Comments for Disney Announces Vaccinations Are Now Required For U.S. Cast Members

disneyland cast member

Credit: Disney


  1. Joseph Kastner

    Disney just got themselves more lawsuits. Nice job their Joshy boy

    1. JB

      Per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (As of Jan 2021), Employers can legally require COVID-19 vaccination

      1. Immune

        As of January 2021? Hmmm, interesting.

  2. Immune

    Today, the CMs. Tomorrow, all guests.

  3. G.

    Hmm. One word: Lawsuits

  4. Geo

    What’s next?
    All overweight cast members must diet?
    All smoking cast members must quit!
    All Republican castmembers must resign!
    All castmembers must do whatever the company says!
    Sounds like a form of servitude.
    Wake up, one day you will not have a single freedom left.
    COVID is bad tyranny is much worse.

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