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Disney World crowds

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  1. Steve

    Heading to MK this Saturday. Fully vaccinated but will bring a mask just in case.

    1. Ethan

      You’re fully vaccinated, what do you need a mask for?

      1. KenG

        I would say it’s good to be prepared jut in case Disney changes their criteria. Although I doubt that would happen by this weekend, not a big deal to have a mask handy.

      2. Paul

        Even if you’re vaccinated you can still carry the virus, so it’s a courtesy to other people to be at least a little cautious. Similarly, the vaccine – as with all vaccines and medications – is not 100% guaranteed to stop you getting the virus, you could still get it, and even with a mild case or if you asymptotic or even show no symptoms you may still suffer with long COVID, which could keep you out of work for months. Also, he more bodies the virus passes through the higher the risk of new variants, the higher the risk those variants will be unaffected by the vaccine.

        Unless you can guarantee that a minimum (and I mean absolute minimum) of 60-70% of the folks at Disney are double vaccinated, it’s just not safe to not wear a mask, even if you yourself are double vaccinated.

        1. Sue

          Masks do not and never did prevent the spread of any virus.

          1. Michele Davis

            Not true

        2. Tommy Dodger

          Why am I not safe as I’m fully vaccinated? Do I just spend the rest of my life honed in on the multitude of things that may or may not keep me from getting in contact with a germ? Why should I mess my life up and show curtesy to people who don’t have the curtsy to get vaccinated and end this? Give the fear mongering a rest.

          1. CB

            How about caring about the millions of people who are bot yet able to be vaccinated due to age restrictions like they’ve been caring about everyone e else for the last year and a half? Stop being so selfish!

        3. Michelle Offutt

          How excellently explained! Thank you!

      3. Jim

        Vaccinations dose not mean that you are immune. It means your body has built up defenses to better fight the virus if you happen to get it. Like Flu shots it mitigates the severity of symptoms.

        1. Chad

          So why don’t we wear masks after getting flu shots? Let’s wear masks forever.

      4. David John Smith III

        Because of idiots. Present company not excluded.

        1. Htk

          At which point do arguments move from science to feelings? It seems progressives like to invoke current scientific esotericism when it’s convenient, then in the same sentence they ignore science and use feelings to support unscientific, illogical showboating in the name of social justice. If we are going to use a scientific method, then let’s not stray from science and apply this across the board, whether by hook or by crook…

          1. Nosecone

            The Religious ‘right’ love to stick their heads in the sand.

      5. Sharon

        Because the vaccine is not 100 percent effective. Nothing is.

        1. Chad

          So wear a mask forever? Got it.

          1. Nosecone

            Maybe if you could at least wait until children can get vaccinated, then we can talk.

          2. Phil

            You know why you don’t have to worry about getting polio or small pox? That’s right. Vaccines.

          3. Mr McCracken

            That’s right phil! vaccines that went through a stringent testing and development period and were approved by the FDA. Thanks for bringing this to everybody’s attention!

      6. Cass

        If you have air bags why wear a seatbelt? Or vice versa?

        1. steve

          or with that logic, just don’t drive! anytime you get in a car you could be in an accident and kill somebody! i mean we’re trying to save lives right?

      7. Julie A Yager

        You are still required to wear a mask on the bus and monorail

      8. Kevin Stone

        Well have you not heard the poke is no guarantee you will not get The Vid. ThE smart ass dems who fled Texas to DC Ended up with 6 or 7 of them getting it and they all were according to the big mouth they interviewed ALL HAD THE SHOT!!!

      9. Tam

        Because you can still get covid but you won’t die from it with vaccine like the one for flu and pneumonia duh

      10. Shellie

        You need a mask even though you’re fully vaccinated because no vaccine has 100% efficacy. You can still be infected. You’ll likely be asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, but you’d be contagious to others.

    2. Marie Palos

      We just returned from Universal Studios. We are all vaccinated. My daughter got a low fever two days ago and now has a sore throat. I am taking her to be tested today, it may be a break through case. It’s nothing serious, but I’d just like to know and feel the public health reps need to know too. She is happily self quarantining in her room (teenager). I’m glad we were able to get her vaccinated as my theory is that if you get a mild case while vaccinated, it probably would have liked you if you weren’t.

