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  1. Linda K Moore

    We visited Universal the 2nd week of June. Days we got there at 8 we walked right in, days we got there at 10 or after we waited. Our kids loved hogwarts but the lack of customer service is the reason we won’t go back.

    1. Paula

      No maps, no customer service. Multiple Drink Refill machines had either NO ICE or NO CO2. Staff could not fix and so we were hot and thirsty. Very overpriced. You pay just to end up walking around. Souvenirs and food are not priced for a family to afford.

      1. Matthew

        I agree Paula. We had the same issue with the drink fountains when we went. Considering the amount they charged you would think they would have more people dedicated to making sure they are working properly. We’ve never experienced that type of issue at our local Six Flags park and they have the same type of soda machine.

        1. Harvey

          I agree totally with this. We went a couple of weeks ago and most of the workers are rude and act like they don’t want to be there. We did come across a few that were very polite. They expect you to know the rules of each ride, whether or not you are allowed to carry a bag on the ride, even though there is no signs posted. Even after you go through the gate and are searched you still get searched before you can ride certain rides. One person in our group had a belt on with metal buckle and knee supports on that had metal and they were searched with wand and almost not allowed on the ride. Another person had on underwire bra and was searched with wand almost didn’t get to ride. We did enjoy the rides but I probably will never go back.

        2. Debbie

          Had a 4 day pass and only used 2 at the parks and one at volcano bay. Had an electric scooter that needed charged and no one could tell me where to go to charge. Then the second day they said there was one by the candy store across from Hogwarts and the outer was tripped and did not work. We could not fill our drinks because ice wasn’t working and most soda was out. Could not find anyone to talk to except people at the rides and most said they were new and couldn’t answer our questions. It was poorly run. We live by cedar point in Ohio and have had much better service.

      2. Mercedes Rodriguez

        We went on Sunday July 11. And had no issues Road rides twice WTF you talking about!

        1. Shari Quinn

          Hi was wondering how you Road, all the rides twice with no issues.. because I went in then end of March or middle of April and Rode all the rides so that’s WTF I’m talking about. Your rude ass mouth acting like people don’t have or shouldn’t have issues when getting to or going to a theme park. Yeah ok. Well from long ass wait lines to get in, to ridiculous wait lines for food because they don’t have enough staff to handle the amount of people, the outrageous prices for food and drink. I mean you pay huge prices to get in then have to wait forever to pay huge prices to eat and drink. When I was there it was same, alot of drink and ice machines were not working, it was still hot when I went. There are alot of problems at these places and people have a right to be upset especially paying the money they do to go to these places. So just because you (Road) the rides twice without any problems I guess it makes you a superstar. I wish I Rode all of the rides twice.. would of been nice. No need to be a rude ass about it.

          1. Patrick

            I went at the end of April and gringotts line was 2 hours!

          2. hillDaniel Liam Hill

            Obviously you don’t know about the single riders line.
            And yeah, every time I go I usually go in every ride twice without issue

        2. Liz Mena

          We rode all the rides too, with no issues. We for back on our favorite rides a second time. No issues.

        3. JMR

          Check dates. By time you went it had been fixed!

        4. Scott

          I agree I went to Disney and Universal. Universal was 100xs better. Disney had the horrible customer service.

      3. JMR

        Sounds just like DCA on June 4th!!

        1. Derp

          I like fun

      4. Davina Thachnana Thach

        We waited as well, and yes I agree very overpriced unless you are from the state. First time there was very disappointed. Even in the fast lane , there was a wait and it was just not as welcoming as I thought it would be I feel like I paid to look around all the sovineers were very expensive lines were horrible. I will never go back!

      5. Carrie

        Totally agree with paula

    2. Christopher Walker

      We were in the same boat. We went from 5/30 – 6/2. It was PAINFULLY clear that Universal had upped their capacity but not their staffing. From no ice, outrageous lines in restaurants just to get drinks, no staff in many locations, food/drink kiosks simply closed, arbitrarily changing the closing times one day, etc. We had a good time despite the lack of customer service. When I tried to express my displeasure with Universal’s customer care folks, I was met with deafening silence.

      1. Jessica Wilson

        Same thing with us!!!! It was HORRIBLE! Missed our reservations for lunch 2 days in a row, and couldn’t get back for our souvenirs!

        1. Aryam Gomez

          Right now they’re short staffed pretty much nobody wants to work because they got unemployment so I don’t know what to say I went there and waited for one hamburger 45 minutes

          1. L

            It’s not true that people do t want to work because of unemployment. Most of these places are staffed in the summer by kids from other countries who weren’t able to travel this year due to Covid. It’s happening at all the tourist destinations

        2. Tiffany Hill Riley

          I was there on July 21 for our first and last trip. We did get to ride 4 rides finally after waiting in line. Half of the fans in line didnt work or wasn’t on. The Simpson ride had us standing in the straight sun going up the ramp for 28 min after weaving through the line in the building for 48 min. It was horrible. The rides after the long waits was fun but as far as being worth the money I spent it was not worth it. If you enjoy spending money on high priced food and cheap souvenirs and walking around in the heat then you will love it. If fun is important then dont waste your time.

        3. Phil Panfili

          Had the same experience. Have gone every two years for last 10 years. Will not go back, Left many negative reviews on Google. Worse vacation ever.

          1. Liam Hill

            Wow, you really showed them with that negative review

      2. Aryam Gomez


      3. Cheryl Mills

        We went in April and had a wonderful time. Wait times were average and staff was polite and helpful. I look forward to going back.

