Comments for Goodbye, DC – Henry Cavill Reportedly in Talks to Join Marvel

Henry Cavill as Superman in "Man of Steel" (2013)

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Cheryl James

    Warner Bros. Really should be trying harder to keep Henry Cavill as Superman, he’s the perfect Superman in every way. To me he’s the best out of any of all the previous Supermen. He’s my #1 choice!!!

  2. Jim

    He emulates Superman .. but if he goes to Marvel .. one word … HYPERION!!!!

  3. Promit Biswas

    Atleast Marvel can undo the INJUSTICES done by WB on him.
    Good Luck with the new opportunities Superman incarnate.

  4. Tota85

    Yes! Hyperion!

    1. smokey

      He should be sentry, at least its not auperman parody

  5. Gc

    Sad to see you go, but happy to see you coming back!!!

  6. Kyle

    Please make hum Hyperion it would be too perfect.

  7. CL

    Look here Alex you can love Snyder’s DC films all you want that’s fine but don’t lie & say they were successful when they weren’t. Henry was perfect for the role of Superman sadly his talents were wasted due to poor writing/directing.

    1. Joy

      Really stupid if you think they weren’t successful in every way other than crybaby bloggers

  8. If he joins Marvel I hope he is WONDERMAN. Trade in the S for a W on the chest. Also, Wonderman is very powerful.

  9. Lisa

    I feel Henry Cavill should do what is best for you Henry!
    Henry, if your able to cross the bridges back and fourth. So be it! I don’t know you personally, but you seem to carry yourself with high regard. Morals, values, ethics and such!

  10. Greg

    Making a choice such has to thought over careful. Crossing superheroes can damage a franchise. Remember Captain America was originally Johnny Torch.
    Fantastic 4 never recovered.

  11. Jshaun

    Would love to see him play Wonder Man.

  12. Karel

    I don’t like the idea of superman joining Marvel. He will always gonna be seen as superman.

  13. Radix

    No one’s thought of it as far as I can see but, Reed Richards would be great for him to play. that would really kick off the Fantastic Four in the MCU instead of using him as another Superman-type character in the MCU.

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