Comments for One Disney World Restaurant Increases Pricing

trails end restaurant

Both Images: Credit Disney


  1. Kelly, I usually agree with a lot of your commentary and I thank you for your updates at Disney but I think you have some misinformation on one of my favorite restaurants that I have visited many times, you mention in this article the price increase of the add ons of the ribs and shrimp but both were included in the original buffet and not extra, add to that the fried chicken was one of the best items on the menu and dare say the best in all of the Disney’s restaurants and to drop it and then charge extra for the ribs and shrimp, its just a continued pattern to charge more and receive less at every level of food and services. I would love to hear other comments on this latest money grab. We now have another family favorite restaurant scratched off our list because of costs/ food offerings changes that simply put are based on money not customer satisfaction.

    1. Rachel Winiecki

      As our favorite place to eat since we always stay in the campground is now gone I keep reading of fewer reasons to return to Disney. So sad.

    2. AMJ

      Once again Disney greed managed to destroy a favorite. Less,less,less for more, more money.
      It’s just hateful that Disney is taking so much magic away from a once wonderful experience.

  2. Rachel Winiecki

    Oh Phooey. The one thing I always looked forward to was the Trails End Buffett. Disney just keeps taking the magic away. The more I read the less I want to return.

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