      4. Ken

        Maybe they weren’t staffed because lazy ass couch potatoes were sitting on that unemployment govt cheese. Ever think of that? Of course not.

        Universal has been working hard to get staff levels back to par and is making major progress in this regard.

        So yeah things were rough at times but Universal is working hard to accomodate. They are getting there.

    3. Kristine

      My son and I went during our vacation 6/5-6/14. When we went to universal on 6/11, we spent an hour and a half stuck in traffic just trying to park.

      1. Kenitha Ferguson

        I hope this is fixed b4 our Vacation 8/15-21 and it’s 30 of Us

        1. Michael Johnson

          We went today. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly

        2. Raquel

          We went during spring/Easter break we stayed at their portofino bay hotel which was wonderful! We got to ride every ride and do everything there at least once. We got early admission as well as free water taxis to and from city walk! If they were at capacity we were still allowed in because we stayed at one of their hotels! We did not wait long because of the express passes. It went so smoothly and my son and husband who are big Harry Potter fans LOVED it there! We fell in love with the universal parks and resort! Can’t wait to go back!

        3. Dk

          You’ll probably be disappointed planning a 30 person vacation somewhere that is known to be painfully understaffed right now instead of just waiting till parks and tourist areas are better suited for the traffic entering lol

        4. JMR

          I hope you rented a mini-bus to transport all of you. They get better parking.

        5. Dee Real

          Going on 8/7-8/15. It dam sho better be fixed!!!!

    4. Deb Winters

      We were there the week of June 3rd,
      My Granddaughter Preformed outside park and then We entered park…
      No problem entering but standing in line to.get a drink was crazy….
      45 minutes and the 1 person working certainly didn’t get in any hurry…
      I missed out on activities w My Granddaughter because I was standing in line to get drinks/snacks.This was Her first trip there and We had to Fundraise to pay for the trip.
      Stood in a line 25 minutes w our group of Girls after being in a 2 hr Dance Session to find out, they had no drinks…and then had to walk to find another snack bar..
      We are close to Dollywood and She has Drink Stations w an attendant…Easy to purchase or refill Cups…
      Water is free
      I can honestly say, Things could be run better..

    5. Aryam

      They are still short-staffed just be patient. I was there two weeks ago July 13th through the 17th and it did suck we had to wait for one hamburger 35 to 40 minutes

      1. Shdow

        I agree. We waited over an hour just to enter the park. The wait lines were crazy!!! The food lines were no better. We’ve gone to Universal for over 20 years and this year was the worst experience we’ve every had. I suggest sneaking food in if you can lol
        we paid right at 100.00 for what was equivalent to a Wendy’s chicken tender meal! will not visit this park again.

    6. Aryam Gomez

      They are still short-staffed just be patient.

      1. Just got home from the most daunting, miserable time in universal! Horrible, paid a fortune and got nothing! If you can pass it up!!

    7. I will never again waste my time going here. Customer service is ridiculous and as everyone stated no ice or water available. Dont even consider getting a souvenir unless you hit the lottery because everything is extremely over priced. I will continue my Busch Gardens Williamsburg with my money…..

      1. Angie

        Yeah same nightmare at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as of last weekend. It was so amazing during covid restrictions though!

    8. Harvey

      I agree totally with this. We went a couple of weeks ago and most of the workers are rude and act like they don’t want to be there. We did come across a few that were very polite. They expect you to know the rules of each ride, whether or not you are allowed to carry a bag on the ride, even though there is no signs posted. Even after you go through the gate and are searched you still get searched before you can ride certain rides. One person in our group had a belt on with metal buckle and knee supports on that had metal and they were searched with wand and almost not allowed on the ride. Another person had on underwire bra and was searched with wand almost didn’t get to ride. We did enjoy the rides but I probably will never go back.

    9. earl

      My wife and I chose to go to aruba instead of going to Universal again paid less money and stayed 4 days with airfare and hotels what a beautiful island Universal studios is way overpriced and the people are correct the lines are way to long and the souvenirs are stupidity priced

  2. Tammy

    We were resort guests and checked out yesterday. We took advantage of early admission and decided to leave around 10:20 to start the drive home. As we started walking towards the parking garage from City Walk we could see the enormous amount of people waiting to get in and the huge lines of cars still waiting to park. It was insane! We’ve never seen anything like it.

    1. Jennifer S Rockefeller

      I visited with my kids between July 17 through 20. Stayed at a resort on site. Got a shuttle to the parks each morning. The wait to enter City Walk was maybe 30 minutes if that. First two mornings we got there about 9:30am. Third morning we got there about 10:30am. We enjoyed every minute there! Was so fun.

      1. Jennifer

        Oh and by the way, your article said you got in the park at 11:45pm?!?!? Uhhhhh typo!! I think you meant 11:45am. Lol.

        1. George J Terplan

          No, they spent all day in line! It’s a great time at the park lol.

        2. Scott

          Starting to think i was the Only One who Noticed this…

        3. HQU

          I just went a few days ago and it was nice. Wasn’t too hot, and was able to get on all the rides (including VelociCoaster) within an hour. Longest wait was the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at 55 minutes. Wonder what possessed everyone to go today. Disney was very busy too

      2. Marita

        We waited about 2 hrs just to get in. Between parking and picking up our passes. It was a little crazy.

        1. Ricky

          There are a Lot of good tips and tricks that people share on YouTube. If I may suggest, instead of waiting in line to purchase tickets at the park, purchase them online and print off your ticket so you can skip the purchase line. It seems to me that half the “trouble” of getting in the park is trying to get tickets the day you get there. The Universla website feels very friendly and accommodating. Just my thought.

