Universal Fans Get Excited For Banana Flavored Minion Candy Corn This Halloween

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There are many different ways theme park fans can integrate the Parks into their lives, one of which is through themed food. 

For Disney fans, Guests can go as far as purchasing their very own Mickey Premium Bars at their local grocery store to recreate the theme park experience. If you are a fan of Universal Orlando Resort, things may be a little different when it comes to finding theme park snacks.

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Because of all of the intellectual properties owned by Universal different films can instantly remind Guests of their visit to the theme parks. One of the fan-favorite IPs at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood is Despicable Me, specifically, the minion characters from the film franchise.

Guests can even meet the Minions in the park and ride the Despicable Me attraction! This is why this new candy can connect Universal fans to the theme parks with just one bite!

Credit: Universal

Candy Hunting (@CandyHunting) recently Tweeted that candy company Brach created a new candy corn flavor just ahead of Halloween that is minions-themed! The candy has three flavors: banana, blue raspberry, and vanilla. It seems that Minion fans looking to find the candy can take a look at their local Metro Market; however, there are also online options to make your purchase. 

New Brach’s Minions Bello candy corn is out now for the Halloween season! It has banana, blue raspberry, and vanilla flavored candy corn pieces. I found these at Metro Market, which is owned by Kroger.

With Halloween just a few months away, this version of candy corn will give you a new spin on an old classic. Since this is created by Brachs we expect to see it pop up in stores around the United States.

Another great treat Universal fans can enjoy is SpongeBob popsicles! Some Guests love them so much that they have purchased over 2,000 from Amazon in a single purchase. You can read more about that story here.

Credit: Universal

Curing the theme park blues is important when any vacation ends, so if you can also bring home some snacks from the theme parks that are sealed, eating those at home can bring you right back into that vacation mode.

Would you purchase these new Minions candy corn? 

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