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Disney/Universal Face masks


  1. Chris

    Honestly, people wouldn’t go if they reinstated mask requirements, especially outdoors. The social climate today is much different than a couple of months ago when it comes to mask wearing. Out here in L.A. county in California, they have imposed an indoor mask mandate again and virtually no one is complying.

    1. Kenneth Garringer

      I WILL NOT come back if they restate the masks mandate.

  2. People are highly educated about covid now. We have lived through months of misinformation and lies to control the public.
    We know it was a lab leak (Democrats, social media, and CNN took a year to catch up to the rest of us). Vaccinated folks will be okay. There is no need to bring mask mandates back to those that are vaccinated. Vaccinated people may not have symptoms at all. I’m vaccinated. If I wear a mask, it is for theater. I’m not sweating to death for theater.

    1. You’re ignorance is showing.

      1. Your not you’re.

      2. J Kang

        Anti Vaxxers and people who refuse to get vaccines are the biggest problem in United States. This country gets free vaccines and people refuse to get them.

        1. I’m vaccinated, but I believe that people have the right to chose and I respect their right to chose. If an unvaccinated person gets covid, I don’t think vaccinated people should be punished or pay the price. I imagine healthcare companies are going to try to get away with denying claims from unvaccinated people. They will say they decided to take the risk.

          1. jo

            health companies should deny care to non vaccinated folk. They took the risk and chose to be irresponsible.

        2. No come move to Florida and see the difference. You’re believing what the media tells you not what is in front of you. We should all have the freedom to take or not take the vaccine. If people are that scared they have the right to take a vaccine but should not force those who don’t want to take a vaccine to take one. At the end of the day we have the freedom to speed, go shoot guns drink whiskey or use self-control with medication from the doctor. It’s called freedom and the government will not overstep the boundary. People need to start eating healthier and getting in shape so they have a much higher likelihood of surviving if they get it. Most of my friends and family got it and they were totally fine just saying.

          1. J Kang

            This is the most awful advice that anyone can give. Even the healthiest person can get sick. You are not the doctor, and you are just a citizen. You may be strongest and healthiest person in the world, and in the end your genes may have higher exposure to get COVID19, Delta strain even.

            Stop listening to this type of person. COVID19 is not a joke. It’s real. People die. Delta variant will kill people for those who weren’t vaccinated.

            Disney should ban anyone who didn’t get vaccination.

            1. cb

              You’re not the doctor you’re just a citizen too.

          2. frostysnowman

            You mean the Florida which is now having a huge surge in cases and hospitalizations that’s among the highest, if not THE highest, in the nation? The Florida that’s producing over 20% of the total cases of Delta variant COVID in the US? That Florida?

            1. S.

              Look everyone, I think I found the troll. Maybe switch to decaff buddy and some of that hate will go away.

          3. denise cordes rappucci

            i agree with the freedom to take risks, both with and without the vaccine. but is i take the risk to get vaccinated, which i think is a very low risk, then there should be 2 Americas ….i should be free to sit with my vaccinated peers and all those who chose to not get vaccinated should sit with theirs.

      3. DMG

        No….you are showing your ignorance.
        And just heard latest numbers from VAERs, 45,000 dead so far from “vax”

    2. Pigtrig

      NFW—- we would absolutely cancel our trips and stop supporting these places altogether..

      1. Frostysnowmanwman

        Cool. More space at the parks for me and my family!

    3. Scott

      Your sheepness is showing…

    4. Charmedmomma

      Totally agree!!! People also need to realize it’s summer, Florida is a top summer tourist destination. The numbers went up due to a natural seasonal wave. It’s a virus. Period. Masks and vaccines are a personal medical decision.

    5. SueB

      Yep, they’re so highly educated that when we were at Epcot the other day, DH and I and 2 staffers were the only people masked in the cramped temporary store. People are idiots. We had 2000 new Covid cases in Orange County (Orlando) over the weekend and Florida only counts Florida residents. The Mayor isn’t allowed to institute an indoors mask mandate, but asked businesses to do so. So far, Disney is silent.

      1. Dan

        You don’t need to. Nothing essential about Disney. aif wearing your mqwk works then wear it. But you dont have the right to tell others what to do. Stay in your own lane.

