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Universal Hollywood

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  1. We were considering getting Universal Hollywood Passes in the near future, but will not be doing so until this is removed. The county is not following the science here and the businesses that are enforcing the rules are going to suffer the most.

  2. Keef Garga

    I’ll definitely be canceling my Halloween Horror Nights trip if this mask mandate stays in effect. I added a couple nights to my already booked Disney Halloween vacation, in hopes of enjoying a little more adult themed Halloween shenanigans down in Hollywood, but, we’re so over this BS. My girlfriend has been suffocating daily behind a mask the last 16 months as a nurse, the last thing she wants to do is continue this stupidity while on vacation. Risk is a part of everyday life, and for her, a part of her job to make a living.

    We really don’t understand who they’re trying to protect behind the exclusive paywall of this theme park. Are they afraid of vaccinated people spreading it to vaccinated people, who aren’t being hospitalized (save for the few with severe underlying health conditions), or, are they afraid of vaccinated people spreading it to unvaccinated people who are lying about being vaccinated while taking their masks off, and knowingly taking that risk (which is their right), or, are they concerned with unvaccinated people, who are lying about being vaccinated and taking their masks off (which is their right), spreading it to vaccinated people who aren’t being hospitalized, save for the few with severe underlying health conditions (who I advise should be avoiding large crowds like this anyways)?

    I’ll definitely be holding off on buying my tickets until September now, luckily, it’s easy enough to cancel the Hilton. Can’t wait for the Grand Californian though lol!

    1. Bryan

      Yea I feel you man I hate the mask rule too. I just started going to Six flags magic mountain and Knotts berry farm just because masks were not required. I was planning a trip to universal studios but not anymore with this rule .

      Take your money to Knotts or the beach

  3. Bryan

    I was planning to go here but never mind. I decided to go to Six Flags instead the last day before they mandated Masks once again.

    Sorry but you’re not getting my money if your gunna be forcing me to wear a mask and punishing the unvaccinated.

    I just went to Knotts Berry Farm today and no mask required. No problem

  4. Bryan

    I was planning to go here but if they are gunna start with this non sense yet again forget it. Any business forcing me to wear a mask isn’t getting my Money.

    I just came back from Knotts berry farm and there was no mask required . No problem, I just would rather take my money to OC

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