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carousel of progress

Credit: Disney


  1. KenG

    I first saw this attraction during the summer of 1967 at Disneyland when it opened and both the ride system and the story where so good. (I was 10 at the time). And to walk up on stage and up the escalator to the model city as the final “scene” was just amazing. Of course, that was when Tomorrowland at Disneyland was really that, and there seemed to be a much more positive view of what companies could bring to us and the country as a whole.

  2. Nostalgia does not need an update. It’s no longer nostalgic if you update it. There’s no such thing as an updated classic, it is no longer a classic once you update it.

  3. Jeff Beucler

    I’d bring it back in a big way with double the ride time. The problem with WDW’s current version is that there is such a huge time gap between the 1940’s Act 3 and the 21st centuries act 4. I have a solution. The building itself would need a complete demo and rebuild within roughly the same footprint, but with a substantially different ride system. My version would have two stacked counter-rotating ring type theater systems instead of one. Acts 1, 2 and 3 would be the originals. Act 4 would also revert to the original mid 60’s show. Instead of exiting at stage 5, a new act 5 would usher us into the space age with the Moon Launch of Apollo 11 and the first Moon landing. As we see the Apollo 11 Saturn 5 launch in front of us in a 2 story space, the entire theater moves up to the second level with a new transitional 1960’s rock style music track. The theater now rotates in the opposite direction with 3 new acts, the emergence of computers in the 80’s, the Internet revolution of the early 2000’s to today, and the final act set in the future. A new updated theme song would be written for all of the new acts. The last 2 upstairs stages would be used for unloading and loading. Once loaded upstairs, a new pre-act would talk about the history of the ride as the theater descends to the lower ring. The individual theaters would actually be large ride vehicles traveling on tracks instead of being a part of a solid ring.

    1. Vic Marino

      I don’t want to see it updated. But if the powers that be feel it absolutely must be done, I think your idea is brilliant!

  4. Sandra

    Leave the ride alone! It was created by Walt Disney himself. We need to leave some of the rides he created or it would not feel like the park he created. New isn’t always better.

    1. Brian

      Amen! First rode this in October of 1964 at the NYWF. Been on it several times since in WDW. A family favorite. Only the final scene needs occasional updates.

  5. Bernard and Linda Burgess

    I would like updates added but definitely keep the original scenes.

  6. Cassidy S.

    As long as ‘updates’ don’t mean replacing audioanimatronics for video screens or virtual components!

  7. Greg


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