    3. Masks are required on Disney Transportation
      If you plan on taking a bus, Monorail, Ferry,
      Boat you are required to wear a mask while riding. So you need to have one with you at The Parksi

  2. Ha

    I have immunity. No need for vax or mask.

    1. Sue

      Same here.

      1. M.

        Yes, I’ve had Covid already too. Nothing in that vaccine will protect me any better than the full version of the virus did. (incidentally, I’m not scared of getting it again if it were possible. It was essentially just a cold that lasted a bit longer than a regular one, I’ve had bouts of the flu that were far worse)

    2. palterboy

      If you’re saying you got COVID-19 and you now have immunity, yeah, that’s not going to work for you. Your immune system responds similarly whether you got antibodies from the disease or the vaccine. It’s already proven that disease immunity wanes over time, same as with the vaccine. But, you can get the vaccine, boost your existing immunity, and in the future continue to do so. Or you can wait to get COVID-19 again and hope you don’t end up with a tube down your throat.

      1. J.L.

        Sorry to rain on your fear parade, but if they lived through Covid once, it’s not likely they will wind up with a tube down their throat with a second bout of it. More likely it won’t make any impact at all since the body is already primed to know what to do to fight it off even faster. That’s how the immune response works.

    3. Al

      If you’re worried, don’t go to any place with crowds. Don’t stop others who have been vaccinated from having to worry about your fears.

  3. Sue

    So what did you get the vaccine for if they still want to to wear a mask ? Doesn’t make sense to me unless the vaccine is worthless!!!! And mask do your research they don’t work. I I would love to see one of tryouts do goods wear a masks when it’s 95 plus out and you are standing in line. Good luck. And have a fun day at Disney.

    1. frostysnowman

      Masks do work. I think you are the one who needs to do more research.

      1. HaueM.S.

        As an actual scientist here, masks are one of the least effective methods of containing spread among non-symptomatic persons. Research and Data published from the AMA and CDC both confirm this. More effective methods of containing spread among healthy individuals is to focus on hygiene, such as washing hands, and maintaining brief interactions with strangers.

        1. Nosecone

          Hey everyone, we have an “actual scientist” here. Who suggests washing hands to combat a virus that spreads via aerosols.

        2. Tad

          Hmmm, HaueM.S. (“actual scientist”) your colleagues at the CDC and WHO claim primary transmission is facilitated by “the virus spreading from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak, sing or breathe. These particles range from larger respiratory droplets to smaller aerosols.” Secondary spread is “contact transmission due to aerosol droplets adhering to surfaces following a cough, sneeze or touch by an infected person”. The AMA has not published nor do they conduct “studies”, they follow CDC and WHO guidelines. You may want to stick to quantum physics or cold fusion and leave the “actual scientist” stuff to the actual scientists 🙂

      2. AO

        Why get the vaccination if you could still carry or get the virus?o

    2. Rob

      Masks aren’t needed, especially don’t help anything. I’m not vaccinated and don’t plan on getting. I’m living my life the same as i always have.

      1. Gina

        The next time you get surgery please don’t forget to tell the doctors and nurses not to wear masks and protective gear.

        1. Ha

          Give it up, G. Comparing a person standing next to you in the park to a surgeon cutting you open shows your lack of intelligence.

      2. Judy

        I work in ICU. Shame on you! You are the reason people land up in the hospital on ventilators.

        1. Ha

          Now, now, Judy. You can’t force people to get jabbed any more than you can force people to stop smoking, drinking, doing drugs, beating each other up, shooting each other, texting while driving, etc. It’s called freedom, which is the foundation of the American way of life. If you want total control over others, you want communism. I suggest you move to China.

    3. CB

      Have been wearing masks everyday in the heat and for 2 weeks JUNE/JULY when we were in Disney to protect our daughter who can’t yet be vaccinated. We were fine! How can anyone say masks don’t work when there was virtually no flu during last flu season when everyone was wearing masks and more observant of sanitization???

      1. Ha

        Um, because every flu, cold, and sniffle was labeled covid. Please use common sense. Don’t be a sheep.

      2. Nigel Channing

        If everyone wearing masks prevented the flu, why did that not stop the rampant spread of COVID during the same time?