    6. Nosecone

      “We have lived through months of misinformation and lies to control the public.”

      Yes, it was called QAnon.

    7. Chris

      You are an uneducated idiot and a traitor to your country. Get the damn vaccine and stop hurting your country! We should not allow you to participate in society if you don’t protect yourself and others around you.

  3. Drew

    My family is vaccinated, and we have a WDW trip in two weeks. For what it’s worth, if masks return we will promptly cancel.

    1. Bob

      Disney must validate that guests entering upon Disney propert are fully vaccinated. Or guests will cancel their vacations and Disney could be held liable for any damages. Florida is the epicenter of the virus and the state is responsible. It will get much worse.

      1. Sue

        That won’t happen in Florida as vaccine passports and proof have been outlawed by the governor.

        1. jo

          businesses like Disney and Universal can and should file motion to allow proof of vac. to enter parks. Its the responsible thing to do. Colleges doing it. Concerts doing it. My job, hospital, requires vac. or find another job.

        2. frostysnowman

          Yes, but DeSantis added a loophole to the ban that would allow Disney and Universal to require them.

        3. jo

          There are always ways to go around dumb, dumb, dumb laws Sue. Colleges have done it. Green Day concert here yesterday only allowed proof of vac. people in. Refunded money if no proof. The government should step up and deny people access anywhere without a vac. Grocery stores, malls, movies, ect. Get vac. or stay home.

          1. Dan

            Nope. You just don’t have the right to tell someone what to do in a non essential place. Sorry. You do what you want, nobody has the right to tell you how to live your life. But stay the hell out of everyone else’s.

    2. Patti

      And you won’t be missed at all. I live here at ground zero of the resurgence and have to interact with anti-vax and/or anti-mask people every day. Bad enough that there are so many locals with your attitude. We will gladly support your family making other plans. Don’t need any more covid cooties!

  4. Bryan

    I live in California and recently went to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the 2nd time this year . I don’t even know why people want to be coming to theme parks with masks when it’s already difficult walking around the park without a mask in the sun. I went last Saturday the day before the mask mandate took effort and ain’t returning until the mandate is gone again

    Weather indoors or outdoors, I would just simply not go. I am visiting Knotts some time in 2 weeks and I am hoping no masks are required there. It’s unpleasant with a mask and will always be unpleasant with a mask. If they know they will lose some customers then fine but I don’t plan to go.

    Forcing vaccinated people to mask up is just asking for more trouble and will lead to less people attending these Parks.

    I will always enjoy going to theme parks without masks. If I have to wear a mask then I’ll just cancel out my plans.

    Those people who don’t mind going with masks well good luck. Personally im not going to enjoy it at all

  5. Jeff

    We have a trip planned in October, if masks are required then we will definitely cancel.
    We are all vaccinated.

    1. Julian A. Rojas


    2. frostysnowman

      Cool, that’s when I’m going that might leave more room for us at the parks.

      1. Bryan

        Enjoy wearing a muzzle

        1. Kenr

          Or face diaper.

  6. Caitlin

    I’m vaccinated and currently finishing my trip to WDW. I’ve heard plenty of people say they’re not vaccinated and are not wearing masks. Therefore myself and my family would wear masks in areas where it was hard to be socially distant. The delta variant is showing up in those that are vaccinated, and I don’t need to be one who transmits it to someone else and causes them to become ill.

    Today’s society is all about “me” and not caring about their fellow person/neighbor. It’s quite disheartening.

    1. Billy d

      I am fully vaccinated now. After over a year doing my best to be responsible and follow the rules to prevent covid spread I have no desire to help other people who called covid a hoax and refused to care about anyone else throughout the pandemic. They made their choice and we shouldn’t be bullied around by these people anymore.

    2. Kelsie

      It’s not that it’s about “me,” but I spent a year working in healthcare face to face with covid patients. Everyone has the chance to get vaccinated now and my job is complete when it comes to protecting them. You can’t protect people who don’t want to be protected. Time to move forward.

  7. lj

    I would like to see masks for indoor lines and enclosed areas. Young children are not vaccinated. To protect them I would like to see masks in those long Linder lines. There is AC in those areas to make it more bearable.

