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  1. Chris

    They are being very dumb and not following the science.

    The majority of people I know will turn around a leave a business if they require them to wear a mask.

    This also means that LA County businesses will be stuck in a very hard position, if they don’t enforce the rule, they likely risk being fined, but if they do, they risk loosing business to neighboring counties that don’t have the same rule in place. The businesses that are far away from a county line may fair a little better, but the rest won’t.

    Ultimately, this will hit LA county hard once again, mostly hurting small businesses, as the larger ones will likely be able to absorb the costs involved.

  2. Bryan

    This will just make things worse again. I’ll have to go back to shopping once again to places that don’t enforce the mandate.

  3. Lisa

    I think Universal will lose a lot of business and planned vacationers if they enforce mask policies once again. It should be the individual’s choice or private business’s choice. Federal, state, and local government should only be providing recommendations at that this time. What is the incentive to get a vaccination if you will still be forced to wear a mask? Who are we protecting anymore? Are we supposed to stay in our houses forever? We already did for over a year and it has proven nothing. Why go back to the same rules and mandates that didn’t work before? Certain states are taking advantage of their control and power over people and businesses and it is time that stop.

  4. Paul A

    So .015% of the population in LA county is getting the virus a day and they want to start masking up again? What a joke!

    1. Marsha

      Absolutely correct 👍🏻

  5. Lrak

    I think it bs. That’s going way backward.
    It’s a big mistake.
    Time to go forward.

  6. PAlterBoy

    This is what happens when people don’t get vaccinated – there’s a reason why almost all of the new infections and deaths are happening with unvaccinated, right? We’ve already seen, over and over, what happens when officials wait too long to take action, so kudos to LA County for stepping in.

    If people could be trusted to be honest about their vaccination status and appropriately wearing a mask there wouldn’t need to be a blanket policy. But they can’t. And the same people who whine about this are the ones who lie about their vaccination status and go around not wearing a mask, and also whine about having to show proof of vaccination.

    So, this is the cheeeeze with your whine. Happy?

    1. Marsha

      You’ve got to be kidding? Blaming the unvaccinated! Did you not hear the CDC, the vaccine may not stop the new strain. Viruses can’t be stopped by a mask.

      1. Ami

        Yes they can Marsha! and stop spreading misinformation you’re not a scientist and sound whiney. People like you are the problem, negative negative negative. (Marsha Marsha Marsha)

    2. ethan

      If only all the people who died since the beginning of the pandemic would have worn a mask right paul? (HINT: most of them did!)

  7. Marsha

    Ridiculous. Masks do not, will not, can not, and have not stopped a virus. This is forced control and forcing a person’s CHOICE.

  8. KenG

    Just another reason not to visit California and for folks like me, just another reason to move out of this restrictive state!

    1. Ami

      And you’re spreading misinformation too Ethan, “they” probably didn’t wear masks correctly or wore a make believe gator mask & or was in a household with an asymptomatic person & probably didn’t follow all the guidelines correctly, for example the ones that wear their mask with their nose sticking out. Stop spreading misinformation about masks, it’s careless. I wore a mask correctly whole time, stayed distanced when possible and washed hands, left shoes outside at home etc. and I’m a teacher working in a classroom during the pandemic before vaccinations and did not catch the virus although was in many classrooms that had someone with the virus & those individuals probably wore their masks wrong in public or are mainly coming to school sick already not knowing. I always ate in my car to avoid any contact as well. No one caught it from class, they always came in with it. We had to quarantine as a precaution to not spread the virus to other classes. We would come right back to class & do it all over again. So thank you to the mask! So don’t spread misinformation here about masks.

      1. Ethan

        LOL!!! If you’re assuming that everybody who has died from the virus was not wearing their masks properly we’d have millions more dead. I went to high school with an extremely smart girl named AMI, you’re definitely not her.

  9. Claudia Trent

    Why are people trying to pretend that the pandemic is over, when it is clearly NOT OVER? What is Los Angeles County supposed to do? Depend on the “honor system”? I’m certain there are plenty of people who are lying about being vaccinated in order to avoid wearing a mask. I wish people would simply grow up and do the right thing, while this country and the world is still enduring a health crisis.

