Comments for ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Takes a Big Step Forward

Mandalorian, Cara Dune and Greef Karga

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Deanna

    I love The Mandolorian and can’t wait to see it.

  2. Deanna Hallenbeck

    I love the Mandolorian and can’t wait to see it.

  3. Alex

    Grogu aka “Baby Yoda”
    Ashoka Tano former Jedi Padawan
    Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker
    I’m super excited for the upcoming season of The Mandalorian on top of all the new Star Ward content.

  4. James H

    Keep Brie out of Season 3 and it will be worth the watch. Virtue signaling on women’s rights and then throwing said women under the bus if they share an opinion different than her own should rub all audiences the wrong way.

  5. Daniel Cuppernell

    Bring back Gina she rocks

  6. Sandra Beeman

    I’m 79 And love the Mandelorin, so I hope I’m still here when season 3 comes out .??????

    1. Ad S

      You will be here ? the force is with you always

  7. Steven D. Birns

    All good with mandalorian 3. But bring back Gina! The trolls screwed her over and this cannot be allowed to stand!

  8. Sam

    This “article” has nothing important to say… What a fluff piece of garbage

  9. Jennifer

    All for season 3 but with a female lead that isn’t a puppet in real life. There’s plenty of strong talented woman out there who are actually good role models in real life. Gina cancelled herself.

  10. Murphy Pendleton

    Gina Carano was not fired for “having a different opinion” than her employers. Gina Carano was fired for repeatedly refusing to represent the brand that was cutting her paychecks. The first amendment does not apply as the 1st amendment protects speech from GOVERNMENT RETALIATION. The first amendment does not protect speech from rebuttal, ridicule, civil lawsuit, the court of public opinion, or loss of employment.
    It SUCKS that she’s off the show but she had a responsibility to stop making inflammatory social media posts when her employers asked her to. Not only did she refuse to comply but someone gave her the unfortunate idea to double-and-triple-down on making inflammatory posts while trying to politically martyr herself.That would literally get anyone fired from any job. When you sign a contract with any employer you are expected to operate by their rules. US right wing media paints her as some kind of free speech martyr, which is very much not the case and “free speech” does not mean “I can say whatever I want, consequence free, because ‘free speech’.

    1. VDog

      Thank you. It’s hard to believe that most people who go balls-in defending her “freedom of speech” have actually held a job in the real world. Almost every employer out there now will have some sort of wording in the paperwork you sign that requires you to keep “divisive” and “extreme” topics in your social media to a minimum.. also the same principle that states that you should never talk politics or religion in the workplace. Keeping your identity is fine, but if Disney had given me (an otherwise mostly unknown actress)an opportunity of a lifetime to become the massively popular character that was in her horizon, ummmm helllll yeah I would have toned it down a bit lol. I personally would love for both parties to have another go at a civilized sit-down.

    2. Jm

      The problem is that Pedro Pascal has made more inflammatory comments than she did but never got fired for it. The double standard is obvious because she’s a conservative.

    3. Foggy

      I agree and I’m glad you said it. Defining our laws appropriately is important.

  11. Nope

    I didn’t learn anything.

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