        1. Ha

          Stop asking intelligent questions. You’re making the sheep heads explode.

        2. CB

          Because idiots like you and your friends didn’t pay attention and continued to do what you want and not wear masks or properly sanitize!

  4. Lesia

    I dont know why theme parks are not requiring vaccinations like cruise lines and soon air lines if not all ready. Unfortunately too many people congregated in a area even with social distancing does not work.

    1. Sam

      Because thankfully our Florida govenor allows us freedom to choose. They cannot ask for your vaccination status.

      1. Your governor is the reason Florida is leading the country in new covid cases.. Congratulations.

        1. Htk

          As supposed to which governor who stemmed and stymied the contagion? Actually no one did, not one leader followed the correct path of least resistance in the matter. Don’t kid yourself. Each side is playing against another.

        2. Kenr

          So was Governor Whitmer’s mask mandates and business closures the reason Michigan was the Covid hot-spot, epicenter in April? Mask do or work. It is a virus and it is never going to be gone. Ever!

      2. frostysnowman

        Your governor also left a loophole in his “no one can require vaxxes!” policy so that theme parks are able to implement one if necessary. He’s also the reason FL is leading the USA in new COVID cases. Go Ron!

      3. Nosecone

        Are you given the freedom to choose how you would like to drive your car? How fast? What side of the road? No? He sounds like one of them freedom hating libetards!

        1. Joe T

          My body, my choice.

          1. Gina

            Yes that goes for abortion as well.

          2. yoyo

            our Country, Be and American and do what is best to stop this nightmare.

          3. Nosecone

            Until you no longer live in a society, it does not work that way, and has not for longer than you or I have been alive.

  5. Bee

    We’re headed to Universal the first week of August. We had planned to wear masks indoors, since it’ll be air conditioned and I don’t see the harm in being careful since I have older relatives who still aren’t vaccinated. (I’m not judging anyone who decides not to mask up, of course.) Outside, with a bit of room and stifling heat, I hope we’ll still have the option to walk around without masks, though. Last summer at Disney, the masks were miserable, even though we got used to it.

    1. Tacocat

      Let’s see now..
      No vaccine,
      No verification,
      No masks,
      How’s that working out?

      1. Sue


        1. CB

          You obviously haven’t lost anyone to this horrible virus! If you think FL is doing perfect, you’re a naive, sick person. Hope no o e close to you or you yourself succumb to Covid.

          1. Ha

            Calm down. My friend died from the vax. Vaxxed people are infecting others. So stop blaming the unvaxxed. You’re only creating more division and hate.

          2. Matt

            Really. Of the 187 million people that got the vaccine, you are friends with one of the THREE people that got blood clots from the J and J vaccine and then were treated incorrectly for those clots? Troll.

          3. Ha

            Oh. My. Gosh. You’re an idiot.

          4. Ronald

            When in doubt or called out, add the insult. Calm down Ha, your ignorance is showing while you cause division and hate!

          5. Ha

            Ronald, your ignorance is showing. Obviously you choose to ignore data. How dare you belittle the lives lost to the jab. Shame on you. And Matt.

  6. Your governor is the reason Florida is leading the country in new covid cases.. Congratulations.

  7. Jex

    Good, I have a WDW trip planned in September and I hope masks are back in place by then. I’m vaccinated but it’s not 100% and I don’t want to be exposed to selfish people who don’t care about public health. I miss the trips last year when Disney was adamantly enforcing the mask policy. Florida’s handling of this whole thing has been a joke, that’s why they gave up on reporting their cases and positivity rate. I don’t feel safe in a crowded park full of immature children who won’t listen to experts and public health guidelines.

    1. Htk

      Wonderful, then you can tell me what science says about the transgender movement, or tell me what science says about race. Using your logic we should have locked up every homosexual during the aids epidemic in the 1980’s?

      1. Ha

        Logic and Jex don’t mix.

      2. FunnyMeme

        Nice job, Любовь! I hope you’re being paid well for these totally not troll/disinformation posts. Carry on, comrade!

        1. Bring back the social distancing markers,we were just there a week ago and people are breathing down your neck.There are people walking around spreading this virus,trust me,I know!

      3. Allison

        Heading to Universal next week. Regardless of their policies, we are wearing a mask and taking hand sanitizer.

