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tom holland as peter parker aka spiderman confused

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  1. MS

    You should visit the comic book forums like CBR. There’s a lot of love Ben there. And its naive to think they’re just gonna kill off Peter when they already did that the Superior Spider-Man run. Peter throughout the decades has been temporarily replaced, sometimes briefly (Kraven’s Last Hunt) or in a year long series run (Superior Spider-Man when doc ock took over his body) so there’s no doubt it’s set up to remind not just Peter but the readers exactly why he is THE Spider-Man in his own series. He’ll most likely be in a coma and that’s how he will be out of commission for some time.

    1. Benjamin Tracey

      Yes he will be most likely in fact able to recover in some way or shape or form.

  2. ?

    The New New Warriors are finally going to be published?!

  3. Anon

    Most reviled? Where are you getting your info from? Though the Clone Saga is despised, Ben has long been a fan favorite character.

  4. Thor Mathiason

    Clearly you were not a kid in the early 90s. When I was in 5th grade, around the time the Clone Saga was in full swing, every boy at recess wanted to be the Scarlet Spider. Most reviled character? I don’t think so.

  5. Don't matter

    I agree with the others, Ben, or the Scarlet Spider, awesome then, awesome now…. Never disliked, or reviled???, bad writing, poor description, and way off base, not sure where this came from, not sure if I’ve ever heard anyone say they disliked, let alone Reviled the Scarlet Spider or Ben Reilly, one and the same, but I like that the article brought up what started as a great story line, but drug it out to long, but still for the most part enjoyable, and so glad that marvel survived, especially Spider Man, which is my favorite hero, or tied with Captain America, as my favorite, hard to choose, but to bring Scarlet Spider to a live action movie, that would b amazing, as long as they let the person responsible for End Game, Infinity Wars, do it, or the one who made Far From Home… Then it would be truly amazing

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