Comments for Happily Ever After Is Ending Its Run, Disney Releases Statement

Happily Ever After Fireworks, Magic Kingdom Park

Credit: Disney


  1. Dustin Bollnow

    Show me what the new show has to offer. I will miss Happily Ever After. Good thing I filmed both Happily Ever After and Wishes prior to each ones final curtain.

    1. Erica

      I still miss Wishes like crazy!! ?

  2. Rob S

    Bummed about HEA, as much as I liked Wishes, I thought HEA was a solid show. Glad I was able to see it a couple of times at least. Hopefully next iteration after the 50th is even better and (crossing fingers) has perimeter fireworks (my all-time favorite).

    1. Tyler

      There isn’t an after 50th. Enchantment is the new nighttime spectacular for good. It’s not a 50th celebration event, it just happens to start at the same time.

  3. Mark Kaplan

    Why did they have to change it so soon? Wishes had a longer run than Happily Ever After. This sudden change better be worth it. Not that it would matter to me, I’m no longer an annual pass holder.

    1. Jason

      Bad decision … That was amazing show and the only reason I wanted to go back to Disney … I am sure Disney will come up with something spectacular but Happily even after was amazing and I am not sure how you top it

  4. KenR

    I may be in the minority here but I still miss Wishes. The story and music were moving and powerful. I never felt a connection to Happily Ever After.

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