  8. JP

    Like some people have said I don’t think that the vaccinated guest should get punished. In my personal opinion unvaccinated people are taking the chance of getting covid without getting the vaccine and we have to live with their choice. I think covid will always be a thing and we just have to start treating it like the flu now

  9. Essiyah Thomas

    Well I took my children to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios… there were absolutely NO TEMPERATURES CHECKED. None of the rides were wiped down in between passengers. Honestly what good is a mask if you’re not sanitizing the rides and bathrooms regularly. I saw none of this going on!

    1. Cindy

      Sanitizing doesn’t do anything to stop the spread of Covid. It’s an airborne disease – we breathe it out and catch it from the air not surfaces. So not sanitizing anymore means aligning with current understanding of how the virus is transmitted. If everyone could get vaccinated ASAP that would help so much. Unfortunately we still have to wait for kids to be vaccinated.

    2. DM-GD

      OMG…another brainwashed person. What would a temperature check tell you?? Absolutely NOTHING!!
      Especially in the Florida HEAT. Most people’s temperatures woukd be elevated walking around in the heat and humidity. Wiping everything down? Seriously, you must have stock in Clorax. I have not used one single wipe in the past 18 months. Your body will do God created it to do.

  10. Lynn

    The fact not mentioned is 99% of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated people. That’s direct from Associated Press. I wish that had been mentioned in this article

    1. Stacey

      That ‘fact’ is false. They stopped counting cases in vaxxed people… the NY times published an article in May saying as much. Look at Israel and the UK. Because we will never hear the truth. Between 40 and 70% of cases or hospitalizations were among the vaxxed. Just because it’s reported that 99% are unvaxxed in the AP doesn’t make it true. They also tried to hide for a year that the virus came from a lab. Stop believing the mass media. The vast majority of public figures saying they have been diagnosed covid are double vaxxed. Trust that info.

      1. Billy d

        Stacy you are a prime example of the failure of the education system in America.

        1. stacey

          And you are a prime example of a troll – a big mouth with zero facts – stay scared.

          1. Af

            I wish people would stop assuming anyone that hasn’t gotten the vaccine is just an “anti BAXER”. Some people (myself included) are not able to get the vaccine due to a multitude of reasons.” How about talk to YOUR doctor about your personal health and stop just telling people “just get the vaccine” you don’t know their allergies, medications, health”. Kids are not getting and passing Covid at high rates (check sweared for that data they never closed schools required masks or distancing for children). My family can’t go places with mask mandates we have a special needs child that can not wear them. So as a person unable to be vaccinated I assume personal risk when I go places. I keep healthy, exercise and keep my weight in check. Best we can do. Again folks talk to YOUR doctor about your health and the vaccine do not take advice from anyone that doesn’t know your personal medical history.

    2. Sue

      Then the Associated Press is lying to you! The most recent hospital cases are ALL vaccinated people. Democrats in DC, who claim to be vaccinated are spreading covid19 faster than ever before.

  11. Rodger

    Don’t bring it back. Having to wear one back in February was miserable when you spend the day walking around and the mask make the 3D glasses fog up enough to keep you from being able to see through them on rides like Spiderman.

  12. Tina

    People… You are not covered by the vaccine for the new Delta Virus. Vaccinated people are getting this variant too… Symptoms are lessened, your not immune! You can and will spread this new virus! They have not came up with a booster yet…
    Im choosing to live life, but so it safely. No need to visit theme parks where its a super spreader.
    Thanks but no thanks!!

    1. Sue

      Stop listening to the media.

      1. frostysnowman

        I think it’s better if we stop listening to Sue.

  13. Heather

    We are set to go the beginning of November-this is a once in a lifetime trip for us. We will NOT go unless mask mandates return-especially indoors.

    1. sue

      If you are that scared over a virus that has a 99% recovery rate, then please don’t come. If you want to wear the mask go for it. Way too much scientific evidence that masks DO NOT WORK.

      1. Billy d

        A mask greatly reducing most aerosol partials from spreading far in the air is basic science. Stay away from people like sue who prioritize doing whatever they want over public safety. I bet they argue seatbelts don’t work as well.

