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Disney cruise line Health and safety

Credit: Screenshot via Disney Cruise Line


  1. Nick

    Hahaha. Ya. Big pass

    1. Ahoy Matey

      Yep, hard pass for me too. I’ll wait until the experience gets back to normal. Also, can you imagine paying all that money, making your plans, flying in and having the rapid Covid test you have to take at the cruise terminal throw a false positive and you be denied entry? From personal experience, those things are pretty unreliable. Not a gamble I’d be willing to take with my hard earned vacation dollars.

  2. Sue

    First off, Disney is NOT following CDC nor WHO guidelines as both have said masks are really unnecessary as they don’t really prevent the spread of anything. Second, why would anyone pay for a covid19 test when they are free at the local drugstore?
    I will NOT patriotize anything Disney until they get off this stupidity about masks, vaccines and social distancing both for cast members and guests. They don’t deserve one red cent from anyone considering Bob Iger is part of the problem.

  3. M

    First off, why all the Covid testing prior to your trip and again on embarkation if you’re still going to make everyone wear masks? If you test negative then you don’t have Covid so you don’t need a mask to “protect others” as the idiot maskers believe. This makes absolutely no sense. Secondly, why Disney isn’t it optional for fully vaccinated people to opt to wear a mask if they so choose? I refuse as a fully vaccinated person since April 2021 to continue to wear a mask in order to protect the fools who refuse to get vaccinated. The science states that I DO NOT NEED A MASK indoors, outdoors or anywhere for that matter if I am vaccinated. Sorry Disney but nope. Not in a million years am I spending my hard earned vacation dollars to go wear a mask on a week long DCL vacation. Come Oct when our final payment is due, if these regulations are still being enforced, we will not be spending our vacation dollars with DCL. No way on God’s green earth!

  4. SG

    It’s not just Disney, it’s all cruise lines (as an employee of one) and if you remember all the stranded people who couldn’t disembark March 2020 – they’d gladly jump through these hoops to be guaranteed not to have that happen again. So would I!
    Vaccines and masks are the only way we’re going to get rid of COVID19 and if you haven’t had your vaccine and it’s available to you, shame on you, and if you have, thank you for helping to end this PANDEMIC!

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