    2. Desantis-isstupid


    3. Sue

      Then don’t come. Masks are useless.

  8. Ha

    If you people despise antivaxxers, why try to force us to do something against our will? Don’t you prefer we get sick and die? That way you can enjoy life with other vaxxers?

    1. Nosecone

      Because your stupidity screws it up for everyone.

      1. Ha

        Yes, your stupidity does screw it up for America. I hear Cuba is a nice place for socialists like you.

        1. Nosecone

          Wanting my neighbors, my family, and myself to be healthy is not socalist? You better read up on your bible son.

          1. Ha

            Bible preaches free agency. Forcing people to get the jab and mask up is anti-American. And ungodly.

  9. Teri

    How many times can you say “crisis mode”?
    This is not new. The play book has not changed. Revert to high PPE mode. Masks required…social distancing…yadda yadda. This will continue to happen until we get ahead of the variants. Can’t do that without the fire break…also known as vaccination. Until folks decide that is the fastest way to kill a parasite…they are ruining my magical moment. Vaya con Dios!

  10. Stikman

    If the majority of the infected are unvaccinated, who cares? Let the virus take the dumb. Everyone will be better off.

  11. Gio

    At this point is about self caution. I hate the mask , I got my vaccines and not willing to go back to being masked. Orlando’s weather is unbearable for them.

  12. Jake Carpenter

    I love the people who defend wearing mask or pointing fingers about vaccinated people spreading COVID, just get vaccinated or self isolate yourself for the next 50 years. It’s just that simple. You can make all the excuses why you won’t get vaccinated, I have no problem with that, just self isolate and let the vaccinated people enjoy life.

    1. Sue

      You are bring discriminatory with the remark. If you are that scared of unvaccinated people you are the one that needs to remain home forever.

      1. jo

        Sue it is not discriminatory to want our lives back and our Country back. It is no longer a person choice. It is a matter of doing what is best for our country. If the people don’t want to be vaccinated then they should at least isolate at home until our Country is free of this. I am not afraid of non vaccinated I just think you should put your America ahead of yourself and do what is right for our Country. 93% of death due to this new Delta in Mississippi are non vaccinated. 90% of death in Florida due to delta are non vaccinated.

      2. Jester

        Sadly, we just cancelled… regardless of the (actual?) risk, it just seems too chaotic to travel there at this moment. I am bummed. My kid was looking forward to Disney and Universal…

        1. Elle

          We did too. Very sad to cancel but it is just not worth the risk. Hopefully things will calm down and we will be able to return.

  13. Joslyn Bloodworth

    Better not mean a thing. It’s so completely obvious at this point that the masks are a joke and don’t work. Places have been open for months and this spike isn’t a result of the lack of masks. Not to mention that a majority of the people who go to Disney World don’t even live in Florida or Orange County.

  14. Steven Bradley

    If idiot Demings even attempts to require masks, he will be violating a new Florida state law which took effect July 1st. His punishment could range from being suspended (removed as mayor) to possibly going to jail for deliberately violating the state law. Basically he is powerless to do any emergency actions as it relates to COVID-19. I would fully support both his arrest and jail in addition to being removed as mayor. Hopefully the deputy mayor has more common sense.

  15. Ryan

    My aunt, who’s a nurse, deals with Covid patients on a daily basis. She said that lately, most of her patients that are being hospitalized with the new Delta variant are people who have been fully vaccinated. She said what she’s seeing first hand does not line up with what you see or hear from the media. Just based on the patients she’s seeing, and her experience with them, she said basically it seems like the Delta variant doesn’t really care about your vaccine. I’m sure we’ll hear about more and more breakthrough infections, but make no mistake, the vaccine isn’t a guaranteed ticket out of the Delta variant like the media wants you to believe. It’s just not that simple unfortunately.

    1. Ha

      Thanks for giving us firsthand facts. Natural immunity is our best defense against Wuhan virus. If you’re scared, wear masks or better yet, stay home. If you survived covid, live life as you choose. Only you know best how to take care of yourself. The gov’t and CDC are not acting in your best interest.