        1. Bryan

          Yes becase people come to Disney to become muzzled up sheep’s and thanks to the unvaccinated we have to pay the price again

          No thanks. If you want to die of a heat stroke and suffering wearing a mask go ahead

          My time and money is valuable and any business making me wear a mask isn’t getting my money

    2. yoyo

      why don’t you get vaccinated or stay home.

    3. Donna

      Why not just wear your masks then while you are there. Although there are no mask mandates, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one if you want to.

  14. Jan

    The delta variant has a mortality rate of 0.2%, which is the same as the flu. We’ve been lied to so much that it’s like the boy who cried wolf now. In the UK the data shows the vaccinated over 50 years old are the ones being hospitalized and dying by a ratio of 80/20. Drs and scientists say this is expected. Huh??? The vaccines don’t prevent it unfortunately. It can lessen the symptoms but apparently not for the older folks. I guess everything should be shut down for even the flu now.

  15. DMD

    OMG people. Let’s just move on, vaxxed or not vaxxed. This is too much mind control, and control of our life. Let your body do it’s job and just enjoy life without this worry hanging around you. You can’t enjoy life with a covering over your face. If the mask mandate returns, we most certainly AGAIN, cancel our trip in November.

  16. Think how stupid this is that even vaccinated people have to wear masks. All of this information is not true Florida is doing great I live here and our economy is booming. We will not shut down again.

  17. jo

    the honor system is joke. always has been. the ones expected to live by honor system have no honor to begin with. They don’t have honor or pride in our country or they would be vaccinated. Its a public health nightmare. Disney, Universal and everyone else should file a motion with local gov. to say it is not against anyone’s rights to show prove of vaccination. Concerts here in Ok. are doing it. Colleges are doing it. Why can disney? That would keep out the less honorable and make room for the vaccinated responsible folk.

    1. H.I.

      Ha ha, the virtue signaling is strong in Jo.

    2. Dan

      Because you don’t have the right to do that. Wear your mask if you want , keep to yourself, and stop thinking you know what is best for anyone else. If that doesnt work for you wear another mask. Wear a hazmat suit if you want to. But leave me and others alone. Watching our lying, activist “news” does not make you an expert. LEAVE OTHER PEOPLE ALONE and stay out of their business.

  18. yoyo

    why don’t you get vaccinated or stay home.

  19. F.

    Nope, nope, so much nope. We will definitely cancel and spend our vacation dollars elsewhere if masks come back. We aren’t being miserable and doing something not even supported by science just to make a few Karens feel better.

  20. Phoebe L Ho

    Gosh, let’s think about this for a minute. Florida, a big red state, has seen a huge drop in vaccinations. Thus, the Delta variant is spreading, causing even more deaths. People are flat-out refusing to get a vaccine that works. Theme parks are giant areas for people to congregate in. If a superspreader event happens, parks will have to close again, people will be out of work and things will be in the same position as last year. So, no-brainer!!!! Theme parks must bring back mask mandates, temperature checks, and require proof of vaccination. Those who will not comply, and won’t even protect themselves let alone other people, shouldn’t have the right to mess things up again for everyone else. They are more than welcome to not go and spread their germs just because they won’t do the smart thing. Or even have a little bit of consideration for cast members who put their lives on the line every day.

  21. Debbie FitzHarris

    Do not rely on people being honest! Check to see who has been vaccinated. Those of us who are vaccinated will suffer because everyone won’t get vaccinated. It is no big deal. Get the shot and keep us all free from wearing a mask! You want to get into Disney – get the shot!

  22. DJ

    All this hysteria for an illness with such a low mortality rate is unbelievable. Calm down people. We don’t hamstring people’s ability to make a living and bring life to a halt over the flu. (and yes, now that it has worked its way through so much of the population, the death rate is now comparable to the flu)

  23. Christine Kelley

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ?do NOT reinstate masks!!
    If guests are worried they need to refrain from traveling. Do not punish those of us looking forward to a visit who are responsible enough to use good hygene and common sense.

    1. Bryan

      I’ll have to start taking my money to the beach and water parks only again if this happens

      I been to several theme parks now after they took off the mask mandate but if they are thinking of putting it again outdoors or indoors again then forget it.

      Most people in general hate wearing a mask at theme parks. You are paying too much money for an unpleasant experience.

