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  1. I heard that the masks on planes got extended to September. This virus from Wuhan has killed millions. At this point, we have medications and therapeutics to give people who contract this horrible disease. I keep seeing reports about numbers going up again (90% unvaccinated). Can we dig deeper and investigate further? Is it illegal immigrants being dropped off in unsuspecting towns in the US? Don’t get mad hear me out, covid positives are high with the illegal immigrants and nobody is telling us what the administration is doing about it. Are they being treated? Nobody says anything. We need information to stop this thing.

    1. frostysnowman

      It’s not illegal immigrants. It’s spreading like wildfire among unvaccinated people. 90% plus of new infections and deaths are among unvaccinated people. We have the information to stop this thing, but too many people are ignoring it.

      1. Vlad

        Stop! They’re trying to create a false narrative about immigrants over here!

        1. Jack

          It’s the unvaccinated, plain and simple. Get the shot or don’t get in to Disney (or anywhere else for that matter. No proof, no entry!)

          1. Kathy

            100% agree

      2. Ha

        Um, no.

      3. JoeyJojo

        It’s ALL the unvaccinated. That includes unvaccinated immigrants, those who refused to take the vac because of whatever conspiracy theories they believed in, people who have a distrust in government and people who assume they are immune to the virus because they are “healthy” or have survived it. Its a big mixed bag if your looking at the demographics of the unvaccinated.

        1. Melinda Murphy

          Actually this is a false narrative too. The ‘Delta variant’ (there is no screening on this, only assumptions that it’s the DV) is affecting vaccinated and vaccinated. The vaccine DOES NOT prevent a person from getting Covid. Other countries like Israel and Philippines have in excess of 50% of new covid cases on the vaccinated.

          The hospital rate and mortality rate are a fraction compared to early in the pandemic yet Gov’t responses are the same. It doesn’t make sense.

        2. Andy

          I’m vaccinated and attained the Delta Variant

          1. Kat53

            attained=acheived, accomplished, obtained, gained.

    2. handsome dashing

      Yes. Its illegal immigrants. Definitely NOT the folks refusing to get the free vaccine. Nope. Its definitely illegal immigrants. You figured it out. You cracked the case. Good job.

    3. Ha

      You’re right. I live near the AZ border, and illegal aliens are streaming across freely. They bring more than just the Wuhan virus. Biden bought out hotels in Scottsdale to house them. They get food, education, healthcare, housing….all at the taxpayers expense.

    4. ItsNotThatHardToUnderStand

      Seriously, lay off the conspiracy crap. It’s simple, unvaccinated people are keeping this pandemic going in the states. The longer we have unvaccinated people the more likely you are to have variants arise, it’s simple science.

      Get vaccinated and tell your friends also if you want to enjoy a normal life again.

    5. SG

      The problem is Florida and all the states with an increase. Florida leads the way. The US has always had a huge access to vaccines and as a nurse who administered COVID19 vaccines from January 2021 to June 2021 we saw a steady decline of administration of vaccines as cases dropped but we knew we didn’t get the majority of Floridians vaccinated. They just didn’t show up. Do you remember the long lines and waiting lists? In January we were vaccinating 3,000 a day in Hillsborough County. By June we were lucky to vaccinate 200!!
      If you are not vaccinated, YOU are the problem!! Those who are not eligible for the vaccine are MINUSCULE!! My heart goes out to them and they HAVE to ALWAYS wear a mask.

    6. Anthony

      You are neither beautiful or gorgeous.

    7. anthony

      You are neither beautiful OR gorgeous

  2. Aimee

    Oh good grief. Not all this again (smh).

  3. Jack

    It’s the unvaccinated, plain and simple. Get the shot or don’t get in to Disney (or anywhere else for that matter. No proof, no entry!)

  4. John

    I believe Disney Land is in Orange County and not Disney World which is in Florida!