      3. Lbj

        We were literally there this past Monday the 19th of July. It was a terrible experience and waits were ridiculous. And the weather thing they do is a little over dramatic. The sun could be bright and hot as hell and they will shut the rides down. I get it but atleast let the lightning be visual before closing everything. Someone said earlier you Pay all that money to walk around and wait for extreme periods of time. I absolutely agree. There needs to be a better system and that drink thing is a pain in the ass too. Not worth the price for those cups and drink stations not working. Too hot for that

    2. Paula

      No maps, no customer service. Multiple Drink Refill machines had either NO ICE or NO CO2. Staff could not fix and so we were hot and thirsty. Very overpriced. You pay just to end up walking around. Souvenirs and food are not priced for a family to afford.

      1. Nikki Moett

        Having my aunt and cousin was in a wheel chair and it helped out alot we parked on the 1st floor we skipped the entire 2 hour line to get in and we were able to get 2 scheduled fast passes to ride all the rides we desired. We enjoyed ourselves but remember wear a mask 😷. We had no problems with the drink machines and we didn’t go really had to wait on the food for to long. I must agree the ppl that work there isn’t the friendliest but I understand. You just have to be patient.

    3. Vicki

      My husband and I visited just over a month ago. It was miserable We are in our 70s and standing in line for two hours with absolutely no place to sit was torture for us. Just before entering security we were able to get a wheelchair just so we would have a break from Standing

      1. Amanda LeBlanc

        Yes those are a lifesaver I went in March with my 24 year old daughter, I would never go at this stage in my life but my daughter begged, I had a heart attack in October, but being able to rent a wheelchair was nice they are $50 but opt in for the top for $25 more dollars. But by the time you figure 75 dollars for wheelchair and almost 200 for your ticket, and you only rode 2 rides, not worth it. I said I had enough to Last me 2 lifetimes, lol.

  3. Amanda

    We were just there a few days ago and I still maintain that I don’t care how much it costs, valet is worth it.

    1. Paul

      Yesssss. And With an annual pass I found out today valet parking is pretty cheap so when I do go back it will definitely be valet I will not do a repeat of today!

      1. Brad

        We were at Universal July 16-18 and at Disney July 19-22. I will say universal is miles ahead of Disney in customer service. The crowds were insane at both parks but Universal had it figured out with all but the food. The longest we waited in line was for the velocicoaster and that was maybe 40 mins. All of the decent rides at Disney were over an hour wait some approaching 3 hours!! Every park is having staffing issues because of the free federal unemployment benefits and they can’t find enough workers.

    2. John

      How does valet parking help get in faster?

      1. Nikita

        You’re closer to everything. Saves the long walks from the parking garage.

  4. Sue

    Well more people are going Bc the government is giving people money to stay home and child credit and etc. so al that money people are spending it at the theme parks. People would sooner go the the parks then pay there rent.

    1. Michael

      I’d love to see the source of the BS floating in your head. Are we talking actual anecdotal evidence or just pure talking point nonsense?

      1. Tracy

        Pure talking point nonsense

      2. Jae

        Ditto Michael. These people & their judge mental attitudes kill me. They probably can’t name one person who can actually validate their “theory”!

    2. Peg

      Holy moly! Geez – I hope You don’t have any children.. It is difficult to think of how sad and hateful someone must be to immediately jump to these conclusions!

    3. Gernsie B

      Ha.. Good God. I can’t wait to share this misguided comment in one of my sarcastic FB groups… of which there are some quality ones, but Burn Book is the best. Just sayin..

    4. Sarcastic Sam

      You’re right Sue! I’ve been enjoying all the free money they give me. I bought premium annual passes at Universal and Disney and Universal. This is the life! You keep workin’ girl so I can enjoy my life!

    5. Chrissi

      Really, is that what they are doing?? It’s not that it’s summertime in Orlando and this is what people do…come here and go to theme parks?

    6. Andy

      Another clueless Republican who can’t spell.

    7. Sky

      Its true, we are under staffed and the workers we do have are over worked. This is joe bidens build back better! Enjoy everyone

    8. Q

      I don’t mean to be rude or anything but In my opinion it shouldn’t matter what source a family uses to pay for the trip. And if some people did use “stimulus” or credit money so….. It has been tough for everyone, so I feel if you are able to use any type of money you have to enjoy life a little, to laugh and in alot of cases enjoy a new adventure, by all means DO IT! Enjoy Life by all means..

      1. Jean Willwerth

        To Q
        I totally agree with you. It shouldn’t matter how people pay for their trips. Enjoy life while your still on this planet. Go!!!! go!!! go!!! go!!!

  5. Paul

    I’m a pass holder I live in Tampa, I go to one of the Disney or universal parks every week on Wednesday it’s my day off. I Was there today it took us about an hour 15 mins to get in which is a first for me. Disappointing wait times for all attractions were absolutely ridiculous up to 120 minutes on several 90 minutes on some and 70 minutes on most not worth it standing in the dead heat. Hagrid‘s motorbike adventure now using the virtual queue we got in the queue as soon as we got in the park we had three hours to wait before we were able to enter the line, then with delays our time entering the line got pushed back three different times then delayed for weather which it never rain and when they open back up the virtual queue we were signed up for was gone and tried to get back in and it was full for the rest of the day my friends from out of state were super disappointing. Not a great day at the parks And even though I have an annual pass, because of the disaster lines and complete cluster trying to get into the park today, I really have no desire to return the rest of the summer.

  6. LS

    We went in May and the experience was horrible. Everywhere we went within Universal had long lines averaging 1 hour or more.

