Comments for First Lady Jill Biden Is Heading to Disney World

Jill Biden Wide World of Sports


  1. Michelle

    Being so smart I’m surprised she can’t spot the signs of dementia and elder abuse.

    1. Michelle

      Never said she was a medical doctor. An elementary student could see how bad his cognitive decline is.

  2. Joseph Kastner

    She is not a doctor. She has a doctorate in education. That does not make her a doctor.

    1. Bren

      She is not a medical doctor, nor does she pretend to be. Any simpleton should know there are many different doctorate programs, and not all are in the medical field. She has done the coursework required to attain a doctorate in the educational field. Therefore, she is Dr. Jill Biden. Not once during my daughter’s elementary school education would I have ever addressed her principal as Principal “such and such” when she also had a doctorate. I addressed her as Dr. with her last name. Sorry Joseph, you are totally incorrect. Whether it’s your mad because she is a democrat or a woman, or even both, your intelligence level is showing.

  3. Chris

    Be prepared, this will cause hours of delays in getting to and from the parks….happens every time.

  4. What a class act. To bad so many negative people. She may not be a medical doctor but she is a doctor and has earned the respect and title.

  5. Jared rose

    Streetwalkers in Disney

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