    1. Steve

      You are correct. Disneyland is in Orange County, California. But Disney World is in Orange County, Florida.

    2. Melanie Durham

      Walt Disney world is in Orange County here in Florida! Look it up buddy

      It’s the same as Disneyland

  5. KevinY

    It’s been over 3 months since the vaccine became available to all adults in America. I thought we’d be at 70% fully vaccinated by now so I was on the side of not requiring vaccine status to enter theme parks. But with the numbers going way up because of continued reluctance to get vaccinated I think it’s time they start requiring vaccines or negative tests to enter the parks (unless you’re under 12 years old).

  6. Ha

    Why? The vaxxed are just as contagious as the unvaxxed. Example: those vaxxed Dems that ran away from their responsibilities, caught covid and spread it to other vaxxed people. The truly immune are those who survived covid and have natural immunity. So stop worshipping the jab, and keep your nose out of other people’s personal health business.

    1. palterboy

      No, vaccinated are far less likely to (a) get infected by, (b), be seriously sick from, (c) and spread COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean none of that can happen. And getting COVID-19 does not make someone truly immune. There are many, many documented cases of reinfection, far more than vaccinated break through cases and rates.

      So, get the jab and keep YOUR nose out of other people’s health business.

      1. Ha

        Stop spreading lies, humanist. It’s disgusting.

  7. SG

    And the winners of the Darwin Award:

    Below are 10 states with the highest 14-day case increase. Data is taken from state and local health agencies and was last updated July 27, 2021.


    14-day change: 326 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 5


    14-day change: 267 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 7


    14-day change: 247 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 13

    South Dakota

    14-day change: 236 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 3


    14-day change: 233 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 7

    South Carolina

    14-day change: 231 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 19


    14-day change: 208 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 49


    14-day change: 197 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 4


    14-day change: 195 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 7


    14-day change: 187 percent increase

    Cases per 100,000: 37

    And guess who leads them all? FLORIDA!!!

    1. Michele

      It’s all those darn tourists coming from out of state bringing the virus variant in with them. They have the same problem in those other tourist magnet states, Iowa and Mississippi, too many tourists! 🙂

  8. Elizabeth

    *Sigh* If people would stop making this about themselves and actually give a damn about the good of the community, we would be in a lot better shape than we are right now. All I hear is people whining about how vaccine mandates would infringe upon “MY choice and MY freedom to do whatever *I* want!” Well how about this: Think about how it may possibly take the life of someone you know, or the long-term side effects of having already had COVID. I’ve worked in a hospital and being on a vent (and coming off it) is something I would not wish upon anyone. Plus, by choosing to not get vaccinated and possibly ending up in the ICU, you are taking up valuable space from someone who may need it for other reasons (e.g. someone who was in a severe car accident). The sooner that people get vaccinated and we can stop the spread, the sooner we can get over this pandemic and we won’t have to resort to extremes like lockdowns, etc. Every time this virus infects someone it gets another chance to mutate and become stronger, thus we end up prolonging everything.

    1. Ha

      *Sigh* If people would just use their brains and common sense, they would see through the lies and deception perpetuated by the left and their scare tactics in order to exert power and control over the American people and cause hatred and division. Vaxxed people are infecting others and taking up hospital beds. Stop worshiping the jab and start trusting your own God-given immune system. Take responsibility for your OWN health and allow your neighbor to do the same. If you hate freedom of choice so much, I beg you to please pack your bags and move to Cuba or China or some other socialist or communist country. Leave the United States and its freedom-loving patriots alone. God bless America! ??

  9. Melanie Durham


  10. Tamara

    I got both shots last year and still can’t get into Disney. Bring back new annual passes. Masks and social distancing don’t bother me.

  11. Sally

    The Delta Variant has .008% death rate! Everyone needs to do their own research! So ridiculous!!!

  12. If it’s that bad, then why do the boarders remain open? Allowing 1000’s everyday to come into this country NOT having to get vaccinated!

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