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jungle cruise

Credit: Disney


  1. C

    Here’s a idea: Leave Splash Mountain alone. From the #SaveSplashMountain petition no one wants this re-theme. Just build Princess Tiana somewhere else. How stupid can Disney be to re-theme the most popular attraction?!

    1. Chris

      Honestly, I would love to see them keep Disney World’s splash mount and retheme Disneyland’s. This would make the parks have unique attractions and keep the by far superior version of Splash.

      1. C

        I think they should leave them alone and build Princess Tiana somewhere else.

    2. Jordan

      Well, for one it’s not the most popular ride. It’s a popular ride that people do enjoy, but they will still enjoy it after the retheming. Secondly, just because people are signing a petition to save it doesn’t mean that no one wants the change. If we look at the last couple of elections, people may or may not want a certain person but still won’t vote because they feel their opinion doesn’t matter. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing what they have in mind before completely saying no to it.

  2. Peter George

    Stop being so pc Disney and leave Splash Mountain alone.

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