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Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) left and Ezra Brigder (Taylor Gray) right in "Star Wars: Rebels"

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    I especially don’t want to see the Star Wars sequel trilogy removed from canon. I enjoyed the Star Wars sequel trilogy movies.
    Either way, deleting the new Star Wars trilogy will create more of a problem than it will solve: proof for the Terminator movie series, especially the latest “Dark fate” by dint of modifying the sequels and ignoring the previous films, not to mention to have left unfinished series when there were open endings, resulting in confusion.

    1. Dustin Bollnow

      I agree. Well said Courty!

      1. Connor

        I do believe the sequels should be retconned. To me personally they did not hold true to what star wars is. And I fell going of with a new ark following Ezra asoka and thrawn would be a great way to do it while holding true to star wars. And continuing with Luke and grogu to replace the current story. And putting the current one into an alternate timeline

    2. Anthony

      Actually I think this could make sense. It doesn’t erase the sequels from Canon because those films happened and they’re the “Skywalker saga” films for the public not interested in the lore.

      For all fans whether or not we enjoy watching the sequel trilogy this idea that they could be the timeline of if Ezra didn’t save Ashoka makes sense because time was altered like in Doctor who when you end up with the Doctor meeting another doctor.

      1. Alex Lue

        Perfectly put!

    3. Han Cholo

      Well I for one, and a Whole Lot MORE for that matter, WANT to see Kathleen, JJ & Rian’s films removed! Give them a clean slate to go back and have that as a timeline/verse that could have played out. Or have Rey as the daughter of Han and Qira. Or better yet, make her Her own unique character that grows, deals with lost and learns from her mistakes and battles to become wise with the force. Like masters and characters before her introduction. Kylo could be his own respective villain, not related to anyone. Give him his own lore and let the audience decide whether to like, love, sympathize or not with Him.

      In other words; use it to reintroduce the cast in a new light and give them the all around respect they deserve. Because I for one would like to see that.

      1. Stewart

        Read some fanfiction then.
        Part of the sequel trilogys problem was that it buckled and tried to appease salty fans instead of committing to an original story.
        The fans can act like a movie doesn’t exist but the day studios act like that is the day all remaining integrity leaves the industry.

    4. Backcountry164

      The obvious difference is that the original Terminator is a movie everyone loves. So they are replacing something everyone liked with something that no one does. No one ever said “I hate the Terminator and I wish they’d retcon the whole thing”.
      Millions of people have and are saying that about the Star Wars sequel series…

    5. Isaac

      He may have already destroyed it. Rey was heard in the World Between worlds but that was before he rescued Ahsoka. It is possible that without doing that, Djinn would have never got the order to take Grogu to Typhon, Luke would have never been made aware of Grogu, and Djinn and the others would have probably died in the rescue attempt. The theory is that the sequel trilogy only exists in the timeline where Ahsoka is dead.

    6. Skid

      Meh. Scrap the sequels. I don’t gaf who whinges about it. They were utter crap.

      1. SI

        Not gonna lie I actually really liked the sequels. Some parts were a bit much but I enjoyed watching them

    7. Em

      Me too, I’m fee up with people complaining about the sequels

    8. Alex Lue

      That’s a really good point. I feel that if they went this route, they would make an alternate “sequel” trilogy rather than deleting the old ones, kind of like a multiverse paradox from Marvel if that makes sense.

  2. Dustin Bollnow

    I agree with your statement. Well said Courty!

    1. COURTY

      Thank you so much Dustin Bollnow! You make me so happy!


    Thank you so much Dustin Bollnow! You make me so happy!

  4. Richt

    Unequivocally, yes. Regardless of how much the latest generation of star wars fans liked the sequel trilogy, it was an abomination to the SW universe that had been laid out and developed since 1977. The sequel trilogy simply embodies cheap and lazy writing and Disney’s attempt to exploit the franchise’s merchandise potential. I’m not saying anything new here, the series was virtually universally hated by it’s established fandom. Scraping it serves the greater purpose of rectifying the offense the sequel trilogy’s existence commits.

    1. Michael Smith

      Same stuff said about the prequels.

      1. Jensen

        I see where you are coming from, but the difference is that although there are people who dislike the prequels, they were still George Lucas’s original plan, whereas the sequels were just a desperate money grab, exploiting the series.

  5. Sco Diddley

    1. Fans don’t love or hate the entire sequel trilogy. Idiots hate TLJ and smart people hate TRoS.

    2. Ahsoka does not die in her initial battle with Vader. She is seen toward the end of it walking away.

    If you can’t even get that much right ….

