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  1. Eric M

    Now, this may be a crazy concept but if you don’t like what you are being paid either find another job that pays you more, or go out and acquire skills so you are worth more.

    The problem here is what these unskilled workers think they are worth and what their labor is actually worth

    1. Adrian

      So you’re for human suffering? Cool. Thanks for letting everyone know you want them to suffer. Here’s the issue with your logic, if everyone followed it there would be no more , as you say, low-skilled labor. You have no ability to think critically about the situation either if you truly believe the issue is that simple. Furthermore, the author of this article should be ashamed. They left out why these employees were suing… they are suing stemming from a measure in Anaheim ca that involved Disneyland. The measure included that any hotel or business in Anaheim that received subsidies to raise their minimum wage to to $18. Disneyland and the majority of the hotels in the area spent more than a few thousand dollars (look up the actual number) to fight this. A public relation specialists for Disneyland came out saying their employees did not want higher wages but wanted better benefits. Various unions at Disneyland came out opposing the statement stating that they attempted to negotiate with Disney on multiple occasions but Disney was only interested in raising wages if they could lower benefits and reduce hours for their employees. Long story short, Disney approached the Anaheim city council to eliminate any subsidies they received a week before the vote. Although the measure failed, due to fear mongering tactics and a large majority of eligible voters in Anaheim not voting (again, this requires critical thinking and empirical evidence). Critics who opposed Disneyland doing this cited that in 1997 Disneyland received 510$ million in subsidies to help build various parking garages and DCA. This money came directly from the working class people of Anaheim and other funds were appropriated for this as well. Based on measure M, Disneyland was not exempt from the measure, and had it passed, Disneyland would have escaped untouched due to no accountability and would have required a lawsuit to change that, which Disney would have fought tooth and nail to discredit the lawsuit, since they are notorious for doing that. Here’s a crazy concept Eric, do some research on where your line of thinking came from. You’d be surprised to know it goes back centuries and originates when a large majority of people were being exploited. And here you are, defending a centuries old ideal based on exploitation and suffering. You and the author should be ashamed for spreading spurious lies and the author for writing a poorly researched (i don’t even know what you would call this other than an opinion)

      1. CJ

        You don’t need to bully to get your point across. I agree on part (not the unskilled part) but I’ve always believed if you don’t like what you are being paid, find a job that pays you what you feel you are worth. That’s called being a grownup. You keep an eye on the job market, too. You can make a case for yourself by doing comparisons with what other wages are being paid for the same job in the area. Be smart.

    2. "unskilled" theme park employee

      I may not work at Disneyland but I do work at Knott’s Berry Farm and you calling us “unskilled workers” is not only insulting but very hurtful.

      I was at Knott’s on July 9th when there was a shooting in front of our park, many guests inside panicked and said the shooter was inside the park. We “unskilled workers” realized what was going on and acted, even though we didn’t know where the shooting took place many of us put ourselves in harms way to get the guests to safety.

      So the next time you decide to call any theme park employee “unskilled” just remember they’re the reason you get to enjoy your day at the parks, and heaven forbid but in the event of an emergency they will most likely be the reason you get to safety.

    3. THX1138

      Wrong again!
      Learn some history.

    4. So when I worked there I was an “unskilled” worker? I’ll match my education and business experience against yours any day. Many of my friends had college degrees or using their position at the parks to assist them in completing their degrees. Most of them were working two jobs. I had friends who only got raises when the minimum wage increased. Many of them just quit and found other jobs. With a company whose goal is to provide exceptional guest service, it would be in their best interest to pay a high enough wage so their best “front line” cast members don’t have to live in their cars.

    5. Sue

      My husband worked for Disney for 4 years. He has a Ph.D. in arigbusiness. He has more skills than you know. It is very hard to get into the landscaping side of Disney.

    6. Sherry

      Unskilled workers? These are hospitality positions and somebody has to do it. No job is truly unskilled. Just because the position doesn’t require a college degree doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable and Shouldn’t require a livable wage. With the cost of living as it is, a $15 an hour minimum wage is fare.

  2. The fault for this lies on both sides. I disagreed with Abigail Disney two years ago when she raised this issue as the majority of the Cast Members are covered by a union that allegedly negotiates for wages.

    Then the pandemic hit and the parks were shut down. Senior executives decided to cut their pay during this time, but as soon as the first park reopened, their multi-million dollar salaries were restored while tens of thousands of Cast Members were still on temporary or permanent furlough. Then I began to see the issue in a different light. Maybe upper management doesn’t care about employees (nor Annual Passholders)!

    However, the Cast Members remain in a union that appears to be unable to negotiate for a living wage. Maybe they should stop paying dues to increase their take-home pay!

    1. THX1138

      Wrong again! Learn some history.

  3. Diane

    This idiot is probably corporate. Disney took innocence of children and made billions off of that. I really hope that this time. they don’t get to sweep their greed and corruption under a rug and continue ripping kids off. Open your eyes people. You are being got because you are trying to be good parents. I worked there a a cook. My God, worst experience ever. Chef John were flirting with the Male students and using inappropriate language in the kitchen. Everyone was so uncomfortable including myself. I told HR about this and I was fired for that. I don’t care about being fired, but wthat the hell is going on with that sham of a company now it scares me to think of it.

