Comments for Signage Reappears at Disney World as Mask Rules Officially Change

guests face mask disney (left) mask signage (right)

Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: @onemagicallife


  1. K.

    No thanks! I’ll come back when the magic is back. (or better yet, go to Universal where they are only “encouraged” rather than required)

  2. I

    Bye, bye, Disney. Hello, Universal!

  3. Disney has already increased prices to cover park closures (which by the way were not mandated–they chose to close). Makes you wonder what they have in store for us next. Congratulations Universal for using common sense. Woke Disney and common sense doesn’t mix.

    1. Bill

      Nope, won’t be going. Sorry, but the age of masks is over! The sooner the CDC, politicians and WOKE businesses actually wake up to that fact, the better!

  4. Tamara

    Can’t convince fools, they are always right.

    1. Danielle

      I bet you were convinced to take an experimental drug by a politician or news anchor! So yes, you’re living proof that you can convince fools!

  5. James

    Yay! Masks are required again. Bye Bye crowds!

    1. I won’t be going to Disney where masks are mandated I will be going to Universal and spend my money there. BYE BYE Disney.

  6. Ken

    I won’t be going to Disney where masks are mandated. I will be going to Universal and spend my money there. BYE BYE DISNEY.

  7. Ken Brenner

    The time for mandates in general is passed. Enough time (since March, 2020) has passed for both citizens and governments to know how the virus works. The information and experience is there, people should be allowed to make their own decisions.
    Enough of the following:
    1. Mandates of any kind
    2. Doing things because it is socially popular (i.e. Wokeness)
    I am a huge WDW fan, and go annually – staying at the Dolphin Hotel and going into Epcot and some into Magic Kingdom.
    I was going to make reservations for Jan. or Feb, but that is paused until I see how the Woke-Conscious Disney leadership and the King of Orange county make edicts in the latter part of this year.
    I hate not going back, but I will NOT go when masks are required in the hotel and in the rides.
    WDW has done enough damage with what they’re doing to Epcot (removed Maelstrom, added sing along to France, replaced Illuminations fireworks with the new machine ugly monstrosities) and Magic Kingdom (getting rid of Splash Mountain, a very innocent and fun ride). And now, they do this. Disney leadership needs a complete overhaul, and realization the negative they are doing to their loyal fan base.
    Like our society today, the situation at Disney is an avoidable sad situation.

  8. Dis fan

    We are at disney this week, no mask, then wear mask on attractions, glad we only have a couple days left. We love disney world, but the magic has faded. The diehards will still go and thats fine, glad we did all the parks before the mask police came out, yeah we are vaccinated and now we are stuck again because sharona numbers are going up, pretty sure someone will comment about my comment, so lets hear it

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