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  1. frostysnowman

    DeSantis left room in his “no proof of vax allowed!” edict for theme parks to be able to require it, so Disney could starting doing so at any time if they wanted to. I wouldn’t mind if they did – I’m going in September and am fully vaxxed.

    1. Joseph Kastner

      If you are valued, you haven’t nothing to worry about

    2. Barbara

      Exactly! Everyone in my house is vaccinated my daughter who thank goodness came to her senses and is getting the vaccine Monday. It’s definitely worth showing your vaccinated status and following the rules.

  2. Ha

    Not unless Disney wants to alienate half of its customers.

    1. Joseph Kastner

      Disney is already pushing away the middle class with their price increases

  3. George

    It’s a good thing for Disney to do, having a current negative test or a vaccine card to go to there resort will help to not spread the of the virus at their parks and hotels, I’m going soon and showing a vaxx card is no bid deal.
    People don’t realize that kids can’t go to most schools with out being vaccinated so what’s the big deal about this vaccine and I bet that 99 percent of the people complaining about it were vaccinated as a child

    1. L.

      George, the “big deal” about this vaccine is that it was fast-tracked out with very little testing (the average vaccine has ten years of testing and trials before it is available to the public), still only has emergency status “approval” and the manufacturers only agreed to put it out if they had liability protections from governments that they could not be sued if someone who used it was sickened or died. That is the big deal, and why so many people are taking a wait and see approach and giving it some time to see what sort of issues shake out from it.

      1. Nicole

        This technology has been worked on for 30 years. It was only completed faster because the usual obstacles were removed (funding, collaborative efforts, enough researchers) due to the seriousness of this crisis. All of the normal steps were followed; they were completed faster because some steps that usually take longer due to the above issues (or not enough volunteers) were done at the same time, rather than consecutively. Again, the usual obstacles weren’t there. They also already had similar vaccines ready and approved that were made for SARS and other similar viruses, which they essentially swapped out for COVID. MRNA technology has also been used for cancer treatments for several years, and many people have had these COVID vaccines for over a year now. The way they work makes it essentially impossible for dangerous effects to occur down the road. The mRNA itself degrades in the body after about 3-4 days, with the body learning how to fight rhe virus (as it naturally does when exposed to viruses, but with almost none of tbe risk that comes with actually contracting it). Further, complications from vaccines are seen within days to weeks and up to about 4 months maximum. I understand your concerns, but many of them can be assuaged with more information. I hope this helps clear up a few worries! -A pre-med/biomed. sciences major

        1. L.

          Nicole, I appreciate your polite approach, but have to say that if you are of the age to be a current student now, you likely did not live through the world’s bout with SARS. CoV-1, the cause of SARS (and CoV-2’s older cousin) completely defeated scientists’ attempts to develop a viable vaccine. The side-effects were horrible, killed or gave auto-immune diseases to the test subjects (primates, ferrets and mice) and the project was ultimately abandoned. Unfortunately, I doubt that using a SARS vaccine as a stepping stone will reassure anyone. I’m not sure why you are saying that “many people have had the vaccine for over a year now”. Can you clarify? The MRNA technology used in cancer treatments operates via a different mechanism but either way, we of course are willing to use a riskier method of treatment when it comes to cancer versus a respiratory illness with such a low mortality rate. Finally, the testing protocols are done in a certain order for a reason, and doing them simultaneously does NOT make for a safer product. (Again, thank you for your measured, kind comment, politeness can be in short supply on the internet these days) -A Microbiology/Zoology Graduate

  4. tom

    I’m all for them require proof of vaccination or negative test. We need to do everything we can to get more folks vaccinated. If that means proving vaccinations to enter theme parks, attend sporting events, or even movie theaters, I’m ok with it. The low vaccination rates in the US are embarrassing.

    1. Ha

      I survived covid. I’m not taking some experimental poison to make YOU feel better. If you’re scared of the wuhan lab biological weapon, then stay home.

  5. Natasha

    reinstating a mask mandate despite the fact that there is no evidence of masks reducing cases. Nothing could be more anti-science than ignoring months of data. Masks have become the ultimate symbol of conformity, irrationality, and rejection of the scientific method! Your a shill

    And it’s not just a mask.. or just a vaccine card.. its giving up every ounce of your inalienable rights and it’s unlawful!

    WDW will never enforce this. Maybe masks indoors might make a return unfortunately as they go little to nothing to stop any virus but that’s as far as that will go and just waiting on idiot newscum to be recalled so the new Governor can end the state of emergency as there is and never was one!

    1. Nicole

      Literally none of this is true.

  6. Jade

    I would be elated if WDW would require proof of vaccination. Families with children under 12 are not being factored in at all under the current lack of precautions we’re seeing. Extremely disappointed in Disney for being so irresponsible with the health and safety of their younger guests. Allowing unvaxed, unmasked adults to cram in with children is disgusting. The honor system is a joke.

    1. Ha

      Yeah, you should stay home. Disney is just too dangerous for you.

    2. Y.

      Jade, you don’t actually think Disney or any other business that dropped masks actually cares whether or not the customers are vaccinated or already had a bout of Covid? If they did, they would require some kind of proof. It’s obvious lip service and just boilerplate to act like they care about safety while still doing something to let people be comfortable again so they will come back and spend money. Nobody but a handful of Karens and Kyles cares. Just get back to living your life along with everybody else. As far as kids go, they are the least likely age group to be affected and were never at any significant risk anyway.

      1. Disneyfan

        Good grief people. I have read some rubbish in my time but this takes the biscuit. Stop turning this forum in to a political debate. Grow up. The UK is slowly coming out of this pandemic thanks to widespread vaccinations and to date we haven’t turned in to zombies. Although that would make a great film.

    3. Nicole

      I agree completely. Disney’s lack of concern and consideration for vulnerable kids and adults is extremely reckless, disappointing and dangerous. I’d love if they reinstated more protective measures and required proof of vaccination for all guests. This is especially concerning considering the new variants and rise in cases, whether the anti-vac conspiracy crowd likes it or not. Facts are facts.

      1. Ha

        Disney could care less about vaxxed vs. unvaxxed. All decisions are driven by the almighty dollar. The question is who brings in more $$$? The fools that buy into the scamdemic scare tactics? Or everyone else?

        1. Jade

          It’s far from a scamdemic. Someone I know just lost their 7-month-old to Covid. My point is that there is a corporate responsibility to public health that Disney is not abiding by. It speaks very loudly to their brand identity that they are ignoring the current uptick in hospitalizations in FL by packing the park with no masks to be seen. I guarantee I am not the only parent who is in awe of their decision-making right now. I have a 2-week Disney trip booked with my three kids (under 12) on August 2nd. We booked when masks were still a thing there… and now, because unvaxed people are maskless pretending that we are not in a pandemic, I will have to cancel. So no, I’m not a Karen, just a mom who is trying to do her part to curb the spread.

          1. Ha

            Yeah, you should cancel. Good job making the sacrifice to curb spread. One less family in the crowd during my vacay.

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