    1. David W.

      The Mortis Gods should be the focus of a redone trilogy with Anakin becoming The Father and Luke and Leia The Son and Daughter thereby returning Balance to The Force and fulfill the prophecy.

      1. Mason

        What Abeloth from legends coming back?

    2. C4D

      Only idiots hated TLJ? You mean the movie that took the entire foundation established in episode 7 and tossed it over a cliff? Like, sure TLJ is better than TRoS, but the biggest reason TRoS was so bad, is because TLJ broke the entire trajectory of the story. By the end of TLJ the story had fallen apart and half of TRoS had to spent doing damage control to try and bring things back around. There was no road map or plan that was followed. You had two entirely different directors with two entirely different story ideas competing with each other. The sequel trilogy was a disaster.

  6. S.E. Della Rocca

    Most fans love episode 8, accept episode 7 and hate episode 9. A few very loud incels believe episode 8 is terrible. It’s not like the prequels, where all three are terrible.

    Ahsoka doesn’t initially die in season 2, either. Filoni said as much then, and she can be seen surviving that battle in that very episode.

    That’s two strikes.

    1. David

      The prequels although they were pretty bad had a charm that the sequels just didn’t. Introducing Ezra into live action would be a great idea, introducing a new character to fans of the movies and bringing a much loved character to the big screen

    2. Andrew Rispoli

      Whoa whoa whoa, I think you got this one wrong. Most fans accept episode 7, hated episode 8, and cringed at the sight of episode 9.

  7. Jeremy

    You sound like a die-hard Rian Johnson fan. Episode 8 would’ve been fantastic if they didn’t invest so much time into Canto Bight and actually killed off General Leia instead of pulling that scene he directed. Doesn’t matter if he found it in the book, it would’ve made the scenes more interesting.

    1. Alex Lue

      I’m a fan of “Knives Out,” but not The Last Jedi, lol.

  8. Bob

    Ya He’s a ruined Johnson fan .

    1. Alex Lue

      No, no ,no, not a fan, lol

  9. M Silva

    I think it would be one of the worst ideas to do to the franchise. Erasing a movie like it didn’t happen? So episode 7 never happened? Or will there be episode 7 and the real episode 7? What’s to stop the next director from erasing the replacement? Or the originals? Suddenly we’re watching a brand new New Hope, where gredo was destined to stop palpatine but evil Darth Han shot him first.
    We lived with the prequels, despite their flaws. And look what happened. Many of those flaws were corrected in Clone Wars. They weren’t scraped and deleted. Enhance and explain the gaps in the sequels with the extra shows. Don’t use them to erase movies.
    Especially because in my hierachy of canonical importance, it goes:
    Live action movies
    Live action shows
    Animated shows
    Written Medium
    Animated movie.
    So to use a show of lesser, but still great, importance to undue a movie with supreme importance makes it less credible.
    Many star wars fans don’t even watch the animated shows. And I don’t blame them. They’re too childish for some viewers. The movies are what’s most important to them.
    They happened.
    Don’t like the new star wars movie? Welcome to the star wars fandom. Get used to it. We’ve been complaining since Return of the Jedi

    1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      Thank you for stating. And would Insudevthe magic please stop fanning the flames.

    2. Daividrod

      Stupid comment. Clone Wars can be more dark than most movies. There’s literally scenes of Maul killing Innocent people, Obi Wan being enslaved, drug use, etc. The themes are also more mature. Your personal Cannon hierarchy doesn’t matter.

    3. Daividrod

      There isn’t such a thing as less canon or more canon if you know the meaning of the term. Don’t like the animations? They Happened, welcome to the star wars fandom.

    4. Alex Lue

      You actually make a really cool point, kind of like Marvel’s “What If?” this could lead to alternate timelines and events, like Darth Han killing Greedo and Luke turning evil, or something like that??

  10. James

    Absolutely. “Wipe them out. All of them.” The sequel trilogy was a mess of inconsistent writing, universe breaking concepts, poorly treated characters, and over dosed fan service. The best thing that could happen to Star Wars now is a Dallas-season 9 moment.

  11. Stikman

    Anything that erases those horrible Disney movies would be wonderful!

    1. Eric

      If u do this Adam driver could go to the light and rey could go to the dark. Good idea I think.

  12. Mark

    Episode 8 was terrible. It was all about ” subverting expectations” alright. Lack of a cohesive storyline, Jake Skywalker, lack of character development, and ridiculous lightspeed jump though another ship, useless canto bight, I could go on forever. 7 was descent, and 9 was saddled with the fallout from 8 being such a disaster mess! I’m all for Filoni and Favereau who actually care about storyline and character development to continue the fantastic jobs they do and retcon the sequels.

