Comments for #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Supporter Detained By Police

Johnny Depp in Pirates

Credit: Disney


  1. Angie

    Good for him to drive attention to this critical issue: female abusers should be held accountable for their actions and judged. Abuse has no gender! Male victims need support.
    It’s hypocritical that Amber keeps her job when she abused Depp, lied about donating money to sick children & set up an hoax with the help of ACLU & Musk to destroy JD. She committed perjury in Australia and UK and Watner Bros receives her with open arms?
    JD was never judged or found guilty of those false allegations, and he lost his job in seconds.

    1. Mila

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  2. K H

    Finally a truthful spread! Anyone with half a brain sees the truth.. Amber Heard is GUILTY..she’s been caught in multiple lies, there’s audio, video, texts texts and picture and over 40 eye witnesses & she ADMITTED it… Mountains of evidence prove she is a liar!! Yet still employed?? What BIAS WARNER BROS! What a slap in the face!! #FireAmberHeard #JusticeForJohnny #BoycotAquaman2#AmberHeardIsAnAbuser

  3. Sam

    Johnny Depp is the only one that can play the part of Jack Sparrow. Good for children and fun for children. No one else should play the part. It will be disastrous for Disney.

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