Comments for Rise of the Resistance May Finally Be Receiving Much-Needed Construction

rise of the resistance stormtroopers

Credit: Disney


  1. Gordo

    The wiring they have under the cement for the trackless ride is what is causing issues. They had to redo the cement work in Disneyland before they opened for this very reason. Disney World somewhat fixed the issue but didnt put the money in to make it work.

  2. Tim

    It’s a good ride but if you don’t have a phone it’s hard for you to get on the ride because you have to use their stupid new app

  3. David

    We were in Hollywood Studios twice and therefore had 4 chances to get on this ride. NO SUCH LUCK! In a blink of an eye all four times we were locked out. After spending thousands of dollars to stay there for a week on site we left with our very disappointed grandkids. What fun!

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