  4. Barbara

    Overpaying the uppity ups prevents all big businesses from paying the ‘working’ class a fair compensation for their demanding work!


    since when was disney considered a career choice!?
    if you dont like your job and pay is too low maybe you should go back to school and increas your skillset to get a living wage

  6. Shereen

    I know an architect that had designed some of their theme park rides. He told me that Disney was very cheap, and didn’t pay that much for that line of work. That’s a skilled profession, so it’s not about the profession, it’s about Disney not paying workers correctly.

    1. nick casagrande

      that architect was not an indentured servant, he should have left for a job that paid more, unfortunately many disney employees are blinded by the “magic” and stay for too long and are emotionally invested to realize they are being pounded in the rear everyday by the mouse

  7. Sue

    Bob Iger nor Bob Chapek need to make $1,000,000 or more per year; they don’t need the bonuses either. They need to pay their workers over and above minimum wage, give large bonuses, and fully paid medical insurance. Disney can afford it.

  8. nick casagrande

    if you’re not happy with your wage, then quit and find another job, if enough people do this, then disney will have to increase wages to find people to work those jobs. it’s simple supply and demand, what’s the problem here? unfortunately, there’s a massive line of people who will work at disney for $12,13,14,15, etc etc per hour so there’s no incentive for them to increase wages.

  9. Ari

    If u do not like the job you have get another one unless u are being paid under minimum wage which u weren’t SHUT UR MOUTH….

  10. Common Sense

    Not every job is supposed to provide a living wage.

    1. JB

      Really? What an incredibly ignorant and selfish comment. If you are an employee, then your work, no matter how “unskilled” is contributing to your employer’s income (wage). If your employer is collecting (far more than) a living wage, the employee should earn (at least) a living wage as well. Any business model that requires a company to pay unlivable wages to those that are most responsible for its profits, is a poor business model and no better than the Southern plantations of the past.

      1. JB is DUMB

        I’ll say it again since you didn’t hear me correctly the first time . . . . Not every job is supposed to provide a living wage.

    2. Dan

      to argue that the minimum wage was never supposed to be a living wage is completely anachronistic. In his 1933 address following the passage of the National Industrial Recovery Act, President Franklin D. Roosevelt noted that “no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.”

      1. JB

        ? And the wealth class has been fighting against that since then. Just like they fought against unions, social security, labor laws, and ANYTHING that cuts into their hoarding massive wealth.

  11. Gino

    The term living wage is completely subjective. A living wage for an 18 year old kid living at home with his parents and chipping in on the bills etc… is completely different than a 25 year old living in an apartment and paying all her own bills, car insurance etc… It’s certainly different for person with a family at home. The point is even with a $10 minimum wage a full time employee at the lowest paying job can bring home $400 per week. One person should be able to live on $400 per week.

    There needs to be jobs for the entire range of potential employees. Low paying jobs have always existed. These jobs are fantastic opportunities for teenagers to get some work experience or even for retired people to make a little extra money. The problem today is that some people think frying burgers at McDonald’s is a career. The same thing goes for companies like Disney.

    Some jobs are entry level positions that have low pay and few benefits, as you gain skills, earn a degree, put in time with the company and that sort of thing you job responsibilities and pay/benefits will increase. That’s why those jobs are called entry level, because you don’t stay there. It’s not Disney’s, McDonald’s or anyone’s fault that a 32 year old hasn’t managed to put together a resume that demands greater pay.

    When base wages are raised it’s not just about affording those raises. That means that everyone get’s a raise. If I’m working with a company for 10 years and make $20 per hour in a position with a lot of responsibility (lots of work) and a new hire with little responsibility (less work) starts off making $18 per hour, you can bet I’m going to want a raise or a demotion. My boss and his boss are going to feel the same way. So who is going to pay for that in the end? Well the consumer of course.

    1. Johnny B

      Your argument was valid 30-40 years ago. In today’s business environment, working your way up through the ranks is a rarity rather than the norm. Pensions are a thing of the past, as are great benefits packages. Those were used in the past as a way of retaining and recruiting good workers in a competitive job (hiring) market. So many good middle class jobs have been sent out of the country that it has created a job vacuum, thereby providing employers a near inexhaustible supply of workers, many of which are over qualified for the jobs they are able to get. This is why wages have been stagnant for decades, which in turn has left more money for the greedy fat cats at the top of food chain. Average CEO compensation has risen from approximately 300 times that of their average workers wages to over 1000 times their average wage. This did not happen as a natural course of business. It was planned by big business, and executed with substantial support by our elected officials.

  12. Debz

    There is only a *small* percent of people who can actually handle what the guests put them through on a daily basis, and still have a smile on their face to make magic for the next guest. Not everyone can do that. And yes, I do think those people should get paid a living wage. Without them, Disney wouldn’t be what it is! And I know for sure that most of you could never do that job! Their skill is excellent customer service! So pay them what they’re worth! It’s rare to come by.

  13. SG

    I believe everyone should be paid a living wage. I am not a socialist, although I do believe we shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, law enforcement and fire fighters. Did I leave anything out of importance? Day care, health care? No it’s a private business.
    We wouldn’t need affordable housing if there truly were a living wage. You could work at McDonalds and afford a one bedroom apartment, groceries, electricity, water. Now if you’re making enough to not worry about these issues, was it because you’re really smart and worked your way up? Did mom and day pay for your education? Were you just lucky and your business took off? What is it that makes you not care?

  14. lorraine

    I havent read all the comments, but it was YOUR choice to go work at Disney just like it was my choice to work where I did. You knew the pay rate to be a disney employee and you accepted it so you could say you worked there.

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