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  1. KenFromOC

    This makes absolutely no sense, or the way the article is written makes no sense!

    So you pay the $25 to park, get into the MK early so you are at the front of the crowd at the rope, and then get picked as the “Family of the Day”
    Now what?
    You leave the MK, go back to your car and repark it at the special spot and they refund you the $25??? Or do they simply give you a ticket that you can then use on your next visit – which for a local might be ok, but what if you are vacationing there and may not come back for a few years? (And $25 would not be worth it to me to take maybe 45 minutes to an hour just to get a special “free” spot!)

    There is a whole lot of info left out of this article! What am I not understanding?

    1. Many years ago we are chosen as “family of the day” to open Magic Kingdom. We received a certificate with our picture.

      1. KenFromOC

        Very cool!

    2. SG

      I agree. How does this parking spot fit in? None of the comments made any mention of it. Pictures and the attention sounds fun though. And of course gifts of any kind!

  2. Lydia Reed

    I have been coming to Disney from Indiana since it opened and never have been family of the day. We moved to Florida in 2016 for Disney and still have never been picked.

  3. EM

    Never picked for Family of the day in Magic Kingdom but we were picked at EPCOT at rope drop as the First Family to open the park. We were brought into the Character Spot to have pictures taken with the Characters. No other guest were there, just us! I have a picture of 7 of us with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto in one photo (my favorite) then we got individual pics with the characters. Don’t know if they do this anymore. This was in 2009 I think.

  4. Sue

    I was picked for Family of the Day at Disneyland on my one trip there. Since it was just my husband and myself, they also included a young single 20 something girl with us. Got a pin for it!

  5. Matthew Brewster

    This “report” is utterly idiotic and pointless!!! You go on about the Family of the Day, yet you admit that these are not currently being chosen for Rope Drops that you also admit are not going on! Even if they were, a “Family of the Day” HAS ALREADY PAID TO PARK THEIR CAR!!!! What would be the point if awarding them Free Parking, then? What is Diz going to do- send someone out to where they parked and move it to the reserved space? Give me a break!


      I don’t care about family of the day what I want to know is how are the dealing with HANDICAP PARKING

  6. Tamara

    Big deal ! Parking should be free for all park visitors. Disney squeezes enough money for other things inside the parks.

    1. Sue

      But that’s the problem people will go no matter how much it cost. People are Disney crazy. Go to universal or sea world much better and they treat there workers better.

  7. Danielle

    We were chosen as the family of the day once. It was at California Disney and they just asked where we were from (Chicago) when we pulled up to pay for parking. They said “Awesome Chi-town! As the family of the day, you get free parking at the closest spot to the transportation.” Sweet, thanks! They gave us a pass to bump to the front of the line on our way back from the park, we didn’t use it since there was no line coming back.

  8. Colin J

    We never got a parking spot but were Family of The Day at Epcot (Trip in the Test Track car from rope drop to the ride, two laps of that and then into Mission Space for a behind the scenes look and a ride, we also were chosen in Hong Kong, got some wonderful pictures with all the cast and some fastpass vouchers, all Infront of 1000s of locals wondering if we would sweat to death before the opening.

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