  7. Geoff G

    We booked a vacation in August and will be staying at an Airbnb. We will be going during the week, Wednesday Thursday and then Saturday. Hopefully during the week it will be slow and short lines.

    1. Nik

      There will NOT be short lines in August. I don’t
      want you to have your hopes up for that.

    2. Nikita

      Unfortunately the week days don’t matter, get there when they open & you might
      have should’ve gotten a resort for the speed pass & food card. I paid extra for that & resorts have shuttles to avoid the Long parking lines.

  8. We went in December. There were so many people that you couldn’t move never mind trying to get on a ride or food concession. NEVER again !! EVER !!! ALL PARKS. !

    1. Pepe

      Same here they changed workers look not. That same lazy and rude good luck universal..

  9. Jennifer Goldizen

    We just got back and had a blast! We had never been before so my husband and I took our 4 kids. Wait lines were average and we got in pretty quickly. About half hour. Would definitely go back!

  10. Michelle Eng

    Me and my husband went to Universal Orlando on July 6th and we got through security really quickly and there wasn’t a long line but we got there early around 8am before the park even opened

  11. Michelle Eng

    Me and my husband went to Universal Orlando on July 6th and we got through security really quickly and there wasn’t any long lines. We got there early around 8am before the park even opened up.

  12. Gina

    We got there at 10 am wait was way too long. I wanted to leave but my husband didn’t since we had already waited 2 hours. The park was so packed and lines were way too long. We used to be pass holders and loved this place. It was not worth my time or money to ride 3 rides. Worst time ever. We will not go back again. All these theme parks are getting ridiculous.

    1. Barb

      It’s your own fault that you had to wait in long lines-what do you expect when you arrive to a theme park at 10am??

      1. Shari Quinn

        Why don’t you just stop being rude, yeah ok they got there late, all I see is your rude mouth every time someone makes a comment about not being happy or having a good experience. It doesn’t matter what time you get there, all the parks are way over prices, under staffed, the staff are rude, food is ridiculously over priced I mean it’s not that you pay enough to get in, but then pay what you have to for those outrageous food and drink prices. You’re going to wait in line no matter what time you get there, depending on time of year it will be less or more of a wait, but if someone is not happy, and they decide they do not want to go back because of a bad experience why do you always have to chime in with your mouthy comments? Everyone has their thing, and it’s their decision whether they want to go back or not, so why don’t you just shut it with your rude ass mouth ok? Ok..

    2. Brenda

      I just came back from there and it was CROWDED! But I used the Orlando shuttle and waltzed right in to the queue for the metal detectors. About 30-45 minutes. The rides were at most 70 min when I was there.

      1. Uridiots

        Everyone all crowded together like there’s no CoVID surge the worst in the country here in FL…. I love that for us… 🙄

        1. Shari Quinn

          Shut up. People have to get out, people have to get on with their lives and do things, everyone has been locked down for too long and enough is enough. We need to get out and start living our lives again. I’m not letting “covid19” keep me from doing what I want to do, sorry..

  13. Kristin

    This review is so poorly written and offers no real insight.

  14. Allison

    We’re going in about a week on a Monday. We plan to be there before it opens so hopefully not a long wait. I’m not advertising but I have used an app in the past (I pay a small fee) and it gives me the best way to do rides. Has worked well in the past and am using it again this time.

    1. Lisa

      What app are you using? I’m going soon too. Thanks

  15. Brenda

    I just came back from there and it was CROWDED! But I used the Orlando shuttle and waltzed right in to the queue for the metal detectors. About 30-45 minutes. The rides were at most 70 min when I was there.

  16. Floridian

    Just Disney fans commenting negatively as usual. I go all the time and I’m in and out of security and attraction times are totally acceptable. Universal employees are very accommodating and friendly. Sorry Disney fans Universal is still the better park. Value and entertainment second to none!

    1. HQU

      Based. Universal definitely has more entertainment value. Rise of the Resistance is the only good Disney ride. Everything else feels lackluster. Slinky Dog Dash has nothing on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, MIB excels compared to Buzz Lightyear Star Command, and even the baby coaster at the respective parks (Barnstormer, Flight of the Hippogriff) are more thrilling at Universal.

  17. Joshua

    My son and I just got back from Orlando we went July 16th and 17th. I used the express pass on the 16th. And parking wasn’t really all that bad we use prime parking though got us in quicker. And using the express pass the lines weren’t that bad for the first day. Second day we still got there early again use prime parking didn’t have a problem there. But the lines were starting to get a lot longer we rode the rides we missed yesterday. It was expensive but my son and I had a great time.

  18. Mary

    My husband, daughter and I visited on June 15th and will never visit again. It took us over an hour to get from the exit of I4 just to pay for parking. At one point we waited 15 minutes in line at a hot dog stand only to be told when we got to the head of the line that she was out of hot dogs. We waited almost 2 hours for a table and then another 30 minutes for our food. When our food was delivered I mentioned that we had ordered beverages. I was told they would come separately. After 20 minutes I went looking for an employee to request my drinks. Crowds were not managed very well. We enjoyed 4 attractions between 11 am and 9 pm. Not a very enjoyable day.

  19. Mely

    Went in April and had the best time! Everyone was very helpful! Hogwarts was amazing and the people working were wonderful. Weather was amazing, yes some rides lines were long but it expected and nothing to get angry over. I downloaded the Universal app and it actually had a map on there which is great 👍🏽! I enjoyed universal so much and will be going back!