  16. Candace

    Well maybe close the border…. Thousands of illegals are coming through our borders… but international flight is closed… anyone else wondering what’s the point? Anyone else wondering why the numbers in Southern California increasing? Anyone else wondering why many who got backed are in the hospital yet they blame the unvaxxed? Not mentioning those people? In fact I personally know more people, that got the backed in the hospital or tested positive for COVID, then those who did not get the vax. Things are just not aligning here….

  17. Chad

    This is not going away until people start reading the facts and get vaccinated. Start showing proof of vaccination to get into parks / events / etc. No vaccination / no entrance – plain and simple.

  18. Stewart

    Blah blah blah more fear mongering crap. “Crisis mode” must have tested well in their focus groups. Just an FYI there is not test for the delta variant.

    1. Mel

      Exactly- if we really in a crisis- CLOSE THE BOARDERS!

      1. Ron

        We kicked our boarders out when they stopped paying their rent. The nephew is closer to boarders his age, they all hang out at the skate board park. Wait, oh you meant Clothe The Boarders. I’ll donate an old Mickey t-shirt if that will help?

  19. Mel

    Funny to read how people blame on non vaxxers, the Florida Governor- if we in a “crisis” how about close the borders????? We are own worst enemies!


    Uneducated and ignorant people that refuse the vaccine are punishing those who choose to live life normally without restrictions. Get the Vaccine stupid people

    1. Ha

      Only stupid people worship the vax

      1. Matt

        Case in point. Uneducated and ignorant. Oh and a troll.

        1. Ha

          Case in point. Member of the CDC church that worships the vax. Oh and stupid.

  21. Sue

    Crisis mode? What crisis? Demings is a typical democrat using fear to control the population. Stop listening to the mainstream media and find other news outlets. There is no pandemic and never was; its all been an excerise in controlling the people. Do some real research (don’t use Google); masks protect no one from any known virus; prolong use of the mask can lead to bacterial pneumonia; the vaccine is only experimental; covid19 has NOT increased the number of deaths (the average has been the same since 2015); asymptomatic people do not spread viruses (they can spread bacterial infections); vaccine passports are a violation of HIPAA and ADA laws. Roe v Wade my body my choice. So it’s ok to kill babies, but I can’t choose to not be vaccinated. If you want to wear a mask go for it. I choose to breathe the air as God created me to do so. And, remember this, without any scientific nor medical evidence it was Bob Iger of WDW that introduced the mask wearing; he is not a doctor. Ron DeSantis is the best governor ever. Everyone should be following his example. You don’t live here don’t come here if you are that scared.

    1. Ha

      Amen, sister! Agree 100%!

    2. Ree

      Sue. All your comments have been spot on!! I agree 100% with everything you said!! !

    3. Tad

      Sue – happy to see you’re still at it. You have yet to share the news outlets you feel dispense “the truth”? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was created primarily to modernize the flow of healthcare information, stipulate how personally identifiable information maintained by the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries should be protected from fraud and theft, and address limitations on healthcare insurance coverage. Has nothing to do with vaccine passports. Bacterial and viral infections have many things in common. Both types of infections are caused by microbes — bacteria and viruses, respectively — and spread by things such as coughing and sneezing, contact with infected people, especially through kissing and sex, contact with contaminated surfaces, food, and water. Both can and are spread by those who exhibit symptoms and the asymptomatic. But again, maybe it’s time you fact check your sources? And we’re still waiting for the rant about the huge profits big pharma is making on the vaccines. Keep commenting, we love you.

  22. CB

    You obviously haven’t lost anyone to this horrible virus! If you think FL is doing perfect, you’re a naive, sick person. Hope no o e close to you or you yourself succumb to Covid.

  23. CB

    Have been wearing masks everyday in the heat and for 2 weeks JUNE/JULY when we were in Disney to protect our daughter who can’t yet be vaccinated. We were fine! How can anyone say masks don’t work when there was virtually no flu during last flu season when everyone was wearing masks and more observant of sanitization???

