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women of the mandalorian

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  1. Memo

    Some people need to be reminded that freedom of speech, a core American right and principle, includes the right to having an apposing view.

    1. Wander McMooch

      No, it doesn’t. You’re a racist.

      1. Allfader

        You have an opposing view. Does that make you a racist?

  2. Chris Kinney

    So sick of the stupidity

  3. Daniel Trudeau

    As a Disney fan for 57 years and have Stayed at the Disney resorts for many years , last trip August 2020, ( spent 10 days at Riveria) ,a Star Wars fan since the release of episode IV, I could care less of the actors, producers, directors, personal or political views, But I would fight and commit fully to defend their right to say or print them even when I don’t agree with them explicitly when I don’t agree with those opinions. And I as well as my peers ( whose opinion I have disagreed with many times) would never associate those of Disney. DUH STOP THE NONSENSE. Let those individuals entertain us. please!!!!

    1. Thanks Egon

      There are limits to being open minded. For me, those limits surround support for white supremacy, fascism, ultra nationalism, antisemitism, mononucleosis, racism, and the like. Those are not opposing views, those are violent and hate based ideologies. Gina deserved to lose her position cause of her sympathies, if not outright support. You call it “cancel culture” because you hold those views, or you’re a weak liberal without the will to do battle. I call it “accountability culture.” Membership in, or support, or. sympathy for hate is not simply an “opinion”.

      1. Brian

        Any comment on the blatant antisemitism that gets spewed from the Left? Specifically, the exalted “Squad” members? Or are you a “Do as we say, not as we do” Liberal?

      2. Anonymous

        Quick! Call the thought police!

      3. CJ

        Mononucleosis? Am I missing something or is the Epstein-Barr virus now controversial?

      4. luke

        and that’s your opinion

  4. Mike Dragneff

    Some people need to get a hobby.

    1. Mike Hunt

      Yuri Bezmenov was right.

  5. Matt Miller

    So, is Disney going to be consistent and fire her? Or are they going to admit they are wrong, and offer Gina Carano her job back? Or are they going to be wussy dipsticks and do neither?

  6. Opinar no es un crimen

  7. Mark Helwig

    As a long time park goer and Disney shareholder, I am calling on Disney to stop this oppression of the free speech of their employees. Your job is to ENTERTAIN not police people’s thoughts and ideas through a single narrow view.

  8. Neacie

    These are unhappy people who have decided to project their unhappiness with others. Trying to destroy somebody because they have different views is McCarthyism 2.0. Unfortunately people don’t know their history and that’s why we’re repeating it all over again. Freedom of speech doesn’t only count when people agree with you it’s most important when people don’t agree with you. If you want to live in a dictatorship or communism China would love to have you but only if you’re white. Remember they don’t like people with dark skin there. Notice how fat was barely noticeable on their Star Wars posters? If you were a true Star Wars fan you would have noticed that and that would have been raised you. Forcing your opinions on others is wrong. If somebody doesn’t agree with you that doesn’t make him a racist or homophobic. Just because you’re unhappy with your life doesn’t give you the right to project that onto everybody else. It’s time to toughen up. Real racism is actually going on in this world real. Racism. Is. Happening. Don’t Cloud The Fight Against Racism with all this other BS. That makes you the problem not the solution.

    1. Brian

      The consequences are supposed to be on par with the actions. No normal human would push someone into traffic because they use an aerosol can in a manner other than directed, for example, and say it’s okay because consequences. Nobody deserves to lose their job because they engaged in wrongthink. There’s certainly a party that supports that type of McCarthy-ism, though…

    2. Butt

      I’ll pay you $20 if you can link me anything that proves there are “anti-science” points in ANY morality cause.. these points you keep bringing up, as if they are facts, are still opinions. Racism is not a fact in all cases. Its a conjecture laid upon someone. All examples should lead to us to believe Lori Lightfoot is a racist. Do you think she is?

  9. Nah

    “Leave her alone, she can voice her opinion likenyou can voice yours.”
    People are voicing their opinion that they don’t like her and want her off the show. Before you flame me I don’t even want her off the show, but it’s all freedom of speech and people not liking what other people have to say. Cry more.

  10. The Dave

    Oh grow up, children! This is even worse than the Gina Carrano witch-hunt. Antivaccination is the height of stupidity but I couldn’t care less if an actor is antivax. Their job is to pretend to be a fictitious person. Let them get on with it and stop having a tantrum every time a celebrity has an opinion you don’t like.

  11. Brian

    Imagine picking random people, and scrolling through their posts, Tweets, messages, etc., all day long, in order to insure they’re in compliance with what you’ve deemed to be correct and acceptable, because you’ve appointed yourself the decider of such things. If you find something that goes against your self-righteous views, you make it your mission to, at a minimum, get that person fired. They’ve never done anything to you personally, and likely haven’t done anything to physically harm anyone else but, because they aren’t in lockstep with what *you’ve* decided is the only correct and acceptable opinion/belief/lifestyle/etc., they deserve to have their livelihoods (again, at a minimum) taken from them.

    Now tell me how Gina Carano was wrong in her analogy. Maybe a little extreme, I’ll grant you that, but the overall sentiment is pretty accurate.

  12. Paul

    Varnado is free to voice her opinions. And she did that. No “freedom of speech” limitations happening. Other people are free to voice their opinions about what she expresses. No conflict with “freedom of speech” there, either. And Disney is free to decide what, if anything, to do as a result of that, within the bounds of the contract Varnado signed with Disney.

    Everyone just take a deep, slow breath. Repeat five times. All better?

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