  20. Tracy

    We went the second week in June on a Monday and arrived around 9am. The lines were not long and my kids were in the park in less than 30 minutes. The rides were not that long. They were able to ride a lot of rides. Glad we went when we did.

  21. Kimberly A Conkle

    1030-1145 is not two hours… way to exaggerate

    1. UO Fan

      Article said they arrived to park at 10:00 and in CityWalk at 11:45. Seems very reasonable that it would take another 15 minutes to traverse CityWalk and gain entrance into one of the Parks.

  22. Jeff

    We will be going on the 17th of August for 5 days. First time at Universal and hoping to have a great(but hot) time! I’ve been to Disney, this is my first time for Universal. Hopefully it will not be massively crowded and some kids will be back in school by then I think.

  23. Suni

    I wonder why?? Most people don’t wear the MASK!! Wating for 2 hours is not worth it!

    1. Anme

      I am at universal right now went on Tuesday roads not to bad yeasterday was busier but stay on grounds in hotel that you get fast pass no wait over 10 minutes only one was 20 minutes went to volcano bay today bought premium seats and fast pass it was hot but great yes it’s expensive but if going on vacation I just try to make as easy as possible going to Disney tomorrow and hope they do as well as universal

  24. Kelli A Flanders

    I was at Universal Studios on Thursday 7/8 and Islands of Adventure on Sunday 7/11. It took us over an hour to get in to the park on Thursday. It was a pleasure going on Sunday. It took us about 15 min to get into the park. If it’s possible go on Sunday, we were able to ride over 12 rides that day compared to the 5 rides we were able to ride on Thursday.

  25. S.

    Not really a big surprise. Travel is up everywhere. After months of being forced to stay at home, people are definitely going to get out and book vacations. It will settle down some eventually, it may take a while though. I know it can be annoying, but it is actually a good thing that people are out in force again. It is good for the job market and good for people’s mental and physical health.

    1. Kiki

      There’s still a pandemic…you will be right back in the house come September bc you wanted to have some “fun”. This pandemic really exposed how selfish ppl are

      1. S.

        Wow, how long do you want life to be messed up? This handful of people who get so angry that things are going back to normal really mystifies me. Now that Covid has worked its way through so much of the population, we are at a mortality rate comparable to the Flu. We don’t bring life to a complete halt for that why would we do it for this? Follow the science…

  26. Nicole Coy

    I’m here today July 22nd, we got here at 9:45 and it was quick and efficient getting in. We also visited July 17th and it was still not long, 30 minutes maybe. Although ride times are extremely long 70+ minutes my experience getting in was not long at all.

  27. M

    You want COVID? Because this is how you get COVID.

    1. Uridiots

      Exactly!!! Cases here skyrocketing!! Break through cases as well. I am dumbfounded at the … Dumbness

    2. N.

      Look everbody, I found the troll.

    3. HQU

      Went to both Universal and Disney in the last week and still don’t have it while remaining unvaccinated 😉

  28. Jeremy

    I am going in November by then hopefully the crowds will be down and it be better with kids in school and parents working

  29. Sharon Anderson

    It was terrible we wanted to return at another day due to the storm had hit Florida “Flo” and was still told that we couldn’t because the others of the group had already went into the park.

  30. Rita

    I was very surprised that they do not offer scotters for handi-cap visitors only wheel chairs.
    I had trouble moving around the city walk.
    Was not able to enjoy my visit to the park.


      You have to rent a wheelchair with a top 75 a day without a top 50 dollars a day I was just there in March 2021.

  31. R

    I was very surprised that they do not offer scotters for handi-cap visitors only wheel chairs.
    I had trouble moving around the city walk.
    Was not able to enjoy my visit to the park.

  32. Anthony Pinder

    Yes it’s crowded and hot!!! It took about an hour after arriving at 9:30. I don’t think I’ll visit again during the summer. Can’t wait until I retire in 2 years so I can travel in the spring or fall.

  33. Theresa

    It was super busy on a Wednesday. Thank goodness we had our tix already. Since we waited 40 minutes to get in at 9am.
    Ride waits were an hour at least. Times were off. But I think it has to do with fast passes.. No room to walk in Harry Potter areas. Won’t be doing that again.

  34. Jessica

    We went last week, and stayed at a Universal Resort. We arrived at the security checkpoint on Monday at 8am and walked right in. We arrived at 9:30am on Tuesday and had to wait about 15 minutes. We used the shuttle so we didn’t have to park. The longest wait in line we experienced was 15 minutes, but we had the Express Pass unlimited. The regular lines at the same time were anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes. (Except one time the Hulk wait time said 999 in the app). This was our family’s first Universal trip, we are lifelong Disney people, it was different but still a lot of fun. We will go back, but ONLY with an unlimited express pass.

  35. Latoya

    I visited Universal with my kids during Fourth of July weekend. This article is shocking to me. We never had a long wait to get in and we visited several times while we were there. The one time we waited to get through security it was only about 10 mins. We loved every bit of our trip!!

  36. Yahno

    And this photo is so many reasons why I go to Disney. This would never happen there… and the clientele… scary 😬 So ghetto.

  37. Perla

    We visited back in mid June for the first time ever. We were so excited to visit but left in utter disappointment. We waited over an hour to get in, over 2 hours in line for one ride, then over an hour and half to get something to eat. Then it started raining so all rides in island of adventure shut down. So we ended up heading home early. It is overly priced for a family of four and there’s no way I was going to pay an additional $900 for front of the line passes. I did voice my disappointment but no response yet. Needless to say…we will NEVER go back.