    1. Get a brain claudia!

      Because for a lot of people this pandemic is OVER! Follow the science! That’s what we’ve been told for the last year and a half, and if you follow the science you will see that your chance of dying from this “deadly” virus is almost nil. And as far as masks go, they do nothing to protect anyone from the virus unless everybody is wearing an N95 mask. THATS WHAT THE SCIENCE SAYS! I bet you’re one of those people who drive in your car by yourself and still wear one of those masks that say right on the box “does not prevent the spread of disease”. For me and my family, and along with a lot of people I know, we’re getting back to some sense of normalcy, but I will never tell you or anybody else that you should do the same. If you wanna continue to be scared and hide under your bed because you saw on TV that there’s a new variant that is more deadly and contagious then anything we’ve seen before, then stay home. But don’t tell me or anybody else that we should stay home too because you’re scared of getting the sniffles!

  10. Tammy

    I think it is stupid it should be a choice they just lifted the mandate a month ago vaccines work not masks

  11. VDog

    It always amazes me when I read so may adult brat, anti-masker comments after a Disney related story, and can probably guarantee that none of you nonchalant privileged brats lost any loved ones to covid. The smart ass comments like “why would you wear a mask, they don’t stop covid” or “I’ll just shop at a place that doesn’t require masks” say everything that needs to be said about most of you privileged asses that have never experienced a day of struggle in your lives. You all wanna “move forward” like you mention in your comments?? GET VACCINATED, instead of spewing out your anti-mask, anti-vaccine “don’t tread on me” agendas!!

    1. Natasha

      Well maybe if you got off idiot island fir one minute and try to run together two brain cells to do your own research and stop parroting the government propaganda they feed you you would understand how viruses work and masks do and never will otherwise, wtf is there still a virus! Hmmm? It’s never going away zombie Karen! If you want protection you go get your special vaccination and the people you don’t want it aren’t going to get it they’re only going to be a risk to themselves because people who are vaccinated or not are in any more of a risk to anyone vaccinated or an unvaccinated person it’s equal because being vaccinated doesn’t mean that you cannot catch this or spread it it does nothing other than supposedly protect you vaccinated from not getting ill so if you’re around and unvaccinated person not wearing a mask what are you worried about? Are you worried about them spreading it to each other why would you care if the unvaccinated spread it to each other if your protected? You are a deeply hypnotized covid Karen that needs to mind you’re own business!

  12. Natasha

    reinstating a mask mandate despite the fact that there is no evidence of masks reducing cases. Nothing could be more anti-science than ignoring months of data. Masks have become the ultimate symbol of conformity, irrationality, and rejection of the scientific method! Why don’t they just be honest about what they’re hoping to do, and that’s to punish and threaten the unvaccinated for not wanting the experimental toxic shot! The unvaxxed are not anymore a threat than the vaxxed because it doesn’t doesn’t stop the infection or spread of this virus. If your vaccinated then supposedly you’re safe according to CDC and if not, you access you’re own risk! So it’s none of anyone else’s business whether you’ve had it or not, it doesn’t effect you! This is the UNHEALTHY departments way of trying to force this poison into everyone’s body and they’re using this mask BS to do it! This is gas lighting fear propaganda to further their disgusting agendas! So take your blind outrage to the Unhealthy department for this BS their pushing because it’s not the unvaccinated enforcing these do nothing mandates! This mask bs will only further push people into never getting the shot! The unhealthy department just sealed the deal! Guess vaccines don’t work!

    1. VDog

      Lol, who’s calling WHO Karen with your “government conspiracy theories”?? Places like LA HAVE to mandate masks because most of you privileged adult brats wouldn’t otherwise wear one on your own, vaccinated or not.. let me guess, Daddy bought you your first car and paid for your college tuition right??
      There’s a reason America is a free country, and that’s because our government sets down rules and regulations that PROTECT us on a daily basis. FREE country doesn’t mean you walk around breaking rules because you feel the law doesn’t apply to you… lol WOW. You apparently have no idea what a “Karen” is because you fit the mold PERFECTLY!

      1. VDumb

        If a person chooses not to wear a mask that science says doesn’t protect you or chooses not to get vaccinated with a vaccine that the FDA hasn’t approved, how does that make them “privileged”? If anybody is privileged its you when you got your government sponsored experimental vaccine!

  13. L.

    How silly, more nonsense out of CA.

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