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  1. Mike

    If the Disney Shareholders are smart, they fire this guy. He’s taking Walt Disney’s parks and making them into his own. The company’s name isn’t called “The Josh D’Amaro Company.” This guy is taking everything special about Disney and destroying it. The majority doesn’t want Splash Mountain re-themed. Nobody goes to Disney to be fed politics. Wake up Disney. #SaveSplashMountain

    1. Nancy

      You’re right! Disneyland is NOT the place for politics or the cancel culture agenda. Walt would be so very disappointed and hurt by these changes!

    2. Marie

      You are spot on. My family has spent thousands of dollars over the years there. When our annual passes expire – we are not renewing. Have voted as a family that Disney is no longer for us. They CEO and company do not value family values or Walt’s Legacy.

  2. Eric M

    These idiots at going to take a company whos theme park experience was light-years ahead of everyone else to being distance second to Universal in the next 5 years.

  3. Joseph Kastner

    And we have the right to refuse to pay money for this horse hockey. You are tarnishing the legacy. If cast members are going to look employees of a Hot Topic then why am I paying premium prices?

  4. Anthony Cecchini

    I have taken my family to Disney over 20 times since 1993 and loved it My Daughter even worked for Disney in the College program The last time we went was in 2017 a sole trip just me and my wife I don’t know it just seems that Disney is going down hill for awhile and and this guy is taking it to the next level Hopefully it will change but I don’t see myself setting foot on Disney property ever again. I have been renting my DVC points Maybe it’s time to sell

  5. Thomas

    While I appreciate the idea of a more inclusive workplace for the cast members, he has to remember that it’s Disney’s legacy that people go, and yes fine updates are okay, but some of the traditions of the past are also needed. As Disney himself said in Disneyland’s opening day in 1955: ‘Here age relives fond memories of the past…and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future’. I just hope that the main Disney chair highlights to him that putting his own stamp is fine, but Disney’s legacy is what brings people back.

  6. Tamara

    Yup he’s bringing Disney right into the dumpsters and to the doorsteps of the rich. Way to go.

  7. Kathy

    Mr. D’Amaro obviously does not understand Disney. The whole idea of Disneyland was to escape the world – to go someplace magical with your family. A berm was built around it to keep the distraction of the outside world away. I would like to see clean cut cast members whose tattoos, piercings, hair style, and gender chosen clothing aren’t a distraction to the magic. They are called cast members because they are playing a role. Let’s not make the role they play what we see every day in the world. We go to Disney parks to escape the every day world. Mr. D’Amaro has an agenda, and it is an agenda that is going to destroy the Disney magic we have all come to love.

    1. Rich

      Well said. Time will tell whether the “inclusive” generation will want to spend exorbitant amounts of money to experience culturally progressive exhibits that change with the winds of Twitter and become irrelevant with the next cancel culture pronouncement.

      1. I wish that a Disney CEO could be more like Walt. There has to be one! Wish the Disney family had remained in charge and passed down the family legacy generation to generation! These guys in charge lately are too lame!

  8. Paul

    What could possibly be the objection from people if Disney makes their parks and experiences more opening, welcoming, and respectful to everyone? All of us win. Yes, changes will occur.

    If anyone thinks D’Amaro is doing these changes without the understanding and approval of the rest of the C-suite, you don’t understand corporate America at all.

    What did Walt say? “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world”, and “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”

    It sounds like D’Amaro’s got a great understanding of Disney’s legacy.

    1. AMJ

      I don’t mind the changes to the CM requirements for hair, clothing and such. I do object to the down grading of value – when a pretzel with cheese is the same cost as a pulled pork sandwich it just seems money grabbing to me. And while I understand why there isn’t buffet dining ,as we knew it, the family style serving are taking away a lot of the different food choices that make them special, less choices then we have with a buffet. No fried chicken at Trail’s End ? Tusker House with almost the same menu as everywhere else? And the prices are up, for less. There is no reason that the buffets can’t return, with Cast Members sering you your choices, especially at the cost for these meals! How could Boma have a “family style” meal?
      Josh can make changes, and upcharge for everything, cut out all he wants to make the Disney parks as much like other companies parks,but at some point it’s going to cost Disney.
      There will always be first time visitors, but, contrary to what he might think, Annual Passholders, DVC, and other loyal, (till now…Universal has much cheaper annual passes right now..) , are going to quit visiting all the Disney parks. Just waiting till they charge parking for Downtown Disney…

  9. Ben

    I agree with all the comments so far. Disney is not a place to make a political statement. I am fine with being inclusive but leave that to the guests and behind the scenes not on stage. I don’t want to have to explain why a cast member has an ACAB tattoo or somebody with pink hair is working in Frontier Land. I also agree Disneyland has become a rich person’s park and I am certain they will continue to raise prices. These changes will ruin the magic of Disneyland.

    1. Gus

      What a crock…if I wanted to go to a carny ran park I would go Six Flags, the entire point of Disney is visiting a magical place that takes you back to when you were a kid, why try changing it? You are most definitely ignorant of what your customer base wants…

  10. Sue

    Truth be told Bob Iger is still in charge and running Disney. Mark is chairman in name only just like Bob Chapek is the CEO puppet. All 3 are ruining Walt Disney’s dream.

  11. Gus

    What a crock…if I wanted to go to a carny ran park I would go Six Flags, the entire point of Disney is visiting a magical place that takes you back to when you were a kid, why try changing it? You are most definitely ignorant of what your customer base wants…

    1. Jordan

      I feel like more people are accepting of this than there are people against this. It’s not like you can have whatever you want on display, they still have rules. You people just need to calm down and accept the fact that people aren’t the same as they were in the 1950s. And if you are wanting these people to dress and behave in a certain way, then they need to paid more than they already are, which means the cost of everything there will probably go up more.

      1. Ben

        If these comments are an indicator then people like you are in the minority.

  12. Dave

    He’s also pricing average Americans out of the parks. I know I can’t afford to go there anymore.

  13. Barb

    He’s changing it all right. He’s making it less attractive and more expensive on a daily basis. Perhaps if his salary were a few million dollars lower they wouldn’t have to charge the working folks so much to attend!!! Now id iTM will post my comment I would greatly appreciate it!

  14. Rick

    If he was really looking out for Disney he would be listening to the fans and Save Splash Mountain like the majority have been begging them to do.

    1. Marie

      Agree 100%

  15. Inclusion is understandable except when the process ‘excludes’ others. My 18 yr old Grandson has missed being in the Disney parks, as have so many other fans. He said I just want to be on Main St to hear”ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” and you have taken that away and REDUCED it to ‘Dreamers’ thats insane. What’s wrong with “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dreamers of all ages; Welcome” That is inclusion the other is wiping out the existance of men, women, boys and girls. Seriously stupid, uncalled for and offensive.

  16. Maria

    Fire this man he has to go! Why change Disney ? It is the heart of so many magical memories.! Sadly, it is all about money!
    Although, us adults enjoy it ,At the end of the day ,it is about the chidren!

  17. KenR

    How about spending less money on unnecessary politically correct updates to rides and announcements and get us a night time parade worthy of the Magic Kingdom! That’s the type of announcement I’d like to hear from their new leader.

  18. Matthew Brewster

    Allowing Cast Members in the parks to have VISIBLE TATTOOS greatly upsets me, for it opens a can of cultural “worms” that will ruin thr innocence of everything Disney represents. The policy should remain that all tattoos should be hidden by clothing from guests- WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!

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