  13. Mike

    Yeah, I think you missed the part where at the end of season 2 of star wars rebels where we glimpsed asoka despite being supposedly killed by Vader, and it was revealed she survived because ezra saved her. Ezra didn’t actually change the past.

    1. Andrew Rispoli

      It doesn’t matter if she would have died or not, it changes the timeline regardless. One small change such as darth Vader seeing Ezra pull Ashoka out of there could create a branch timeline just enough to where where we can say that one thing was different

    2. Torgan

      I guess you’re not quite understanding what happened Ezra pulled her out just before the killing blow from Vader and put her back after that. That is why you see her walking away in that episode.

  14. Dan

    As long as the sequels are removed from canon I don’t really care how it is done. They are terribly written stories that undermine the spirit and characters of the George Lucas Star Wars films and make the prequels look perfect by comparison.

    1. MB


  15. Arcaniel

    Sequel trilogy is confusion itself. Is trash and garbage and may be deleted

  16. alvin furiya

    I dont want to see anymore stories based on 9 chapters of original star wars. I dont even want to see yoda in New Republic. It is time to move on and create new characters and storylines or the star wars universe is dead

  17. KenR

    The more I think about the sequels the less I like them. I never liked number 8 at all. That movie was a complete mess from start to finish. Erase them all. Start with a 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, etc and focus on Darth Vader, Palpatine, Yoda and Obi Wan, along with a glimpse of Leia and Luke’s childhoods. Those are the characters we want to see. Po, Finn and Rey are so forgettable and other than Rey, a have trouble remembering their characters names. I think of them as the goofy sideshow dudes.

  18. Michael Smith

    Never before has the fandom been do divided….oh wait….the prequels. The prequels were a huge dividing line for year. People loathed or loved Jar Jar just like a generation earlier people loathed or loved the Ewoks. This is the same thing that happened in the early 00s. The prequels having a better standing has more to do with the young millennials and gen Z getting older and vocal about what they grew up on. It will be the same thing with today’s kids and the sequel trilogy in 20 years.

  19. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    Thank you for stating. And would Insudevthe magic please stop fanning the flames.

  20. Pyatt

    Personally i would love 2 see the ghost crew

  21. Urzuric

    My answer is yes. It is time Izra changes everything. 7, 8, and 9 are nothing new to Star Wars. They are repeats to 4, 5, and 6. I understand that they are trying to do women power. That’s ok. But the story for 7, 8 and 9 is the worst story I have ever seen. They need to think about tying everything from SWTOR until a new story. I would sit down and go over 7, 8 and 9 and figure out the why and how to lead to the Yuzong vong war. Dark Lord Oblivion makes kylo ren look like a major wimp. Jon and Dave know what they are doing. Have the Thor director Direct 10, 11 and 12 or Zack Snyder. There is also a canon story about Anakin going back in time and changing things to.

  22. jason

    Do Ezra and Ahsoka make for a better trilogy than Rey + endless callbacks to the original trilogy. YES. RESOUBDING YES. Eps VII-IX are not completely unwatchable, but c’mon, that narrative is so stale and forced it’s a priest trying to shove body of christ crackers down your throat for 3 hours.

  23. M

    Yes, absolutely Ezra and Ashoka should clear away the sequels. Abrams himself admitted it was a mess with no direction. So as long as it’s hanging around, it will continue to be the ball and chain that drags SW down. They should just clear the board and start again. With Ezra and Ahsoka meeting Luke and building the Jedi Order like he originally intended from the expanded universe

    1. Lord of hunger

      And they should adapt old EU characters and stories

  24. At the end of Season 2 the last scene is Ashoka entering the temple at its base with the owl. She did not die.
    Vader is seen leaving from the top bewildered as to what had just happened; where did Ashoka go? Because of his state and damaged suit was unaware she had returned from her meeting with Ezra and now was below him.
    Much like when he thinks he strikes down Obi Wan only to find just his robes…which he pokes with his lightsaber wondering where his body is. Through his training Obi Wan entered the force body, mind, and soul so he never died but changed how he existed. From a brayonic form of matter and energy to one alive in the Force. Yoda followed. With Qi Gon they stopped Anakin from joining the Universal Cosmic Common Force and held him in the space and time from joining that aspect of it to be recycled/redistributed and used that timeless moment to train him with the knowledge to join his mind and spirit and possibly his body after it was purified by fire.
    Qi Gon had to learn to appear as himself for he had grasped the Living Force but had yet to realize the potential and possibilities it offered so came into being within it years after his demise. Luke eventually stepped through into it as well, following Obi Wan and Yoda.
    Leia it would seem to have learned as Anakin in the moment of physical death prior to consumption into the common force and when she completed her training she reclaimed her physical form. The same for Ben apparently but he learned much quicker than his mom.

