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Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Mike in VT

    Big problem. The Sith have been extinct (to the Jedi) for a millennia. So this Sith would have to eliminate anybody he crosses. Also, Malak and Revan are already canon via The Rise of Skywalker due to their appearance on the murals of Exegol.

  2. Leah

    Thank you so much for being glaringly honest in your post. It really needed to be said, and you did it. Kudos

  3. Trey Martinez

    High Republic = Hot garbage on a summer day.
    No thanks!

  4. Trey Martinez

    I totally agree with you.

  5. Backcountry164

    It is painfully obvious that there isn’t enough interest in this dumpster fire to warrant it’s existence. Eventually the Mouse is going to get tired of Lucasfilm throwing away his money…

  6. Mike

    Author obviously doesn’t even read the High Republic garbage. That’s Sskeer, the master of the padawan Keeve, she’s fighting. He’s been set-up to turn to the dark side the whole run. I’m reading bc I’m a Star Wars fan that needs to keep up with every bit of nonsense there is.. and so that no one else has to. Also, plenty of Sith have been made canon besides Dooku and Maul. Did you watch Clone Wars? The author should be taken off the Star Wars beat for sure

  7. Ted Bailey

    I thought the point of the Bi-Republic was to tell a story without Sith?
    Run out of ideas already?

  8. Matt Schmidt

    I figured HR would end up being a shoddy build-up to the Acolyte show planned for D+.

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