  38. Shantrese M Skidmore

    I went yesterday to the Harry Potter exhibit and the lines were just as long but what I noticed was faster for us is that we stayed at a hotel where the shuttle accommodated us to the park and also pay for tickets online watch bumped us all the way to the front of the lines just a FYI

  39. D

    I’m glad we went in May it was beautiful. Crowd’s not bad at all…

  40. Christine Jones

    I’m sorry Universal Studios is not worth the money . I went on Tuesday July 20th and paid $467.00 for 3 people and it was not worth the money I spent on the tickets plus parking hardly and good rides anymore you do more walking around looking at things than anything else this place should be ashamed of them selves

  41. Mr Paul Tyson

    Thanks for letting us know about this, but we still cannot visit from the UK, international borders are still shut

  42. Ricky

    Just pointing out something kind of funny. Arrived at the parking garage at 10 am and finally got through security at 11:45 P.M. <— (which is 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours and 45 minutes After the park closes) Ok, now onto a serious note. We are from out of state and stayed at one of the budget hotels on Universal property. This gives the park guests an advantage of entering the park an hour before the general public, Take Full Advantage Of That!
    I'm just curious, has any local residence ever stayed at one of the hotels just to get that early access? If you live close enough to the park, have you taken an Uber to the hotel, so you don't have to pay for parking at the hotel?
    There are several busses that take guests from surfside and dockside (where we stayed) to get them to the park well before 8am. I believe the first bus left before 7am and early access doesn't open till 8am. and I'm sure the same goes for the premium hotels as well.
    For season pass holders, or general public trying to get in at 9am, is it worth getting there at 7am, or earlier, to wait for the 9am opening? I would say yes, but it is not feasible for me to be a season pass holder as I am from Nebraska and flights are expensive. Would it be better to wait till 10am or 11am to go to the park, to help avoid the opening rush? And for those of you who have season passes and can go to the park whenever, like after work for a couple of hours and every weekend, take advantage of that! Get bored of going so many times, start vlogging your trips, or blog your tips and tricks. There are so many of us that our trip will, more than likely, be a once in a lifetime trip. We stayed for a week, two weeks ago, and I'm ready to go back!
    As a one time trip person, I can't offer any advice other than get there early, because as you know, it is completely worth it!
    Sorry for the rambling book, but my inner child came out when we were there and for those of you lucky enough to be season pass holders, take full advantage of that!

  43. Shana

    I went to Universal on July 1. Got there pretty early, because you need to. Avoided a long wait in line. Got parking right away, and went through with my ticket at 8:55 a.m. as the 5th person in line. Ended up going to King’s Cross Station with a 10 minute wait. (When we came back from Hogsmeade, the wait was only 15 min). Did everything we wanted to do in the park, and left at 2, just before the rains came. I packed snacks and bottles of water, but my family and I went to the Leaky Cauldron, and only waited 15 minutes to get seated. The food was really good. After wandering It was hot and humid, but it’s July, pretty normal for this time of year. It was my family’s first visit to this theme park. I think next time I’ll go during a much less crowded time of year, when the weather is better. Locals told me March is a good time to go.

  44. Karla

    Thank goodness we missed this rush!we went June 29th and smooth entry no wait jus lines for the rides were about 30 or 40 minutes. Overall it was great time there and at all the Disney parks that week. Even the rain which v was everyday could not damper Disney’s wonderful experience!

  45. Susan F

    We are going next week and staying at the Double Tree across the street without a car. Has anyone else done this? I keep hearing complaints about the parking, but I’m just wondering what the current conditions are for those of us walking or shuttling in.

  46. Joshua King

    My family of 4 where there this week. We bought over 1800 dollars worth of annual passes. We found the crowd large and unruly. The parks seem dirty when compared to Disney. We also found all the drink stations empty of ice or soda.

  47. Kelly

    This was my first time to universal studios and will be my last not only was the customer service horrible but the food package was changed on us after purchasing same issue with the drink machines and that’s not even the worse part worse part was that my son who has autism was kicked off a ride because of his soothing motions they assumed my son was being forced to ride a ride he didn’t want to not at all the case I’m a mother of five and have never forced my children to do anything they are not comfortable with I thought this issue to not only be a form of discrimination on my son and his disability but beyond disrespectful assuming his parents would force him to do something he was not comfortable with when I spoke with customer service they chalked it up to they are short staffed and swore that things are never this way when fully staffed I have never experienced such disgraceful customer service in my life

  48. Jessica

    Have any of you people been back to your local parks since the pandemic? They are problems keeping up cuz it’s so hot. There is nothing any staff can do to fix the machines and in case you haven’t heard there are shortages of workers and the CO2 company can’t keep up with demand. Not the employees fault. Come on people what theme park is cheap on food or drinks? NONE! Use your brains people come on.

  49. My family visited Disney and Universal the July 4th weekend. Wait times weren’t excessive, barely a wait if any, certain things and attractions aren’t open or at full capacity just yet, and we went to City walk around 2:00pm stopping by to grab food/watch a movie on the way home. No excessive wait and parking wasn’t a problem. It was also on a weekday. My advice: the earlier you arrive, the odds that everyone else isn’t there yet or is on their way. Leave early no matter where you plan to go, and plan for the unexpected including Florida’s unpredictable weather!

  50. We were there June 15 – 19 & stayed at the Dockside hotel. It was a great vacation no problems getting in or out. Also some rides had long wait times but we expected that. I purchased a Snack pass meal and that was a good choice. The only real issue we ran into was at the airport, 1 1/2 hours wait to check our luggage. Good thing our shuttle ride picked us up 3 hours before our flight. Getting thru security took about 5 minutes. My sister & family left that same evening & had no problems checking their bags.

