Comments for Goodbye, Chris Evans: MCU’s New Steve Rogers Actor Speaks Out

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. RodH422

    I think Chris Evans should return as Captain America. Anyone else is just not acceptable. Even the guy that replaced him in the falcon and the winter solider was a total flop. Myself and several others were about to stop watching the show because of him.

    1. Rob

      He wasnt replaced in Falc & W.S. it was a diff character. How dont you know that?

    2. CaptainAwesome

      It will be tough to replace Evans. However after seeing Mackie in Altered Carbon, I realized he has some serious acting chops.
      I don’t have D+ so I haven’t seen the falcon series, but I’m willing to give him a chance on pulling this off.

  2. Jason

    No one is playing anything, lol. All they are doing is adding a voice to a cartoon. RDJ and CE will always be Iron man and Captain America, a cartoon can’t erase that.

  3. It is completely understandable why this is happening time goes on and these superhero’s get old. I am watching What If, my husband has all the comics which at the time we got married there was no MCU. I really didn’t understand them. Thanks to Disney+ I am loving them. I love Chris Evans, but looking forward to Anthony in the new CA 4. I thought Chris did the voice in the What If.

    1. silverwing

      i thought he did the voice too. I didnt know it was a different actor! 😯

      1. Nikola

        Me too.

  4. Kiki

    Really happy for Josh. No one wants to be the guy who isnt chris Evans but I think he did a fantastic job. Yay space dad lol

    1. Wayne Osmar-smith

      Only ever be one captain America
      Chris Evans

  5. Rafin

    None but Chits Evans is the best for Captain America. I can’t imagine anyone in his place

  6. Evans’s and RDJ’s contracts with Disney were up.

    The cost of getting those guys to come back for What If? Would have been extremely high and DISNEY is known in The Industry for being tight with a dollar at the best of times.
    I, for one am just happy that Keaton did an excellent job.

  7. Wayne Osmar-smith

    Only ever be one captain America
    Chris Evans

  8. Andrea

    Only one Capt. America and that is Chris Evans. Just like Brie Lawson as Capt. Marvel and Tom Holland as Spiderman. You can’t replace them with new actors it just doesn’t work. Just like disney has replaced. Johny Depp in Pirates and the other character he plays in Fantastic Beasts, the changes make the movies stink.

  9. J

    “Remarkably, even though their contracts are up, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans do feature in their own alternate reality as Tony Stark/Iron Man, and Steve Rogers/Captain America, respectively. Like Downey Jr., Evans’s character has also been replaced with a new actor..”

    ….what are you even saying here?

  10. Dude

    This article is pretty useless. Just because the original actor didn’t voice their character doesn’t mean they’ve been “recast”. Especially given the majority (if not killed off) already have sequels, appearances, etc in the works.

    Completely pointless drivel.

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