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  1. Darleen Contario

    I’ve been a passholder for several years. Disney is a destination that my family loves. I disagree with the Premier Pass. I think it has the potential to add $100 per person per day to the Disney experience, if the cost of the pass is similar to the cost reported today for Paris. It’s prohibitive. I’ll be standing in line….all it does is increase the distance between the rich and the disadvantaged. Some families have to save a long time to even be able to go. I’m disappointed in Disney. ?

    1. Joe Barrett

      I agree 100%


        Just makes me sad. I used to love Disney.

    2. Herbert

      Absolutely agree.

    3. Chris

      I think it’s a great idea. As a Merlin pass holder in England, we have had these fast passes for a long time and the system works. The park can charge less for entry as they make money on the impatient, this helping the locals. Personally, when visiting a park near where we live, we would very rarely buy a pass, but when visiting Alton towers (4hours away), we splashed out and got the best passes, because we wanted to get the most out of our time there. I don’t think it increases the distance between rich and poor, in fact in our case we saved money by not staying in a resort hotel. I do understand it might seem annoying as a pass holder, but maybe it will make people who visit from a distance happier.

      1. Donna Marsay

        I don’t agree with the merlin pass being the same. You are only paying £35 for entry to alton towers without the pass so putting an extra £20 on that doesn’t seem so bad for a day. Imagine the cost if you went for 2 weeks on top of your annual pass price/park tickets, flights, accommodation and food at extortionate prices. Alton towers is quieter than Disney even during their off peak season so you don’t mind the odd person jumping in front with their fast pass. There is just no comparison in the UK to Disney.

      2. Sammy the Disney Fan

        Unfortunately, Disney isn’t decreasing the daily ticket cost. These premiere passes are on top of the daily ticket cost. If this same system comes to Disney World, this means it could cost close to $200 per per day/per person to get the same experience that cost $80 – 90 before the recent ticket increases. I love Disney, but they are making it increasingly difficult to justify choosing their parks/hotels over Universal.

    4. C. C. Writer

      Wait a second. You’ve been an AP holder for years while there are some who have never and will never be able to go to Disney and you want to talk about the “difference between the rich and the disadvantaged?”

      1. SG

        APs are not necessarily the 1%. My husband and I live near Disney and make less than $100,000 a year, way less. It is our go to entertainment and we make it affordable to us, bring in lunch and eat dinner at home for instance.
        I totally agree with Darleen, “all it does is increase the distance between the rich and the disadvantaged.” Paying for Fast Pass is a terrible idea. We hate that Universal does it and is why we rarely go there. I think Disney is too expensive and should be more available to everyone. I think Walt would agree!

  2. Nora

    I really hope this doesn’t become a thing everywhere. Why on earth would anyone pay for something they were getting for free before? It’s really ruining all the little perks that came with staying on site. I love going to Disney but this is getting ridiculous, it’s not like they’re not making money hand over fist.

    1. Debbra

      It’s ridiculous! The price of admission is so high now & to add fees for shorter lines is terrible. The Happiest Place on Earth is not so happy anymore. Shame on you for ruining Walt’s vision. Regular people can’t afford to go & take their kids anymore.

  3. Donna Marsay

    We fee only ever stayed on property but this is going to push us to stay off property because we haven’t magically gained more money to pay for this. We will need to save somewhere so they will end up losing thousands of dollars from people staying elsewhere so they can afford to go on the rides they want to. Next the fireworks will be a ticketed event or the parades will be.

  4. Donna Marsay

    This is the exact reason why Universal is only a 2 day visit for us. Disney may become the same with people choosing very carefully where they want to go and if its worth the effort. Imagine paying to get into hollowing studios to ride ride of the resistance and tower of terror and not being able to do either because you missed the chance for ROTR boarding pass and the standard queue for TOT is 4 hours long. Would disney refund the money, erm that would be a no. I go to these parks for the rides, not the walking or the food or the shows, they are all just extras.

  5. Terence Cowling

    Disney was once an affordable experience that most people could go to again and again, now it’s an experience most has to save hard for and when they get there it’s not such a magical experience. Long queues, expensive parking and now the thought of having to pay extra to be able to get on a ride is going scare away a lot of people. Okay this may not affect Disney straight away but it will affect them over time with less people returning in the future. All I can say is stop fleecing people Disney it’s not what Walt intended.

  6. Mg

    Honestly I think we’re all just upset because fast passes were free, but entry other theme park in the US charges to go through the shorter line. It’s just an extra expense that if it’s a priority for you, you will pay for. I do think they should do like universal and offer free or discounted premier passes depending on which level of resort you stay at or they will lose a lot of hotel business

  7. M

    I would be fine paying for this if it was a little extra in my ticket to cover all fast passes. Not per ride, that’s crazy.

  8. Sean

    This change makes me cringe! They make more than enough money on everything else no need to find another source of revenue! We went to Disney world in March with reduced capacity and I thought that was the perfect size crowd for the price we pay.

  9. Leslie Gagnon

    Bring it on! We regularly do After Hours for the time savings so this might make that unnecessary.

  10. Mary

    When it goes from free to paid it makes it impossible to afford. I won’t pay for photo pass, max pass or any of the others. It isn’t worth it. I will just have to save up for my visit and endure the lines for my once a year trip. And the person who said this lowers the cost of entrance fees-I’m not sure what you are thinking with that one. Price goes down when there is no demand and unfortunately with Disney that isn’t happening.

  11. Brian

    If there was a corresponding drop in ticket prices so buying 3 premier passes would cost the same as current tickets I could see being OK with this. I highly doubt this would be the case in any Disney park

  12. Kurt Lohmann

    Prices are high at Disney world and Disneyland. I don’t think this is not what Walt envisioned for the family. It is just getting reticules.

  13. Laney

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. It costs sooooo much to go to Disney already!! I practically go into debt when I go on a disney vacation. Disney is getting very greedy.

  14. Angela Baker

    I would have rather see the Disneyland version Maxpass instead of $10 a day per person up it to $20 per day. Atleast it better than per ride.
    Now $9 per ride for family’s is too much. I’m sad?

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