  51. Leigh

    I went in 4/28/21 we needed a handicap pass for help with assistance for my daughter who is Autistic. We waited in line to get a handipass for 3 hrs after waiting 2hrs to get in. I have a service dog when we got in the gentleman I’ll call him asked me if she was a service dog #1 yes and#2 what she performs which are both legal. I answered both he said that’s not good enough. And was refusing entry so after arguing and waiting even further WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW FOR HIM TO EVEN AH FOR MORE INFORMATION Thier own website states Thier own rules which also state this and other rules they have etc they are to follow. At that point they were only open for 7hrs. Then you give them a pass they sign a piece of paper you go back and wait in line for another 30-45 minutes. So I paid universal to be harassed about my disability and stand in line. We spoke to the universal team about the issues we encountered they said they would take to their team about being sensitive to disabilities. The line to get the passes for the 25 people standing in line 2 open gates for help.

  52. Michael

    We were there in June. The security screening made getting into the park way longer than it needed to be. 2 lanes for everyone coming in was a joke. Then, having to wait 2 hours to get ANYTHING to eat was absolutely ridiculous. It’s gonna be a hard sell to return.

  53. Ka-Tee Heath

    It’s very rediculous that all the money they take in that the waiting needs to stop it’s senseless. Asking 165 dollars per person and have to cook in the heat at the same time come on y’all get it together…

  54. Federico Montealegre

    I went there july 14 was orrible.many ride’s was close no shows lines so big more than 1 hour I don’t think so I’ll go back

  55. Jessica

    We visited on July 15th. We got there at 9:30 and waited about an hour to get in, not horrible. Pay the extra for the speed pass if possible, that’s the only way it’s even possible to go on every ride and we left at closing! Also, download the app, there’s a map with gps location that allows you to see where you are now and plan your day and get wait times for rides; super easy to use. Drink cups are worth it I think, we must have filled ours dozens of times and the machines were working fine when we went.

  56. I have been to Universal multiple times and have never had one single problem. It’s our favorite theme park. We went on Christmas Day once and it was super crowded and we still had a great experience.

  57. Karen l Disciullo

    We waited over 2 hours to upgrade our ticket to use both parks here. Then to wait almost 2 hours per ride was insanity, only 3 windows open to help people. When you have a drunk couple at one of those windows arguing about the prices of the tickets, that couple should have been moved on they were at the window for 45 minutes, allowing only 2 windows to service over 100 people in line. Insanity we definitely won’t be rushing to come back to these 2 parks.

  58. Karen l Disciullo

    We waited over 2 hours to upgrade our ticket to use both parks here. Then to wait almost 2 hours per ride was insanity, only 3 windows open to help people. When you have a drunk couple at one of those windows arguing about the prices of the tickets, that couple should have been moved on they were at the window for 45 minutes, allowing only 2 windows to service over 100 people in line. Insanity we definitely won’t be rushing to come back to these 2 parks. We drove here from Massachusetts. June 29th thru July 12th we visited Florida

  59. Shari Quinn

    Reading alot of these comments I will agree that it’s expensive to get passes to these theme parks, and for the money that we pay to get in there should be a better system in place especially when they have their busiest times of the year. They do need to do something about their staffing. Alot of rude little A$#$%.. which honestly I don’t pay that kind of money to get into somewhere to be treated like that. If you don’t like your job, go somewhere else.
    The other thing I see is so many people batching about wait times for rides. Seriously what do you think you’re going to do? Go in and be able to just get on a ride? You all know before going to these places that there will be long wait times for rides, some ALOT longer than others. And there is nothing that the park or it’s employees can do about that. So I don’t get why so many of you are complaining about omg the wait time on rides was ridiculous. You plan your vacation to these places full well knowing that this is how it’s going to be, but here you are complaining about how long at each park you had to wait for the rides. Invest in some jump passes you get ahead of lines alot quicker. It’s more expensive but if you’re going to complain you may as well buy the passes so you don’t have to wait as long. Everything right now is so busy, with vacation, and things just really starting to open up and trying to somewhat get back to a normality. People want out, people need out, and to do things. So yes there will be lots of people and long wait times for rides.
    If you don’t want to wait to get into somewhere, or wait to ride the rides here’s an idea, Go camping. No lines, no wait times lol. You won’t have to deal with anything..
    Bring on the comments…

    1. Victor

      We went July 15th to universal. Waited 200 minutes for the minion ride. Eventually so got on all the rides but it took us from 11am to 9pm to do it. Price I paid for two part day to ticket fit 6 people was $1500. They wanted $180 for a speed pass.

      1. Stephanie Walker

        My family and I went on Father’s Day. We got there around 8am and we were able to ride the rides twice pretty much all day!! I think the longest we waited in line was about 1hr and that was around 5-6 pm. We were super excited and ready to go back!!!

  60. That’s why you should have went to SeaWorld. All day dining and drinks on the hour. Great for the kids, and no long wait times if you get there at 9 am. We went 3x’s within a 3 week period. Had a amazing time.

  61. I will never again waste my time going here. Customer service is ridiculous and as everyone stated no ice or water available. Dont even consider getting a souvenir unless you hit the lottery because everything is extremely over priced. I will continue my Busch Gardens Williamsburg with my money…..

