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  1. It is so disappointing that they are coming our hours, especially since some of us only get one day in California adventure. And the day is already cut short because of an Oogie boogie bash that not all of us can afford to attend..

  2. Lynda

    Very disappointing closing early we already have it closing early due to the event at California adventure and we are paying the same amount of money for the tickets. This is a once in a lifetime for many families who spend a long time saving to do this for their children then they get many hours taken off. Can not always reschedule either due to requests made off for work etc..

  3. lorenzo

    The Disney parks continue to be nothing but a ripoff. They used to close at 12 midnight pre-pandemic during the summer and weekends. Now its 800pm or 1000pm. You have families that save for years to be able to bring their kids to Disneyland. The nights used to bring an extra bit of magic to the parks. They have cited lack of employess but if they would pay a liveable wage to the staff this would not be an issue.

  4. Malcolm VOLSAN

    As expensive as it is for tickets and travel as well, that’s crazy they would charge more while cutting the hours customers are able to enjoy the parks

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