How to Avoid Painful Chafing at Disney World

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When Guests visit Disney World, there is one thing that you can almost always guarantee — it is going to be a hot and sweaty day!

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Being located in Orlando, Florida, Disney World rarely has cold days unless you are visiting in the winter months — which may very well still be piping hot. Combine that Florida sun with humidity and walking around for a 12-hour day, and you will have quite a sweaty day.

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Now, if you are someone who has thighs that touch together when you walk, please know that I am in your club, and I know how uncomfortable it can get! As someone who enjoys visiting the Park, but not so much the uncomfortable feeling of a thigh chafe, I have always been on the lookout for ways to combat the issue, and I have a few tips!

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Bike shorts

Florida is hot, as we have mentioned, so you likely do not want to wear long pants while you are spending all day at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. However, bike shorts are a great way to keep the chafing to a minimum. Since your entire thigh is tightly covered, you will be protected from any unnecessary rubbing and will have a much more comfortable theme park experience.

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I am someone who loves to wear dresses and skirts to the parks, and a lot of the time, I wear bike shorts if the length of my outfit can hide it! Definitely a great way to stay comfortable while still looking fashionable at the theme parks. Plus, this look can apply to anyone looking for some help with this widespread issue!

Check out this cute Disneyland pair of bike shorts! There are plenty of different looks on shopDisney!

Chafe stick

You wouldn’t believe it, but they actually made a product for chafing, and it comes with me every time I visit a theme park. After one Disney vacation where I experienced so much pain from my legs rubbing together all day, I looked for a solution that wasn’t deodorant (yep, that’s a real thing some of us do).


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After a quick Amazon search, I found Body Glide’s Original Anti-Chafe Balm. The stick presents itself like a deodorant stick, which means effortless application and can be used anywhere someone experiences chafing. For only $9.99, I think it is a great solution and definitely helps me feel a lot less pain after walking all day. I suggest reapplying the balm throughout the day to keep your skin protected, as it will wear off, especially in the heat.

Click here to get yourself a Body Glide’s Original Anti-Chafe Balm.

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Aside from those tips or walking like a penguin with your legs spread apart (if you ever see me at Magic Kingdom walking a little different, now you know why), wearing long pants is always a good option if the weather allows for it!

Do you ever experience chafing while at Disney World? What are your solutions to this problem?

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