  62. Demetrice

    Me and my family were there July 7, 8, and 10th. Ride waits were long. Barely got to ride a ride once so twice was out the question for us. Express passes were 252.00 per person so that was out the question considering the amount of money you pay to even get in. Refillable cups were overpriced. We got two cups for 34.00 and then had to pay 10.00 per cup to use them again the next day and refills and machines were not working in a lot of places. Food prices and souvenir prices were ridiculous. I purchased a meal plan which once I got there I realized that wasn’t worth it. One meal per person for one day and the kids menu was very limited. I misunderstood what I purchased because I thought it was one meal per day… I paid like it was one meal per day.. Beautiful place but it’s very pricey and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Kids like to ride and keep moving. Having them be patient in that heat is hard… it was a great experience for my kids to have to say they have been there but I’m just not sure if I feel as if I got my money’s worth.

  63. JMR

    Looking now at all comments, realize this is Florida, not California. Course ours is just as bad. 🙁

  64. Joshua Garnel

  65. Ashley

    Clearly half the people in this thread don’t work Customer Service jobs and have no understanding of the struggles businesses are facing. We can’t hire people because everyone wants their Unemployment, we can’t get CO2 in most locations due to shortages, same with food items as well. Business lost tons of money due to the closures and the exsorbent prices are in order to maintain the fun and demands that you expect. Some things are out of their control. Please have patience and understand that it isn’t the Team Members fault.
    No I don’t work for Universal but I do work for a Family Entertainment Center and we are facing the same issues.

  66. VDog

    3 factors currently going on that obviously do NOT make for a good combination at these parks:
    1.Businesses are still having a hard time hiring for whatever reason people are not looking for work like before..so understaffed.
    2.these businesses are trying hard as possible to recoup for the losses they took while closed, so allowing as much capacity as they can through the gates..
    3. People are desperately trying to get back to outdoor normal life, so they are going through those gates as long as they are not turned away.. which will not happen because see #2.
    ** I’ve been to knotts berry farm recently and can also confirm the same exact issues above. Packed with people, understaffed, and 2 1/2 hour lines for rides! Yeeeesh

  67. Quanna Moody

    I had to pay all that money to get in Just ride three ride Because the wait time for For the ride was two hours long. The food line was just ridiculous

  68. Chris

    We went June 11th and the staff were very rude. The entire park seems so disorganized. Loved The Wizarding World and will go back just to be able to explore it again but now I know how to manage my expectations. I guess we got spoiled with Disney service. We joked that if Walt Disney World was Chick-fil-A then Universal Studios was Burger King.

  69. Alexandra

    We went to Universal and Island of Adventure yesterday overall we had a blast. I am a pass holder and I used to live in the area and waiting times before and after pandemic is pretty much the same: popular rides up to 90 minutes other rides 30-45 depending on the season, Summer time is a high season. I agree about over priced food and parking. Regular parking used to be $10 and vip $25 now is $26 and $50 food extremely expensive a bacon cheeseburger with fries and drink $20, refill cups $15 and not really unlimited drinks after few refills the drinks fountains stop this cup. One employee extremely rude majority of them extremely nice and helpful. I’ll go back to all parks.

  70. Amanda

    Was there with my family 3 weeks ago! Agree with the person who said you pay just to walk around. We went to Volcano bay. The lines with security checks went smoothly and since we had our tickets printed early saved us time there also. However, it went down hill from there. Volcano bay requires guest to wear a watch, can’t remember the name of it, but you rub your watch on a totem to the ride your wanting to ride and it puts you in que to that ride. When it’s your turn, you will get an alert from your watch and you can return to the ride with limited amount of wait. However, it doesn’t work very well…. There was thunder in the area so they kept shutting the rides down, even though we couldn’t hear it from the park. During the times it was open they had close the rapids lazy river for two hours because they said there was a dead bird in the water and had to wait till the water levels were right….? Which was insane…. there was one guy there that would fill a test tube with the water.. in reality it would take longer than 2 hours to change any level with that amount of water. But anyway, the big ride, the Krakatau kept getting delayed because of technical issues. Originally, an hour and half wait turned into a 3 hour wait. When we finally got the notification that we can ride the ride we still had to wait in line for an hour, it was shut down twice for technical issues while we were in line. Food and drink lines were crazy long, no maps in park, totems hard to find, rides hard to pronounce and hard to find. Map, if your lucky to find one was hard to read. Locker stations look EXACTLY the same so hard to find the one your locker is in. Felt like walking in circles the whole time we were there. Was there all day and rode two rides. Defintely not worth waisting a day of vacation for! The watch thing would work if they had an interactive map that you could touch you watch to the ride instead of having to find the ride, find the totem, get zapped in, leave to have find the ride again when your wait time was over. First Universal Park I’ve visited and glad we went to the cheaper of the three to see how they do their parks. Will not be back

  71. Erika

    I went July 12 and I didn’t had no problem Of the line only problem was waiting for line for rides

  72. Jeremy

    So y’all complaining about the wait time and all the stuff that’s happening at the university studio. Did you forget we are still in the pandemic and people are not going to work. Because they have unemployment or 2 they don’t want to be around nasty people who don’t want to wear masks. It still kills me even if this world was setting on fire all you people will still be trying to do is go to the beach and party and try to have fun when you should be doing something productive. So if you know this place is overcrowded don’t complain shut up and go through it. Because at a time like this you pay for what you get.

  73. Nancy

    We went 3 week ago.. ( juli 13)
    Lines were between 30 min and 90 min.
    But if you arrive early you can enjoy most of the rides because lines are shorter.
    About the.soda.machines
    They run out of ice so fast. But even though is worth it to buy al least one cup.
    Do no carry all the souvenirs you got, they can send it to the store that is at the entrance of universal an at the end of the day you just pick them up.

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