  24. Pete

    I am a healthcare professional, and in my place of business we are required to wear a mask if not fully vaccinated. We work 10-12 hour shifts. Wearing a mask for that length of time, with breaks only to eat and drink, is brutal. My family and myself are now fully vaccinated. If places like WDW are going to go back to wearing masks, especially outdoors, I will not go.

  25. Lynn

    They should have kept everything in place the way it was with the wearing of masks and keeping 6 feet away. Every thing they did was to protect the workers as well as the people spending their hard earned money at their theme park. They stopped too soon and now have to go back to what they did originally or people will get infected with covid 19 delta variant while at Disney. We are all responsible for our part in this pandemic to keep eachother safe. Disney was doing so good with this and I felt safe when I went there but now It’s very scary to see how its going at Disney.

    1. jo

      Lynn if you are so scared, then stay home and get vaccinated. We are all responsible but only the responsible have been vaccinated. Proof of vaccination and no need for masks.

    2. jo

      Lynn if you that scared, stay home and get vaccinated. We are all responsible but the only the responsible have been vaccinated.

  26. Tracie

    For the love yes please reinstate! In the first hour of my shift last night I saw 10 new cases. Private sectors are going to have to lead the way because the government turned this political and no one wants to learn the truth ?

  27. Michelle

    Don’t think we need the mask mandated again, so much as they need to bring back social distancing and stop cramming people together.

  28. GLH

    No, this is a FREE country, last time I looked. Disney, if you want my money, masks OPTIONAL for those who Want to wear them…

  29. Tamara

    Numbers are going up again so wear the masks, wash your hands, social distance and be a grown up, deal with it or stay home..

  30. KenR

    Masks do not work. No to mask mandates. Feel free to wear one or not wear one. Get vaccinated or don’t. This is a free country. Take care of yourself the way you want to. And if you are vaccinated, you should not give a damn what other people do or don’t do.

  31. Erik Jeffries

    You uneducated Leggett are more dangerous to the American people than someone who is unaccounted

  32. Mnegron

    Yes they should, for the health of visitors and employees. We have been in a pandemic for almost two years. We have to get out of this now.

  33. Presu

    We’re considering a trip to Universal for a week in November. We WILL NOT be going if masks are absolute.

  34. SeanG

    Indoor masking should be reinstated for everyone where cases are above a positivity of 5% and this includes Orlando. Outdoor masking does not need to be required as long as social distancing is possible; if not possible then need masking there too. Get vaccinated so we don’t have to keep going through this!

    1. Kenr

      Reinstate wearing a mask for you. You decide what’s best for you. But from here on out, nobody should be imposing any mask mandate on another person nor should they be shutting down their ability to work and earn a living.

  35. X.

    It would be pretty silly to go back to them, they didn’t make a difference in the numbers before, why would they do anything now? Ignoring the scientific evidence in favor of the optics of appearance would be the height of ignorance.

  36. Deb

    It is real simple folks. Look at your own circumstances and make a decision. The honor system is a joke. I have seen a number of kids under 12 not wearing a mask indoors. You know the majority of them aren’t vaccinated. One can only assume that many of their parents aren’t following the honor system. I get it. Those poor kids have been masked up for over a year. They need an outlet. Heck, I was inside for a year until I was vaccinated. Not much of a choice. I wanted my life back. I was thrilled just to go to a restaurant and sit down and be served. We can’t control what others do and don’t do. Make decisions that works for you.

  37. joseph conroy

    From the article ” Even vaccinated individuals can catch it, and while they will most likely only feel under the weather for a little” this is not necessarily true. The statistics that point to that are for the full pandemic and not just since march when the Delta variant swept in. Looking at data from Israel, California and New York close to 40% of new cases are among the vaccinated and many more vaccinated people are currently being hospitalized. What is still true is that the changes of getting on a ventilator or dying are relatively small still.

  38. Chris

    The comments in here about the left trying to control the public are disgusting. I’m a registered Republican, and you anti vaxxers are completely delusional. You are hurting us vaccinated folks now. Hurting your country. Stop drinking the coolaid and get the damn vaccine! You will regret it when you are in the hospital and on a ventilator.

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