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  1. Jennifer caudillo

    Aww will be there on the 2nd of August ??

  2. Christine Jones

    My family went to Universal Studios on Tuesday July 20th , 2021 and my husband contracted the Covid 19 from someone inside the park I
    . My entire family is sick now we will never go back

    1. Marc

      Probably a good idea to vaccinate your family before going to a park with 1000s of people. What did u expect?

  3. Mshazel26

    I will be at Universal August 30th and 31st. Luckily the attractions I am most interested in are not closed.

  4. Lora Bunch

    Aww, will be there Aug.19-22 . Hope is available for my kids.

  5. Lora Bunch

    Aww, will be there Aug 19-22. Hope things will get better. My kids looking forward for this trip.

  6. Jameelah

    Oh wow! My family will be there August 27-SEP 2.
    This will be our first time going! Im hoping to have a wonderful experience!

  7. Jay Gillespie

    The idea of limited capacity does not make sense if they are limiting open attractions. Less people in the park but let’s at the same time squeeze them all together. (While standing in line to minions mayhem)

    1. Tammi

      The park has been at full capacity since mid-June.

  8. Tammi

    We were so disappointed in the Discovery center when we were thete a couple of weeks ago. It sucks that it’s now the exit for the roller coaster. When we were there pre-covid it was a great place to explore and cool off. Now soooo many people are there and the doors are open so it’s definitely not cool. I hope after the renovation it will be a fun place to go again.

  9. Trudy

    Went to Epcot a week ago to enjoy the Food & Wine fest and give my tween niece her first trip to Disney. I’m local & she’s not. Many rides closed due to inclement weather couldn’t be helped, wall of construction for new rides created detours & extra walking, no more Club Cool, and then only 3-4 of the festival booths were open (cast member said due to lighting/weather). Definitely did not get my money’s worth that day.

  10. Ester Hope

    I will be there on August 5th-7th?

  11. Jeffrey Campbell

    We will be there from August 17th until August 22nd. Hope to have a lot of fun Covid be damned.

  12. You have say that Volcano Bay is not having a closed attractions but Tai Nui has been closed down for months.

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