  25. LouiB

    Loved the Star War Sequels and tired of alternate time line stuff, would just enjoy seeing the stories progress as they do, and what happens, happens.

  26. Lospereye

    I agree completely. Though I heavily dislike the poor writing and planning of the sequels, I don’t necessarily want them scrapped, I just want this theory to be true and for Filoni and Favreu to make a new sequel trilogy. Rebels fans like me can totally see the merit in this theory and it’s obvious that the current sequels are in the doomed universe where Ahsoka died. I would very much love to see the universe where Ezra and Ahsoka have their well deserved prominent role in the Galaxy alongside Luke Skywalker (personally I’d be so freaking happy to see Ahsoka meet Luke and see their bond) but yeah, I desperately hope that we get a sequel trilogy where Ahsoka lives

  27. Bryan Dawson

    I for one am glad the Sequel Trilogy happened. It proved to Hollywood that nostalgia and slapping a popular name on something doesn’t mean success.

  28. Chris Fraser

    Oh, give it a goddamn rest already! The sequels ARE NOT BEING REMOVED FROM CANON!

  29. Andrew Rispoli

    Creating an alternate timeline would be great for every Star Wars fan whether you enjoyed the sequel trilogy (which completely ruined the point of the first 6 movies) or not. Now this doesn’t mean they will be removed from canon, it just means they can recreate them in a different timeline (following rebels where Ezra saves Ashoka from Darth Vader, therefore creating a branch in the original timeline) The sequels should be set in the timeline where Ashoka wasn’t saved by Ezra. I know most of us Die hard star wars fans would like to erase the sequels from our memory, (not to say we already haven’t) But that just isn’t going to happen and creating an alternate timeline could have many benefits as well, one of them giving a place for Star Wars legends (until Disney decides to fill ideas from them at least) Sure, the sequels will always haunt me for the rest of my days, but I assume this will make everyone happy and not lose a whole section of Star Wars’ fan base in the process. I have spoken. Dave and Jon will save us all.

  30. Colin Turvey

    My viewpoint is that had Rian been overseen properly along with a decent script instead of that crap it wouldn’t have been as awful as it was.
    But then Rise of Palpatine was idiotic!
    The prequels had one task and that was explain how Anakin became Darth Vader.
    It took the Clone Wars animated series to accomplish that!
    Regarding the ST the easiest way to resolve that is to reveal the Luke in ep 8 is actually a clone of Luke as per the Thrawn trilogy.
    Have him appear in the Ahsoka series this the OT Luke is still out there and Rey can get properly trained given Leia didn’t finish her training!

    1. Andrew Rispoli

      The Luke Prime theory is finally confirmed!!!

  31. Robert

    Ezra was not the hero we wanted…but he is the hero we needed.

    1. Star Wars Lover

      Sequels are for people who just love Star Wars. They feed our need for content when other Star Wars projects are being worked on.

  32. Eddie Bloecher

    Im an old school fan since 77. I’m not in love with sequel trilogy but I don’t hate it either. You make excellent points. Well said.

  33. Blake Mckellips

    I think it would help extremely, though I am a huge Ezra Bridger fan, my unbiased opinion is that the sequel trilogy felt rushed, had no direction, and definitely did not feel like the things that sparked my imagination as a child, in fact it kinda ruined it, and it’s not about what the characters are it’s about how they develop and the things they do, I think the biggest fault other than the story making no sense, is the fact that there were little to no old characters reuniting and it was incredibly sad, the story and characters I love were turned into a sjw money grab made by people who don’t care about something that a lot of people do, so yes this is a great thing for Star Wars.

  34. Jamil Amad Swann

    I’ve watched the sequels more times than you can imagine and I wish there were more. #Dont Scrap Star Wars Sequel

  35. David Smith

    I do not understand why it is taking so long to bring Ezra back I would love to see Esperance of being reunite so they can start a life together but lucas films seems to be dragging their feet if they even want to do that which would be ignoring what a lot of fans want to see

  36. I would like to see Ezra and Sabine reunite so they can start a life together

  37. Wing Z

    Yes, yes he should

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