upset with this decision! I feel so bad for current students who were so looking forward to earning a day at Disneyland. I am a giant Disney fan but so disappointed in the greediness of the current people making these decisions.

  22. lorenzo

    The plan to cancel this free ticket program to kids that Disney makes thousands from their parents is disgraceful. The program was once a year. Last year despite park closures I did not read about any executives at Disney getting any pay cuts or lay offs. This just another form of pure corporate greed.Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave.

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