Comments for Major 4th of July Power Outage Shuts Down a Number of Disneyland Rides

mad tea party at disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. DAMON

    That was a really long-winded way to say the power went out

  2. Stefani

    I was stuck on the Grizzly River Run. We were in an awkward position and location when the power went out so we were not able to exit the raft. We waited for the Disney Fire Department to arrive and safely get us out. It was hot and sunny. A crew member provided us with umbrellas and played some Disney trivia with us to keep us entertained. We were given a total of 9 fast passes for all rides except for 3 (web slinger, radiator springs racers, and toy story midway mania).

  3. Jayce Becker

    I was there when the power outage happened and it happened right when our boarding group was called for ROTR. Me and my dad decided to go on Indiana Jones about 15 minutes later since it was open for 10 minutes standby and that ride was barely hanging on. Sound effects were off, the jeep stopped at the end and then there was no music. I went on Guardians later that night and the ride was operating at limited capacity which meant that only 3 vehicles were operating. Nothing to due with covid. But one elevator door in the ride did not open but the rest was fine.

  4. Hippos

    So if Rodger rabbit’s cartoon spin was closed because of the power outage, then what about It’s a small world…..did they just let everyone ride the ride in the dark or what, the rides are right next to each other-

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