  24. jo

    Instead of punishing the vaccinated why not file mandate to enforce proof of vaccination to enter parks and let the irresponsible, unamerican non vaccinated stay home

  25. SG

    All of you who haven’t been to WDW lately, as APs we’ve been going since it reopened, the mask REQUIREMENTS have NEVER gone away.
    Currently you don’t need them while outdoors but you need them on all forms of public transportation. I have no problem wearing masks. They do prevent the spread of most airborne viruses and bacteria (hence surgeons wearing them when you’re sliced open!). If we wore them during flu season we would not need the vaccine. I PREFER not to wear masks, but now with breakthrough I’m not taking the chance. Disney please go back to 25% capacity, 6 ft spacing and MASKS except while eating – 6 ft away from people! Those were truly enjoyable days! Low crowds, short wait times, good times!

  26. Patrick Tort

    Most of these comments are based purely on emotions and personal feelings. Until you become a healthcare professional taking care of these patients, refrain from speaking on such matters. When it comes to making decisions pertaining to the virus, science should be at the forefront. Ask yourselves this- have you ever undergone surgery? Have you ever taken a prescription medication? The decision to prescribe such medications or perform such procedures is based on the science of how and why these methods prove effective. Nothing is 100% when dealing with this virus. Only time will aid us. But to squander what science has taught us thus far is irresponsible.

  27. Ha

    Covid restrictions=loss of profits. Hate crowds? Stay home.

  28. J.Z.

    Good grief, why would we go back to masks and lockdowns, they didn’t work before, they wouldn’t work any better now. I’ll follow the science rather than the virtue signaling thanks…

  29. Joanne Marguerite Cornish

    Maybe now people who are not vaccinated will do so. It is very selfish on thier part. The healthcare workers are so very tired of unvaccinated people coming in and as they are dying saying “I wish I had gotten a vaccine”

    I also blame the Governor and his stupid ignorant comments as it relates to the vaccine. SMH

    1. Ha

      Apparently you skipped over Ryan’s comment above. The vax is ineffective. Stop blaming people and spreading lies. It’s disgusting.

    2. Big Daddy

      Joanne you have to be the most ignorant person I have ever read. People are selfish because they don’t want to take a vaccine? Are you serious right now? Last time I checked we live in the United States where liberty and freedom are afforded to everyone. I have been vaccinated and I am not looking at non-vaxxers as selfish or the enemy. It is a choice. My body, my choice. I guess that only applies for you democrats and abortions. This whole thing has become political BS and is no longer about science. I feel at this point that everything should just be opened up and if someone CHOOSES not to get vaccinated that is their prerogative and they understand the risks and accept them. You are not going to end up dead because of a non-vaxxer and to call them selfish just shows how selfish and entitled you are.

  30. Bob Maxwell

    The more I read some these posts the more I feel common sense is becoming a thing of the past. I have lived when smallpox was rampant enough we needed the vaccinations. I have lived through polio epidemics when public swimming pools closed. I have had a family member get polio. I have grown up in neighborhoods with quarantine signs posted on private homes. Scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, whooping cough and measles were commonplace.
    You might have seen old photos of Iron lungs. They were neither comfortable or pretty but they were life savers.
    Vaccines may sometimes have side effects but these diseases almost always did.

  31. Bob

    We scheduled a november trip to Universal back when we thought numbers were dropping to nothing. We have little ones I’d love to take to the parks, but without a significant drop in cases and protective measures from the parks, we’ll be canceling for sure. No reason to risk my kids’ health like that.

  32. Chris

    Face it: Orlando’s theme parks helped cause the surge in cases Florida is now experiencing. No doubt the encouragement they gave people to visit from outside Florida has helped kick off spikes elsewhere as well.

    Disney and Universal need to dot he right thing and either close their parks again or reduce capacity and require masks – indoors and out – for everybody.

    1. chrissy

      You have no proof of anything you said. I love it when people make guesses and then try to pass it off as facts.

    2. Judy

      Our governor needs to get smart and responsible

      1. be a big girl judy!

        I’m assuming you live in Florida, so why does your governor have to do anything? Aren’t you a big girl? Put on your big girl pants and use your brain. If you think it’s unsafe to go outside and be in public around others then don’t do it. Nobody is making you go to the parks or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve been to Florida several times in the last few months and people there are living their life, not living in fear. I only wish it was like that here in California.

    3. Big Daddy

      Chris show me your evidence that the theme parks are the reason for the rise in cases. What’s that? You don’t have any? Exactly. It’s idiots like you that should stop posting anything about the subject because you state your OPINION and try to pass it off as facts.

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