Comments for Construction Moves Forward at Highly Anticipated TRON Attraction

tron construction

Both Images: Credit @bioreconstruct


  1. It’s so big. Thanks for the pictures of Tron in relationship to Main Street and the entrance. Really excited about this one. It better have fast pass or virtual cue. Let us know when they have an opening date.

    1. Jeff

      Whew, glad to see the WDW Railroad engine in the concept art. I was worried they’d forgotten about it. Wonder how long until it all comes back together.

  2. SoSo

    You would think Disney could come up with a more engaging experience than a few flashing gates to pass through. I totally love Tron and the sequel which i thought was really cool…and the idea of a third where the programs escape to the real world…sounds like would have been a great concept. Rectify!!

  3. Jeannette Sanchez

    I’m so Excited for Tron: Lightcycle run at the Magic Kingdom and I can’t hardly wait for the opening next year! I love Tron!

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