Comments for Guests Get Stuck On Haunted Mansion, Sees Ride With Lights On

grave diggers haunted mansion

Credit: Disney


  1. Melissa Ansley

    While at Disneyland a couple of years ago The Peter Pan ride ended up malfunctioning. Well myself, my son and my mom were stuck in Neverland so instead of being evacuated they had to turn on the manual function of the ride and had to manually pull our pirate ship through the rest of the ride with the lights on. On one hand it was really neat to see the ride with the lights on, but on the other hand it was a very bumpy ride lol

  2. MaryAnn

    We were evacuated from Pirates at WDWMK on Monday the 19th. I thought it was funny but the guests two rows back looked ticked. So sad, too bad – things happen.

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