Fan-Favorite Disney Springs Bakery Tries Something COMPLETELY New!

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Gideons Bakehouse in Disney Springs

Credit: Gideons

If you haven’t been to Disney Springs’s newest bakery, boy are you missing out! Gideon’s Bakehouse located at The Landing has become a Disney cult following, offering delicious made from scratch cookies that weigh nearly half a pound!

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Gideon's Bakehouse in Disney Springs
Credit: Gideon’s Bakehouse via Instagram (left) Gideon’s Bakehouse via Instagram (right)

Gideon’s takes cookies to a whole new level with massive amounts of chocolate chips and flavors such as Original Chocolate Chip, Pistachio Toffee cookie, Peanut Butter Crunch, Cookies and Cream, and more.

The official Gideon’s website announced a new Florida-inspired flavor that is heading to Disney Springs, called Key Lime Chocolate Chip. For the month of July, you can preorder these citrus-flavored cookies online as Gideon’s Bakehouse states:

We’re celebrating the Flavors of Florida with our preferred Florida fruit, the Key Lime! Our beloved Vanilla Bean Cookie Dough is infused with Florida Key Lime Juice and covered with Chocolate Chips and our special Key Lime Pie Crumbs. A new favorite! Available July through August 12th in stores and just for July as a preorder item at East End Market! Fun Fact: Our favorite Florida dessert is a chocolate dipped frozen key lime pie on a stick and this is our tribute!

Gideon's Bakehouse in Disney Springs
Credit: Gideon’s Bakehouse

Please be aware, this flavor is available for the month of July Only. If you choose a pickup date in another month, we will substitute this Cookie with the Limited for that month.

Along with these incredible cookies are tons of other mouth-watering items, including a fan-favorite coffee drink and cakes. The official Disney Springs website shares:

Gideon’s brings an expanded menu of cookie and cake slices to Disney Springs, including a special line of Double Frosted Cakes and its own line of extraordinary iced drinks, including the Original Peanut Butter Iced Coffee.

Gideon's Peanut Butter Cake
Credit: Gideon’s Bakehouse

The ever-popular Coffee Cake Cookie, previously only available one month a year, will be on sale every morning. And each evening, you can indulge in a Hot Cookie Hour to cure your sweet tooth after dinner. Gideon’s is also known for secret Limited Edition first come first serve desserts, offering you fun and unique surprises throughout the year.

Coffee Cake Cookie
Credit: Gideon’s Bakehouse

How do you feel about Gideon’s Bakehouse in Disney Springs? Should Downtown Disney District offer this Bakery to Disney fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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